Call To Action – Your Story Part 2 Aug 21, 2013

Call To Action – Your Story Part 2           Aug 21, 2013

Life IS good!!!  I said that last night…I have a fantastic wife of almost 50 years, two wonderful daughters and sons-in-law,  AND 4 Grand Grandchildren… what more could one ask for??? Well I’ll tell you… You can have enough financial resources (MONEY) to do the things with the family and for the family that you want to do and they need done!!! That’s it…. And good pensions from retirement won’t do it for you.  Sometimes their needs are just too great for this economy with a JOB…. MORE is needed.  For instance, we want to take the whole family, all 10 of us (maybe 11 with girlfriend) to Hawaii for a cruise this December.  I’m believing this Empower Network is the vehicle to make that happen.

Everything I’ve listen to and watched lately has talked about sharing YOUR story!  The story that no one else knows… why you might want the income Empower Network provides.  I’ve had a request to “go back” in time to even before what I told you yesterday… Where and how (what were my circumstances) did I grow up even before the starting college….so let’s go back in time… back to the late 1940 and 1950’s…. I have two brothers and we were reminiscing recently… even went to a family reunion and saw the old homesteads where we grew up…. Homesteads??? Well, we called it that.  We grew up in a cotton mill town, in the cotton mill village, with cotton mill housing… “What was that like?”, you say… well, we had LOVE…. Not much else… just picture the cotton mill housing and village to what we’ve seen on TV about the coal miners and their villages… we bought things at the village store (on credit), both mom and dad worked in the mill… they often passed each other as they walked to and from work.  We grew up on “oatmeal”…. It took me YEARS…. Yes years to get to where I could eat oatmeal again.  As you can imagine… or maybe you can’t imagine… we had “outhouses” instead of indoor bathrooms.  We took baths in #3 wash tubs….. since I was the youngest, I was always last to wash in that tub…we were “poor” ,,, but we never knew it… we didn’t have much in the “material “ realm but we had each other and we had lots of relatives, all with similar living circumstances.

I have to give praise to my dad for “wanting out” of that situation and wanting better for his family.  We didn’t have a car but he made his way to Gulfport, MS in the early 1950’s to provide better for us.  He got a job there as a welder.  He lived and worked there a good while before he got the money to get us all together… I call that INITIATIVE!!!  I think that’s where I got my motivation.  Oh yes, we got our first indoor bathroom there. I was 8 years old at the time.  Thanks Dad for moving us UP!!

Growing up from that point on was probably like most other boys… playing sports, riding bicycles, playing marbles.  Mom and Dad attended EVERY sporting event and showed their pride and support for their boys.  They encouraged us to be the best we could be in everything we did.  Since neither of my parents had much education, they did show how to do the best with what you have, to work hard and be consistent.  WORK HARD AND BE CONSISTENT!!!  That’s a key phrase.. I’ll say that again, “WORK HARD AND BE CONSISTENT”! One other key part of my upbringing was church…. Since my name is UPCHURCH, I frequently tell folks that I got my last name because people would come looking for me and it seems that I was always “UP at the CHURCH”….hence UPCHURCH.  God is important to me and always has been.  My parents believed in the scripture, Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”…. That was important to me, for me and to me, for my children.

Well, I’m at over 800 words for tonight… I’ll elaborate on the next phase of my life next time but before I close tonight… be sure to get started in your business.  I just heard on a conference call that “Half the battle is showing up.”  That also means “Half the battle to create more income is getting involved in a vehicle that will allow you to produce what you’re capable of producing”.  NO LIMITS!  That’s why I love Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, “HOW TO BE A NO LIMIT PERSON”.  Read it, enjoy it and grow to all you can be!

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That’s it for tonight!



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