Call To Action READY – FIRE – AIM! Aug 24, 2013

Call To Action  READY – FIRE – AIM!          Aug 24, 2013

Once upon a time……. (yes, I listened to another training session over the weekend and again today)… Stories Sell and Facts Tell… I am totally amazed at how I “feel” after I listen to one of Dave Sharpes’ training sessions.  He really had a gift of encouragement! 

Today’s story is one of mystery, suspense, excitement and revelation!  What more could one ask for?

Here I am… sitting here with a Mathematics degree and Computer Science and Statistics…. And I can’t help but make mistakes on my advertising campaigns.  Guess I’m just excited about my future and the money I’m making from Empower Network.  It’s definitely there to be had,,,, but my excitement got me a large charge on my American Express this month.  I’ve made changes…. Found my missing team and ready to go again.  

Years ago I read IN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE by Tom Peters.  One of the things he said was to watch the expansion of Niche businesses.  Another word of advice was that people have to make decisions quickly and take action.  I love that….

In the past people could use the old principal of “READY – AIM – FIRE”, because everything moved slowly.  One could take the time to “slowly take AIM” at his target before “pulling the trigger”.  But in today’s environment, everything is FAST MOVING!  Decisions have to be made quickly so we can NO LONGER spend the time AIMING at some target or goal in our business.  We have to know what we want and go after it.  Tom’s philosophy is now, “READY – FIRE – AIM”. 

Well what exactly does that mean?  It means we must get READY to do something, make up our mind and jump in (yes, even though we don’t fully understand everything there is to know), then start making the adjustments to get where we want to go….  READY – FIRE – AIM!

It’s the old INERTIA principal …. An object at REST ( just sitting there doing nothing) tends to STAY at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion. 

So, the moral of the story…. Get in motion… then make the adjustments necessary to get where you want to go. 

That’s my story for tonight…. Short and to the point.   I’ve found that I’ve been too wordy in my blogs and from now on, they are short.  (after tonight).

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Until tomorrow!



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