Month: September 2013

Call To Acton – EVERYTHING is OK! – Sept 29 2013

Call To Acton – EVERYTHING is OK! – Sept 29 2013


Everything is OK…what could I possibly
mean by that?

Well….. as I mentioned on the Empower
Network Facebook page:

I have been listening to Aaron Rashkin
on the Inner Circle recorded calls.

I went to the gym yesterday and
got in a good hour of the 1 hour
45 minute recording.  I listened to
the remainder while sitting in my
hot tub… WOW… what a message!

Aaron made a couple of comments
that really stood out for me and
I’ve been sharing them with my
wife all day….

One of the MAJOR, life changing
comments was to quit JUDGING
and accept EVERYTHING as OK!

That was hard to do even though
we’ve been taught to “Do not judge,
or you too will be judged.”

Why is this so difficult?  Well,
in addition to being taught to
not judge a person, we HAVE been
ACTIONS.  Sometimes separating
the person from the action is
hard to do… So WHY judge
anything??? Let it go!  Just
accept it as OK (for them).

You or I may not do what they
did, but it’s OK for them..

Talk about LIBERATING!  YES!

Today, Diane and I have been
trying to catch each other when
we made a judging comment.

It’s teaching us to have less
stress and less frustration.

With an attitude of EVERY THING is
OK,,,, it frees us to let our body
heal itself from the stress of
Judging.  We’ve both noticed
a freeing from this thought process.

Try it .. You’ll  like it!

The second comment he made
was, “Addition by Subtraction”.

I won’t get into that tonight, but
will one day soon…

If you haven’t signed up for the
Inner Circle training, do it today.



Jerry and Diane


Call To Action – I Eliminated Opt In Requirement – Sept 28 2013

Call To Action –  I Eliminated Opt In Requirement – Sept 28 2013



Tonight is going to be a quick note.

I went into Aweber and did a little
learning… what I have been going,
because it’s a default, was requesting
OPT-Ins from all leads. 

Since most ever thing I’ve read and heard
on audio training tapes is that it takes
about 5-7 email follow-ups to get people
interested enough to sign up with you.

Well… I’ve had lots of leads over the month
and most of them are not confirming their
desire to learn more… maybe they are not
seeing the opt-in message (which I doubt)
or they are just not interested.

So… that being the case, these leads have
only had ONE view of the video message
and have moved on or forgot about me.

I figured that taking the opt-in off the Aweber
site at least I would have an opportunity
to send my follow-up message to these leads.

This way they can have a shot at seeing
all 12 of them over a period of about a month.

Just started that today so will see what
happens next.

Tomorrow I’m ordering more SoloAd and
Putting my tracking code on them (forgot
to do this for the last set of solos).

I feel like I’m on my way to making this work
the way it’s working for my mentor…

I can’t wait to let him know how well I’m doing
with all the changes I”ve recently made.

That’s it for tonight…



Jerry and Diane


Call To Action – Sometimes You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do – Sept26 2013

Call To Action – Sometimes You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do – Sept26 2013

This is going to be a short blog..

I’ve thought about what I did today
for a few weeks now and just had to
make the change. 

I feel what I did tonight will change
my future and therefore change
my life, both in my business AND
in my finances.

The Bible says, “Trust in the Lord with
all your heart and lean not on your
own understanding; in all your ways
submit to him, and he will make
your paths straight.”

You might be asking yourself, “What
in the world is Jerry talking about?”

I’ve got to tell someone.  I’ve not
spoken to my mentor about this
business and it was TIME to do so.

In all my ways I was trusting in
myself to direct my path and I’ve
finally come to the conclusion that
I just don’t have what it takes (BY

I want the business to work FAST!

Therefore I’ve made the decision to
ask for help. 

I’ve really relived at my decision
and tomorrow I’ll make the move to
communicate with my mentor.

Don’t get me wrong.  I do TRUST
I also needed to trust in a MENTOR.

So, I’m going to “lean not to my
own understanding, but submit to
him so he can make my paths

That’s what I need, after t full months
today.  So I did it… (or am doing it
tomorrow, because it’s too late tonight)

So…Good night for tonight. Will update you

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Jerry and Diane

Call To Action – Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This – Sept 25 2013

Call To Action – Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This – Sept 25 2013


I remember from way back…. Well in fact it was 1961….
there was a group of ladies that called themselves
the Shirelles.  They wrote and recorded a song
called, “Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This”.

That was waaaay too far back for most of you to remember.
In fact, I was a Junior in High School at that time.
Oops….. that dates me…. Yes,,,,  I’m 70 years old!

But, I do remember Mama Said there’d be days like this.

What do I mean???? Well, it’s a day when basically
Nothing is accomplished.

