Core Commitment #3 Market Daily

Core Commitment #3 Market Daily

This makes sense… Core Commitment #2 is Blog Daily and Core Commitment #3 is Market Daily.  Since I’ve been blogging every day for the past 12 days, I do (as Dave said) feel that it’s getting easier and taking less time.  Yesterday I used what Dave Wood commented on called “TrackBacks”   or “PingBacks”.   Here’s the definition from WordPress: Most blogs have a method to allow visitors to leave comments. There are also nifty ways for authors of other blogs to leave comments without even visiting the blog! Called “pingbacks” or “trackbacks“, they can inform other bloggers whenever they cite an article from another site in their own articles. All this ensures that online conversations can be maintained painlessly among various site users and websites.”

Of course the advantage of this is MORE TRAFFIC, which is what we all want.  What normally happens with Trackbacks or Pingbacks is the site that is referenced gets a notification that the blog was referenced by another site and comments about the reference can be left on the referenced site… Wow, this is getting too technical.  It needs to be fun….so here goes…. Let’s say I used something Diane wrote on her blog.  I’ll go up to Diane and say….”hey Diane, I just used something you wrote on your blog so I’m letting you know about it.”  Diane actually tells me, “Yes, I know. Thank you”.  So why does she thank me for stealing some of her material?  Oh YES!!!  She wants more traffic too… so what that does is expose all my traffic to Diane’s link and allows more people to see her blog.  That’s cool!   But the real advantage to me is that it also allows all her traffic to have a link to my traffic… an on-and-on it goes.  The busier the referenced site the more opportunity for higher traffic.  Makes sense doesn’t it!!!

So, back to Commitment #3, Market Daily.  This is where we need to really get creative.  Whether I’m marketing my own products, as my friend Mary Bob, or I’ve decided to become an affiliate of the Empower Network (which I have), the core concept of Marketing Daily (without spending a dime of your own money) is to re-invest 20% of your earnings into Marketing Daily!  Simple isn’t it…. What if you’re just starting out, like me, and don’t have income coming in yet?  Thanks, you have asked a good question!  Well it seems to reason that if you re-invest 20% back into your Daily Marketing, then to start with Marketing Daily, I might just want to invest about 20% of what I want to make.  Well that sounds reasonable, doesn’t  it?  Well the problem with MOST Internet Marketers or any other marketers is that we want to make money without spending money…. THAT JUST DOESN’T WORK!!!

Diane and I were co-owners of a Christian Bookstore when we lived in Alabama.  We were a small bookstore with little traffic coming in off the street.  A sign company came to visit us one day to sell us some “sign advertising”.  When I heard the price of the signs, I said, “WE CAN’T AFFORD THAT!!”  Well the sign guy just sat there and quietly said, “YOU NEED TRAFFIC DON’T YOU!”. Of course we did, so we decided to INVESTING IN MARKETING THE STORE.  Store fronts are always advertising to produce traffic.  Internet Marketing is NO DIFFERENT… so, using that philosophy (20% philosophy, I call it), if I want to make $1500 the first month, I’ll need to invest $300 into Marketing Daily for the first month.  If I want to make more, I’ll need to invest more… THAT’S THE WAY THE COOKIE CRUMBLES!  Just Do It!!!

Ok… time to go eat… since I’ve already said more than my 500 words for today, I’ll get back on this tomorrow.  But I do need to link to a busy site and references… ummmmm what should I reference?  (Oh Yes, It works better if you’re using WordPress as your blogging too to steal something from another WordPress Blogger. That’s easy…Today, I’m using…..Affiliate Marketing My Journey Day 21.  Enjoy Caspar’s blog.  I think you’ll like it.

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Jerry and Diane

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