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Call To Action – When In Doubt, Call – Aug 30, 2013

Call To Action – When In Doubt, Call – Aug 30, 2013

Yes, I have to take my own advice here.  I, just like every other man, have often refused to “stop and ask directions”.  Ever heard of that negative trait of men?  For some reason, men refuse to ask directions. 

I assume it’s a macho thing… we’re supposed to know everything. But take it from me… we don’t. 

For example, I’ve struggled for a month doing what I’m supposed to do.  I watched videos, listened to audios, did email marketing, internet marketing, Facebook Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Solo Ad marketing, and others that are easily accessed. I checked my lead capture pages, NOTHING….. after a full month. 

So, what did I do today…. I just couldn’t stand it any longer…. I MADE THE DREDDED CALL!  Boy was I surprised how quickly I got my answer.  I had submitted TWO trouble tickets and had not received an answer.  I had done research on where the leads are posted (I thought)… again NOTHING… But today, I got my answer.  After talking to Josh on the phone, he said, “just click on the lead capture page” icon and then the “see all leads” button….. I had NEVER seen that button before… Was I surprised to find 243 leads that want more information? èYES!

I “thought” my squeeze pages were capturing the leads AND sending follow-up emails… but they don’t do that… I had to develop my own follow-up pages to be sent out by AWeber… I have an AWeber account but it was not set up … I’ve done that today… AND imported my contacts.  So I feel like I’m on my way. 

I’ve also integrated my AWeber and my Facebook page as well as Twitter and AWeber.  I’ve also composed my welcome email and my first follow-up email.  That’s what I’ll do over the weekend… develop more follow-up emails.

That’s it for now… I’m even more excited now that I see the system working.  I just had to do my part… I’m learning !!!

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Until tomorrow.





Call To Action – A Place to Play BIG! – Aug 29, 2013

Call To Action – A Place to Play BIG! – Aug 29, 2013

Today I was watching a YouTube Video of Tony Rush giving a 30 minute teaching on Empower Network.  In it he said, “I had already decided that I was going to play BIG, I just needed a  place to play BIG!”  I found Empower Network. 

I’m keeping this short tonight so I just wanted to give a brief update on my EMPOWER NETWORK Facebook page.  I placed a $5.00 ad and jumped from 179 LIKES on the 28th to 230 LIKES on the 30th. A whopping 28% growth in one day.  My budget ran out so tomorrow I’ll increase it.  Let’s see what happens next!

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Call To Action – Twerking Movements and Internet Marketing – Aug 28, 2013

Call To Action – Twerking Movements and Internet Marketing – Aug 28, 2013

Twerking or To Twerk.  This word was added to the Oxford dictionary today, August 28, 2013. Why?  I suppose (and speculation is) that Miley Cyrus’ performance on the MTV VMA’s over the weekend.

Just what is Twerking?  Twerking is a combination movement involving a deep squat and a pelvic tilt, Michelle Olson, a professor of exercise science and a certified strength and conditioning coach at Auburn University in Montgomery, Ala., explained.  “You take a wide stance with your legs turned out at 10 and 2 so your hips are externally rotated,” she said. “Then you pulse up and down as you thrust the pelvis bone forward and back.”

So, what does twerking have to do with Internet Marketing you say?    Absolutely NOTHING!

Since the word Twerk is one of the most used “ad search words” today, I just wanted to us it in my heading. 

I had gotten the message from that my ad was removed because of a violation of their advertising policy, after I had accidentally spent about $330 in less than a month.  I spend almost an hour researching this with one of the customer support specialist (Adrian) in San Francisco.  I found out all sorts of things while on the phone with him.. For instance his favorite football player is Jerry Rice… One could expect that since he’s from San Francisco… but I like Jerry Rice also… since I’m originally from Mississippi, where Jerry Rice grew up. I also found that I can no longer place ad with Adwords as long as I use the same domain name…

I suppose I could change my domain name but I’ve been using that for some time now and won’t do that…so I’ll just concentrate on email campaigns and Facebook ads for now.  I’ll also go back to some Solo ad.  But I’ll wait for a response to a question from Empower Network Technical Support staff before doing that. 