Yes, I did take my wife to the doctor’s office for
a CT-Scan on her stomach.  She has been hurting
for about a month now so it was time… actually
passed time to get it checked out… so we started
the doctor routine last week…. And continuing…

Just so you know, we got the test results back today
and EVERYTHING was NEGATIVE… meaning
they couldn’t find anything wrong… Thank GOD!

So…on we go… more tests coming….

But, back to the Shirelles…. Listen to their
song by clicking here:

Here’s a few of the words to that song:

Mama said there’ll be days like this,
There’ll be days like this my Mama said
Mama said, mama said
Hey! Don’t you worry,
Mama said mama said
Hey! Don’t you worry now.
Mama said mama said,
Hey! Hey!

So what is this telling us…. Yes, there will be days
when it seems nothing is accomplished.


We may be waiting for a response from someone
else…. Something important might come up…
Stay Focused…. Get back to it as soon as possible!

Last night at 8pm Eastern Time, I tried to get on
the Empower Network Webinar for the big
announcement of the new blogging system.

No way could I get on… it was clogged up..
too many people on the webinar…

Well that’s NOT a problem for Empower
Network…. It’s shows an opportunity.
All the folks listening in last night is a
small portion of what’s going to be
happening with Empower.  It’s going
to be growing faster than ever.

Hang ON…. Better yet… Join in and Ride the
wave that’s being created.  MOBILE… that’s the
key to the future…. Watch for MORE on this..

I also sent a ticket into Empower Network
last night asking them a question that I
think is going to change my life and
change my experience with Empower.

I’ll let you know more about that after I
get my response…. But suffice it to say,

It really doesn’t matter …because I’m
building this… with or without the answer
I’m looking for…

It’s getting late AGAIN…. So I’m just going
to recap the steps necessary to get rolling
in Empower Network.

  1. Get started… just $25 to purchase the
  2. Purchase the Affiliate system for only
  3. Get your AWeber account and set it
    up like the AWeber videos say.
  4. Connect your AWeber and your Empower
    Network Account.
  5. Set up a Campaign in AWeber to capture
  6. Set up your Auto Responder system in
  7. Start watching the 8 core step video
  8. Watch a video every day or more
    than one a day.
  9. Learn about your back office and what’s
    available there.
  10.  Get your mentor to share his/her auto
    responder emails.
  11. Load them into AWeber.
  12. Start telling and sharing on Facebook,
  13. Learn about Solo Ads.
  14. Link you ads to an Aweber campaign.
  15. Include in your link the source of the ad.
    See my blog on marketing.
  16. Get ready to EXPLODE your business.

That’s about it… Get started today and we’ll
do all this together… and MAKE it work for you.

That’s all for tonight!

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Jerry and Diane


Call To Action –Putting Your Angels To Work- Sept 24 2013

Call To Action –Putting Your Angels To Work- Sept 24 2013
I was taking my wife to the doctor
today and she was reading me a
book as we were driving..  I couldn’t
believe what I was hearing….

The book is called, “Putting Your
Angels To Work”, by Evangelist
Norvel Hayes. 

In the book Norvel says, “… since
Angels or spirits sent by God to
carry out His will on this earth
by ministering to and for the ‘heirs
of salvation,’ then we believers
ought to be keeping those angelic
creatures busy!  We ought to have
them working for us all the time.”

How do we do that?…..

Novel says, “The answer is simple:
by pleasing God.”

So, from there Norvel goes into
7 steps to please God… I certainly
won’t go into lots of detail but I
will list the 7 steps and show you
how these 7 steps apply to the
Empower Network business.  Or
ANY business you might be working.

  1. Have Faith
  2. Get To Know The Lord
  3. Find Your Calling
  4. Be Obedient
  5. Follow the Holy Spirit’s Leading
  6. Rely on the Word of God
  7. Worship the Lord

Now think about these 7 points!

I’m not saying your business in any
way should be taking the place of GOD,
but I am saying we can use the same
principals in our business…

How?? You might say…..

  1. Have Faith – In Your Business,
    your products and your
    delivery method.
  2. Get to know your Business.
    Know what you have, why
    its good and how people
    can benefit from your products
    and your business.
  3. Find Your Calling- This means
    find what’s working for you
    and begin working it. 
  4. Be Obedient!  This means
    we must do what our
    mentors tell us.  If they
    say, ALL IN, then get ALL IN!
  5. Follow the leading of your
    leaders.  Attend functions,
    get on conference calls, stay
  6. Rely on the system.  It’s been
    created by experts and has been
    working for everyone who uses
  7. Side with the System, rely on
    it, trust it, believe in it, act on
    it, tell others about it, and don’t
    be deceived into believing something
    is better …. Love the business!

