Call To Action – A Place to Play BIG! – Aug 29, 2013

Call To Action – A Place to Play BIG! – Aug 29, 2013

Today I was watching a YouTube Video of Tony Rush giving a 30 minute teaching on Empower Network.  In it he said, “I had already decided that I was going to play BIG, I just needed a  place to play BIG!”  I found Empower Network. 

I’m keeping this short tonight so I just wanted to give a brief update on my EMPOWER NETWORK Facebook page.  I placed a $5.00 ad and jumped from 179 LIKES on the 28th to 230 LIKES on the 30th. A whopping 28% growth in one day.  My budget ran out so tomorrow I’ll increase it.  Let’s see what happens next!

Watch this video of Tony’s 30 minute teaching about changing your thinkingYOU CAN DO IT!! So… Let’s do it together.


CLICK ON THIS LINK , Enter your EMAIL address, Watch our Invite and JOIN US! 

Have you always wanted to play it big but never found a way…. YOU HAVE NOW!

Have a great day!



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