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had received over 30,000 clicks on the ads for the month from various sources. But each of these sources only asks for the email address of the person answering the question on the squeeze page. So my question to them was:

  1. How can I have so many clicks with no email addresses?
  2. How can I have three names, phone numbers and email addresses in my list of “team members”?  I just don’t understand how all that information got entered.

So much to still learn?  I did however enter three email addresses that I personally use and NONE of those entered the system either… so, I’m speculating that I’m missing lots of email addresses. (at least I’m hoping.)

I’ve been researching and listening to audios most of the day… not Marketing.  I did change my Facebook advertising and also added the “pay feature” to “promote” my EMPOWER NETWORK page.  I now have 179 LIKES on my page.  I’m thinking because I used the Internet Marketing business name.  There is however lots of Facebook pages by that name… probably a mistake to use that, but people from all over the world are LIKING my page… We’ll see how that goes.

That’s it… already much too long for a blog.. I’ve got to make these shorter.  Maybe tomorrow.



Until tomorrow!



Call To Action – What do Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus have in common? Aug 27, 2013

Call To Action – What do Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus have in common?  Aug 27, 2013

Once upon a time…. There was a young innocent girl with lots of talent and a BIG Sponsor (Walt Disney).

As time went on that young girl grew up and wanted more than her BIG Sponsor could provide..or so she thought (wrong thinking).  Hannah Montana wanted to grow up and become even more famous, not with the young girls she had attracted with her BIG Sponsor.  So Miss Montana went WILD to make headlines.  And then comes Miley Cyrus the grown up Hannah Montana and MTV VMA’s  this weekend…

What can I say…. According to reports, Ms Cyrus got over 4.5 MILLION mentions and 305,100 tweets PER MINUTE because of her performance.  So…. Was it GOOD or was it BAD… You can bet that she knew her MARKETING strategy.  And she EXECUTED!

What does that mean for us… We need some excitement in our marketing, something that will catch attention.  Take for example this ABC7 Chicago News video where Tracy Walker of the EMPOWER NETWORK was featured…. Now Tracy didn’t get the publicity that Miley Cyrus got, but she makes the news.  That’s what it takes sometimes to put you over the top. 

Mainly it takes daily “consistent and persistent action” to become successful.  That’s all… Just Never, Never, Never give up.  Eventually with consistent and persistent action…YOU WILL MAKE IT TOO!

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Call To Action READY – FIRE – AIM! Aug 24, 2013

Call To Action  READY – FIRE – AIM!          Aug 24, 2013

Once upon a time……. (yes, I listened to another training session over the weekend and again today)… Stories Sell and Facts Tell… I am totally amazed at how I “feel” after I listen to one of Dave Sharpes’ training sessions.  He really had a gift of encouragement! 

Today’s story is one of mystery, suspense, excitement and revelation!  What more could one ask for?

Here I am… sitting here with a Mathematics degree and Computer Science and Statistics…. And I can’t help but make mistakes on my advertising campaigns.  Guess I’m just excited about my future and the money I’m making from Empower Network.  It’s definitely there to be had,,,, but my excitement got me a large charge on my American Express this month.  I’ve made changes…. Found my missing team and ready to go again.  

Years ago I read IN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE by Tom Peters.  One of the things he said was to watch the expansion of Niche businesses.  Another word of advice was that people have to make decisions quickly and take action.  I love that….

In the past people could use the old principal of “READY – AIM – FIRE”, because everything moved slowly.  One could take the time to “slowly take AIM” at his target before “pulling the trigger”.  But in today’s environment, everything is FAST MOVING!  Decisions have to be made quickly so we can NO LONGER spend the time AIMING at some target or goal in our business.  We have to know what we want and go after it.  Tom’s philosophy is now, “READY – FIRE – AIM”. 

Well what exactly does that mean?  It means we must get READY to do something, make up our mind and jump in (yes, even though we don’t fully understand everything there is to know), then start making the adjustments to get where we want to go….  READY – FIRE – AIM!

It’s the old INERTIA principal …. An object at REST ( just sitting there doing nothing) tends to STAY at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion. 