Disclaimer:  I in no way am attempting
to take anything away from God.  We

By doing these things we can put our ministering
angels to work for us.  When we speak,
they listen and obey.  God sent His angels
to go before us and guard our way and lead
us to a PLACE prepared for us…. I like that.

Prepared for us…. That’s prospering and
being in Health as our SOUL prospers.

What’s our SOUL??? Our soul is
composed of OUR MINDS,

These are the areas we want to prosper in.

SO…. Follow our mentors and we shall
prosper and angels will help us along
the way!

Have Faith!

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Jerry and Diane

Call To Action –Coward or Hero- Sept 23 2013

Call To Action –Coward or Hero- Sept 23 2013

Diane and I were watching a movie last night
called ONE FALL.  It was about a young man
named James Bond (not the 007 Bond),
who had fallen off a 200 foot cliff and lived.

Not only did James live, but he was miraculously
healed and walked out of the hospital in
just 4 days.

With that experience James found that he
had some miraculous healing powers.

At the beginning of the movie, James
was in prison, so he was not the most
scrupulous person around.

While in prison James’ brother and
girlfriend started dating, to add more
drama to James’ life.  He was really
screwed up….

He began working in the hospital as a
janitor, but when he went into rooms
with terminally ill people he would
ask them if they had money.  If so,
he would tell them he could
heal them but of course they had
to give him the money.

He would then touch them and they
would immediately begin feeling better.

James’ neighbor, a young guy who
was always being bullied at school
because he thought of himself as
a “super hero” …. He was always
reading comic books about the hero’s.

He started following James around
calling James a super hero.

James was actually a coward,
misplaced in life, trying to get back
to “normal” in the town where
he grew up.  Everyone knew James
and all his antics… especially the
one that got him in prison.

Of course James and his dad had
never gotten along and James’
dad was in the hospital, but James
would do nothing about it.  He didn’t
want to touch his dad.

To make a long story short…, James
was afraid to touch his dad.  It was the
young super hero lad that made the
key statement in the movie…

He said, “James, the difference
between a hero and a coward is
that they are both scared, both
want to do what needs to be done
but in the end, the HERO does it

I love that!!!!  The hero knows what
needs to be done.  He has fear in
his heart, but he does it anyway!

AND that my friend is the difference
in success and failure in Empower
Network.  The HERO does it anyway!

That’s what I’m encouraging you to do
today…. JUST DO IT NOW!!!

I’ll help you get set up and making
the right decisions and choices about
your business.  I spent lots of time
working my business Efficiently,
but now being very EFFECTIVE.

Now I know…. And want to show you!

We can do this and you’ll be a
SUPER HERO to your family and
They’ll want to tag along
with you and become a Hero to
their family too!

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Jerry and Diane

Call To Action – Marketing Options- Sept 22 2013

Call To Action – Marketing Options- Sept 22 2013

Today, I decided I needed to get back into
the Marketing business.

I started researching marketing options.
I checked my budget on Facebook
ads and it’s still going well with about
$4.00/day.  Sometimes I forget to look
and the ad is no longer running because
I had reached my budget. So I’m not
really spending $120/month.  It’s more
like $50/month.

I’ve invested in Adhitsprofits as a
marketing tool… check it out at

I also looked at two other marketing
sites today called:


Actually all three of these sites are
advertising sites and those who go there
either have a business they are advertising
or they are looking for a business.

Check all of them out… remember they
ARE referral sites so let me refer you
so we can both make a little money
off these transactions.

I’m Still waiting for my solo ads to go
active.  They should be ready by Wednesday
of this week.  Can’t wait to see how
these leads are tracked.

OK… that’s it for tonight.  It’s already
midnight and I need to get busy

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Jerry and Diane
ps. Check out this daily blog for some good info:

Call To Action – This is Empower Network and We DO! – Sept 21 2013

Call To Action – This is Empower Network and We DO! – Sept 21 2013

I have Comcast Internet service in my home and it was
providing 25 mbps download speed for my home and
office.  I was still getting some buffering on downloads
so I called them.  The folks at Comcast said, “For just
$5 dollars more on you bill, you can double your
internet speed… from 25mbps to 50mbps…..

So,,,, I ordered the upgrade.  It took about a week
for the devices to come in to double my speed.

As I was opening the package it turned out to be
a TV connection they sent me so I called them
back and told them what I had ordered.

“Oh, you need an internet upgrade, we’ll send
you what you need”…. A week later I got two
cables in the mail.

I called Comcast back and ask them, “What
am I supposed to do with these two cables?”

They responded, “You should have gotten
a new modem with that, I’ll put you one
in the mail today. You should have it in
about a week.”……..

I decided to drive to the Comcast office,
about 30 minutes away to pick up the
Modem I needed.

