Call To Action – Watch Out For Google Adwords Aug 24, 2013

Call To Action – Watch Out For Google Adwords          Aug 24, 2013

Boy did I get a surprise today!   I was looking over my American Express bill and noticed a $200 charge from Adwords.  Actually it was  How could that be?? I do use them on my YouTube Ads, but that budget is only $5.00/day and I put in a click price of 1 cent per click.  The advertisements and video’s said do this for “FREE” advertising.  Well, basically free.  I looked over my report for the last month and it says:

Impressions       Clicks     Amount Charged      Costs/CLICK

Last 7 days             152,908                   445         $13.01                     2.9 cents

Last Week (M-S)    821120                  1188       $14.72                       1.2 cents

Last Month              958421                  1697       $54.37                       3.2 cents

These prices are ok with me.  However I was expecting a charge to my American Express Card of only $54.37.  Needless to say when I saw the $200 charge, I started looking.  The only thing I could find was where I entered a maximum budget figure of $200.  Every day or so I looked at the spending compared to the budget amount and it was in the “OK” range.  I tried getting in touch with the billing department but will have to wait until Monday I suppose.  Anyway, I wanted to get this out to everyone so they can keep an eye on their YouTube spending.  I no longer use the Adwords except to set up the video ad, but am no longer keying in special “keywords” (for now). I need to understand all this a little better.

A word to the wise, don’t do what I did.  I wanted to hit this new Internet Marketing business hard and fast, so I entered three Ads on YouTube, a couple of Facebook Ads, some ads on ADHITPROFITS, some ads on UTSPROFITADS and one other site.

I do seem to be getting the best overall response from my Facebook Page.  I now have a total of 164 likes for the site.  I’m posting short, motivational notes that I got from Dave Wood’s video trainings this week.  He talks as though it’s a “DONE DEAL”… Talk “as if” it’s already happened.  These are encouraging!

I’ve found a cool site by the name of  It teaches about blog content and what people want to read about.  I haven’t gotten very far into the reading and studying yet, but will tomorrow, I hope.

I’m not going into MY STORY tonight… I feel like you all need a break from ME and MY STORY.  Sent me a comment and let me know what you would like to know more about.  We can have a good training session or a good learning session if you like.  Just let me know.

For now.. just CLICK HERE to watch a free video. Please enter a valid email address so I can also send you some powerful information.

For tonight,



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