So, the moral of the story…. Get in motion… then make the adjustments necessary to get where you want to go. 

That’s my story for tonight…. Short and to the point.   I’ve found that I’ve been too wordy in my blogs and from now on, they are short.  (after tonight).

Listen to an audio recording to get you excited!  Image

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Call To Action – INTERNET MARKETING MISTAKES          Aug 25, 2013

Tonight I’m hoping that next week brings some favorable news.  I’ve learned so much this weekend listening to the inner circle training and researching why my Adwords account was charged over $330 for the last 30 days…. It was one of my typical MONEY mistakes.  What do I mean by that??  I’ll tell you more as I go on with my story later, but suffice it to say, I’ve made a big mistake with this Internet Marketing business.  How, you might say?   Well, by not having everything in place from the start and not checking it out myself.

Here’s the story on my Adwords account and my YouTube Ads:  I was in such a hurry to start making money that I started 5 Adword/Youtube CAMPAIGNS.  Three Adwords and two Youtube campaigns.  One of the mistakes was to put a $5.00 budget for each of these ads…and for some reason I didn’t even see three of them running when I checked.  But after a month and being charged $330 for my campaigns, I started researching.

Here’s what I found:  For the month I’ve had 30,090 clicks from these campaigns.  I’ve also run 3 solo ad campaigns with about 250 clicks each as well as the Facebook campaigns and the Adhitprofit and two others (not much money on these though).  My question was, “Why have I not seen any one show up in my email capture system?”  Out of 30,000+ clicks one would think our professional squeeze page designers would get a few leads.  So I checked…. I entered one of my business email addresses into the system and it’s also LOST…. Where did it go?  

So… I’ve sent a trouble ticket into Empower Network and my sponsor Russell Brunson to see if they can help track down my leads….. I’m hoping to hear back from someone tomorrow.  My hope is that they can somehow track where the leads came from and pass them on to me… or tell me there was none…. (I hope not).

Also, This is the LAST of my wordy ads.  Today I learned that no one wants to read “wordy” blogs.  I need narrow columns and shorter paragraphs… so I’ll start doing that tomorrow.. I just had to get this off my chest tonight.

So… if you’ve clicked on my link to join my email list…do it again…because it’s not there.

I won’t even ask you to do that tonight since I’m not sure where they are going…

I think I’ll just go on to bed tonight since it’s after midnight.



Call To Action – Watch Out For Google Adwords Aug 24, 2013

Call To Action – Watch Out For Google Adwords          Aug 24, 2013

Boy did I get a surprise today!   I was looking over my American Express bill and noticed a $200 charge from Adwords.  Actually it was  How could that be?? I do use them on my YouTube Ads, but that budget is only $5.00/day and I put in a click price of 1 cent per click.  The advertisements and video’s said do this for “FREE” advertising.  Well, basically free.  I looked over my report for the last month and it says:

Impressions       Clicks     Amount Charged      Costs/CLICK

Last 7 days             152,908                   445         $13.01                     2.9 cents

Last Week (M-S)    821120                  1188       $14.72                       1.2 cents

Last Month              958421                  1697       $54.37                       3.2 cents

These prices are ok with me.  However I was expecting a charge to my American Express Card of only $54.37.  Needless to say when I saw the $200 charge, I started looking.  The only thing I could find was where I entered a maximum budget figure of $200.  Every day or so I looked at the spending compared to the budget amount and it was in the “OK” range.  I tried getting in touch with the billing department but will have to wait until Monday I suppose.  Anyway, I wanted to get this out to everyone so they can keep an eye on their YouTube spending.  I no longer use the Adwords except to set up the video ad, but am no longer keying in special “keywords” (for now). I need to understand all this a little better.

A word to the wise, don’t do what I did.  I wanted to hit this new Internet Marketing business hard and fast, so I entered three Ads on YouTube, a couple of Facebook Ads, some ads on ADHITPROFITS, some ads on UTSPROFITADS and one other site.

