Day 4, What I learned watching videos today!

Day 4, What I learned watching videos today!

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Day 3, What I learned watching videos today!

I need to back up and do some explaining about things I said in my last few blogs.  Yesterday I ended my blog by quoting from Psalm 37, paraphrased:  “IF WE DELIGHT OURSELVES IN THE LORD, HE WILL GIVE US THE DESIRES OF OUR HEARTS.”  It means GOD will put the desire in our hearts to get out of that DITCH and get on a NEW PATH. I think it also means HE will give us a vehicle with which to get ourselves out of the ditch we’ve gotten ourselves into.  That’s one reason I’m so   E-X-C-I-T-E-D about what I’m doing now.

Just to clarify another statement from Blog one, we should NEVER, NEVER, NEVER stop learning.  By that, I mean learning SOMETHING that takes us one step closer to getting the desire in our hearts energized and mobilized…. Or ACTED upon… Remember the FROGS that decided to jump off the log… five were on the log, three decided to jump off. How many were left on the log???  Well ALL 5 of them were left on the long until ONE or more of the frogs TOOK ACTION and JUMPED… I’ve loaded hours and hours of video on my cell phone and have been listening almost all day, in my office and in my car and at the gym.  These guys I’ve hooked up with, Dave and Dave have produced the most motivating and energizing video’s I’ve ever watched. They make me want to stop everything I’m got on my calendar and JUST WORK ON INTERNET MARKETING.  The PROOF is in what they have started.  If we just DO WHAT THEY SAY.  They are the Mentors and I am the STUDENT.  Got to remember that!

Ok, so in Blog 2 I said, MARKET DAILY.  I’ve taken the steps to get started by purchasing a SoloAD package.  Found that I submitted the wrong type advertising (learning everyday), so I’ve changed that ad and resubmitted it.  Haven’t heard back from that vendor.   So, I contacted another vendor and talked with him.  He didn’t want me to create my own ad.  He just wants the URL and he will provide the ad.  That sounded good so I’ve purchased some ads from him.  Promises 200 unique clicks and now I’m ready.  It seems extra slow when I have to depend on someone else and their schedule.  I WANT THIS NOW!

Oh, I’ve also upgraded my commission package so I’ll get more commissions with each sale.  But, again, I’m waiting on someone else to do their part.  I’ve just been given about 6 more training videos with the upgraded status so I’ll spend the next day or two LEARNING more about getting my desires satisfied.

Be sure to stay tuned.  I’ll be giving updates on what I’m learning and how this new Internet Marketing Business is progressing.

If you have any interest in learning more and doing this with me, just click on the link below.

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