I do seem to be getting the best overall response from my Facebook Page.  I now have a total of 164 likes for the site.  I’m posting short, motivational notes that I got from Dave Wood’s video trainings this week.  He talks as though it’s a “DONE DEAL”… Talk “as if” it’s already happened.  These are encouraging!

I’ve found a cool site by the name of  It teaches about blog content and what people want to read about.  I haven’t gotten very far into the reading and studying yet, but will tomorrow, I hope.

I’m not going into MY STORY tonight… I feel like you all need a break from ME and MY STORY.  Sent me a comment and let me know what you would like to know more about.  We can have a good training session or a good learning session if you like.  Just let me know.

For now.. just CLICK HERE to watch a free video. Please enter a valid email address so I can also send you some powerful information.

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Call To Action – Your Story Part 4 Aug 23, 2013

Call To Action – Your Story Part 4           Aug 23, 2013

The Empower Network Leaders are in Miami this weekend visualizing and bringing forth our future with their WORDS and their actions.  Isn’t that something inspiring…. To be part of a group that always has our best interest at heart…. Strategizing on how we can all earn more and help more people get financially free…. FREEDOM… That’s something we can all enjoy,,,, hence NJoyFreedom…. That’s me!

Let me tell you more of my story…. Where did I last end???

Until NOW…. I hadn’t realized how BOLD and BRAVE my dad was and my mom.  Mom had to be in agreement with Dad to make this work successfully.  He had to leave family, friends, relatives and travel to a place where there was something (a JOB) for him.  Back then SECURITY was key to the nation and everyone in it.  Find a good JOB  (is there such a thing?) and STAY with it …. Guess that’s where that kind of thinking got started.  SECURITY!!  Of course we all want that, but there are things that are MORE IMPORTANT than SECURITY…. That’s FREEDOM!  I guess if you have real FREEDOM, you also have SECURITY … but we should NEVER let JOB SECURITY be the primary DECISION criteria…. NEVER!  I’ve often thought that we were the brave one’s in the family of relatives…. Everyone else stayed where they were.

Well back to my story.  After the 3 semester of college, it was winter and I had been called to active duty by the Navy.  I could no longer get a deferral for college …. I had a decision to make.  I talked it over with Diane, her family and my family and we decided to get married that December.  So we did.  I was 20 and Diane was 19…. Looking back I’m shocked at how young we were.  After the wedding, I had already talked with the Air Force recruiters and they agreed to accept me and transfer me from the Navy to the Air Force.  What a great choice that was.  I was sent to basic training in the Air Force at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX…. What an adventure…. I remember standing in line to make a phone call to Diane from the pay phone on base… we had to stand there for hours so everyone could talk to their sweethearts…. Totally different from today…. But I doubt that those in Basic Training can have a cell phone.  But I ramble…

I believe we had made a good decision so as GOD would have it (and as I desired it), I was transferred to Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, MS…. Only 12 miles from home… we lived at Diane’s home for the full year I was there.  I had always liked computers and started my college days learning about computers.  But in those days they were called “Accounting Machines”… we programmed them by connecting wires to boards in back of the machine.  My year at Keesler was a detailed study of computers, how they worked, what parts were in them, what number systems they used and how they were programmed.  When they broke, we had to fix them.  That was my JOB in the Air Force.  We were transferred to Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City, LA for the rest of my Air Force days.  While there I took night courses and complete about 60 more hours of college… working all day and going to night school almost every night.  As time went on, I was able to get out of the Air Force and go to college and get a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.  I looked for a JOB after receiving my BS degree and no one was paying what I thought I was worth.   So we moved to Lafayette, LA for more schooling.  There I got a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and Statistics.  Believe me I was an INTROVERT.  I would rather talk with computers and work math problems than talk with a live person.  That’s the way I was most of my life. 

After college I got my first JOB in Mobile, Alabama…..or course working with computers (in the technical group)… I would work nights (lots of times) so I could have the computer to myself changing the operating systems and testing all the changes we had made.  At one point we had about as much code inside IBM’s operating systems as they did….I loved it!   No thought of ever doing anything else.

But that too was to change… (since I’m at about 900 words, I’m stopping again for tonight).

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I’ve noticed that I’m not getting a lot of action from my Facebook ad or my YouTube ads… but my Facebook page is already up to 160 likes and is growing about 12 a day… so I’m spending lots of time posting on that site… I believe good results will come of that.  OH…another thing I’ve noticed… I found a LINKEDIN site called “Women’s Network of Entrepreneurs”.  There you can Like other facebook site and they will LIKE you back…. Sort of like the PINGBACK’s I’ve talked about earlier with blogs.  Check it out!  Click HERE!

  check out this site, you might enjoy it:

For tonight… good night!



Call To Action – Your Story Part 3 Aug 22, 2013

Call To Action – Your Story Part 3           Aug 22, 2013

I noticed in the Heading that I said Call To ActionYour Story…. But I’m really telling MY STORY.. What I’m saying here is that you need to create your story.  A story that you can tell from the stage when you’re given an opportunity to stand before thousands of folks who are anxious to know who you are and what YOUR STORY is.  People want to know whats so special about YOU that allows you to create the lifestyle you want and the lifestyle THEY want…. So we tell them…. WE’RE NOT SPECIAL… We’re JUST LIKE YOU…. We have had to struggle , just like you may be struggling now… but SOON,,, you’ll get that first email in your auto responder… maybe even while you’re asleep… You’ll wake up one morning and have two or three… new emails addresses… and your auto responder will be fired up again AUTOMATICALLY sending those folks emails about your business… Giving them the same information you got that started you on your way to success.  AUTOMATICALLY! 

On to “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey would say.  I re-read what I wrote about my dad last night and it made me realize just how innovative he was.  He didn’t have an automobile, but packed up, left home with plans to stay with cousins in another town.  He took off, found a job and saved enough money to relocate all of us… mom and three boys.  It was about that time that my older brother went into the Navy, so he didn’t move back in with us for about 4 years.  By that time dad (and mom) had moved us (twice by that time) into a rental home.  I also hadn’t realized just how great mom was during all this.  She was probably the motivator that got dad to move out and find something better than the Cotton Mill work environment.  After we left that environment we seemed to become more of a family, with dad working day jobs and mom working day jobs.  This meant we had dinner at home every night as a family.  Dinner was usually something like cheese grits (if you’re not a southerner you probably don’t know what that is)… we also had lots of cheese spaghetti.

At some point with both mom and dad working, we eventually bought a home.  Dad was making about $50/week and mom was making something less than that working at the college as a cook.  But we did pretty well as a family.  Each of us grew up working during the summers and even after school if it wasn’t football or baseball season.  I loved playing both those sports, high school and what’s called American Legion Baseball in the summer.  I can remember getting up and being at work at the shrimp factory by 4am, then having baseball practices every afternoon unless we had a game.  The games were always late and mostly out of town so I usually got to bed late… So we all knew how to work hard.

After I started dating Diane in the 9th grade, I got to work summer jobs in their restaurant.  My job was to clean fish every day as they come in off the boats first thing every morning.  We also had lots of shrimp to peel and put away for the winter months. I really got pretty good at cleaning fish.

I’ll stop my story for now and pick up on it more tomorrow.  I want to tell you how I got interested in Network Marketing after a lot of “absolute refusal” to go see what it was about.

For now, I’m excited about Internet Marketing.  It’s a Godsend, because my biggest efforts and greatest fears in Network Marketing were in the “contacting and inviting”.  If someone said NO… I would just let it go and not have anyone at the meetings…. But I tried.

Internet Marketing gives us the chance to go international, using a system that was developed by Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe after years of trying “other things”I just follow their system.  They say “blog everyday”, so I blog every day.  They say “market daily”, so I market daily.  They say “listen to training audio’s and videos”, so I watch and listen to audios and videos.  They say “read daily” in a good motivational book, I read daily in a good motivational book.  Let the system work!!! That’s what brings success.

So for now… that’s it for tonight.  CLICK HERE to enroll in my email program (for free) and to watch a FREE video about Internet Marketing.  You can also take the next step and for $25 you can get access to your own blogging system and be enrolled in your own business and start getting trained.  So DO IT NOW!!

Also take some time and watch a video of others that are in the business.  Take your time and enjoy them.  CLICK HERE to watch a YouTube Video.

Remember, John Maxwell in his book “HOW SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE THINK”, said “Those who develop the process of good thinking can rule themselves-even while under an oppressive ruler or in other difficult circumstances.”

Until Tomorrow!



Call To Action – Your Story Part 2 Aug 21, 2013

Call To Action – Your Story Part 2           Aug 21, 2013

Life IS good!!!  I said that last night…I have a fantastic wife of almost 50 years, two wonderful daughters and sons-in-law,  AND 4 Grand Grandchildren… what more could one ask for??? Well I’ll tell you… You can have enough financial resources (MONEY) to do the things with the family and for the family that you want to do and they need done!!! That’s it…. And good pensions from retirement won’t do it for you.  Sometimes their needs are just too great for this economy with a JOB…. MORE is needed.  For instance, we want to take the whole family, all 10 of us (maybe 11 with girlfriend) to Hawaii for a cruise this December.  I’m believing this Empower Network is the vehicle to make that happen.

Everything I’ve listen to and watched lately has talked about sharing YOUR story!  The story that no one else knows… why you might want the income Empower Network provides.  I’ve had a request to “go back” in time to even before what I told you yesterday… Where and how (what were my circumstances) did I grow up even before the starting college….so let’s go back in time… back to the late 1940 and 1950’s…. I have two brothers and we were reminiscing recently… even went to a family reunion and saw the old homesteads where we grew up…. Homesteads??? Well, we called it that.  We grew up in a cotton mill town, in the cotton mill village, with cotton mill housing… “What was that like?”, you say… well, we had LOVE…. Not much else… just picture the cotton mill housing and village to what we’ve seen on TV about the coal miners and their villages… we bought things at the village store (on credit), both mom and dad worked in the mill… they often passed each other as they walked to and from work.  We grew up on “oatmeal”…. It took me YEARS…. Yes years to get to where I could eat oatmeal again.  As you can imagine… or maybe you can’t imagine… we had “outhouses” instead of indoor bathrooms.  We took baths in #3 wash tubs….. since I was the youngest, I was always last to wash in that tub…we were “poor” ,,, but we never knew it… we didn’t have much in the “material “ realm but we had each other and we had lots of relatives, all with similar living circumstances.

I have to give praise to my dad for “wanting out” of that situation and wanting better for his family.  We didn’t have a car but he made his way to Gulfport, MS in the early 1950’s to provide better for us.  He got a job there as a welder.  He lived and worked there a good while before he got the money to get us all together… I call that INITIATIVE!!!  I think that’s where I got my motivation.  Oh yes, we got our first indoor bathroom there. I was 8 years old at the time.  Thanks Dad for moving us UP!!

Growing up from that point on was probably like most other boys… playing sports, riding bicycles, playing marbles.  Mom and Dad attended EVERY sporting event and showed their pride and support for their boys.  They encouraged us to be the best we could be in everything we did.  Since neither of my parents had much education, they did show how to do the best with what you have, to work hard and be consistent.  WORK HARD AND BE CONSISTENT!!!  That’s a key phrase.. I’ll say that again, “WORK HARD AND BE CONSISTENT”! One other key part of my upbringing was church…. Since my name is UPCHURCH, I frequently tell folks that I got my last name because people would come looking for me and it seems that I was always “UP at the CHURCH”….hence UPCHURCH.  God is important to me and always has been.  My parents believed in the scripture, Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”…. That was important to me, for me and to me, for my children.

Well, I’m at over 800 words for tonight… I’ll elaborate on the next phase of my life next time but before I close tonight… be sure to get started in your business.  I just heard on a conference call that “Half the battle is showing up.”  That also means “Half the battle to create more income is getting involved in a vehicle that will allow you to produce what you’re capable of producing”.  NO LIMITS!  That’s why I love Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, “HOW TO BE A NO LIMIT PERSON”.  Read it, enjoy it and grow to all you can be!

Watch this video and sign up to get more information!!  DO IT NOW!!!

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That’s it for tonight!