I got home and started installing the new
modem with wireless router included and
guess what…… there was no power cord
with the modem.  I had to drive back to
the Comcast office, yes another 30 minutes
each way to pick up the power cord.

So after two hours in the car today,
I finally got my internet speed upgraded
to 50 mbps…. I love it….

Well to finish the story, I had download
one of the Inner Circle recording and
had listened to that, but because the
trip was so long, I started listening
to the radio on one of the 30 minute
legs of the trip.

Brad Paisley came on signing a song called

Listen to the lyrics as you read them.

Here’s some of the lyrics:

“You’re not supposed to say
The word cancer in a song
And tellin’ folks Jesus is the answer
Can rub ’em wrong

It ain’t hip to sing about tractors, trucks
Little towns and mama
Yeah that might be true
But this is country music and we do

Brad went on to sing this:

“Do you wish somebody had the nerve
To tell that stupid boss of yours
To shove it next time he yells at you?
Well, this is country music, and we do”.

That’s when I got excited ……
Can’t you just hear those words
coming from an Empower Network
affiliate…… “Well, this is Empower
Network, and we do”….

We do say things we “aren’t supposed
to say”, we do tell our boss to “shove
it” ,,,,, because this is Empower
Network, and we do!”….

That’s it for tonight.  Have a great
weekend and keep thinking about
your upcoming FREEDOM from
the JOB…. Think about what you’re
going to tell your boss. Think about
where you’re going to take your
spouse for a surprise weekend or
maybe even a week…or longer.

Think about how you’re going to
spend more time with the family.

Think about how you’re going to
start driving a new car… What kind
will it be?   What color?  What
model? What accessories will it

Think about how much better
you’re going to feel ABOUT
and your ability to
provide for your family.

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Jerry and Diane

Call To Action – Solo Ads With Tracking – Sept 20 2013

Call To Action – Solo Ads With Tracking – Sept 20 2013

Well, it’s been a long time since I submitted a
Solo Ad… and I’ve NEVER done it with TRACKING.

I’ve found that it’s so simple even “I” can do it.

Let’s say you have a URL you want to send to
someone via Email.  You decide you’re going to
send it to lots of people and you have a co-op
set up with several people participating.

All you do is type in the URL, maybe like this:

You can send this out and it will send the
email recipient to the correct web page or
video, but there will be NO TRACKING.

If we take that same URL and put a TRACKING
at the end of the URL it would look
something like this:

This code on the end will let you TRACK the
number of clicks on the URL or more
specifically when someone enters their
email address to view the video.

Then these leads can be easily divided among
all the folks that contributed to the co-op
ad being run by the team.  If you’re not
running a co-op, then you keep all the
leads and you know exactly where they
came from.

This would have really helped me the first
month of advertising.  I got over 300 leads
and I had run several ad campaigns but
I didn’t know where the leads were coming
from.  Therefore I didn’t know what WAS
and what WASN’T working.

Now that I’ve got that bug out of the
system, I’m off and flying again with
ads… with TRACKERS.

So… that’s it for tonight.



Jerry and Diane

Call To Action – FORGIVE – Sept 19 2013

Call To Action –  FORGIVE  – Sept 19 2013

“That’s why I urge you to pray for absolutely everything, ranging from small to large. Include everything as you embrace this God-life, and you’ll get God’s everything. And when you assume the posture of prayer, remember that it’s not all asking. If you have anything against someone, forgive—only then will your heavenly Father be inclined to also wipe your slate clean of sins.”- Message Bible

WOW!!! This has really been on my
mind today.  I wonder why???

Well, last night we had about 17 people
over for a small group meeting representing
our church.  the topic of the meeting was,
“The Secret To The Marriage You Want”.

The general topic discussed is based on
EMPATHY…. But last night, Diane, my wife
made a comment about during one of her
prayer times she was IMPRESSED to forgive
someone she had never thought she needed
to forgive.

Strange isn’t it, how GOD will
show you what you need to do when you
least expect it.  One of the young ladies
at the meeting spoke up and said that
just this week she realized she had to
forgive her father.  Diane’s comment was
a confirmation of something she had not
wanted to do, but needed to do!!  She
said she had not talked with her dad
in over 4 years.

Her father had called her repeatedly over
that 4 year time span, but she had refused
to pick up the phone and talk with him….
BUT she DID, just this week… and she felt
that Diane’s comment about forgiveness

Isn’t that JUST LIKE GOD!!!  HE Responds
to our need as if we’re the ONLY person
around.  HE speaks directly to us and then
confirms it through someone else who has
NO IDEA what’s been going on…

Let’s bring this Blog around to Internet
marketing!!!  Again… how does this relate?

I was listening to Dave Wood and Dave
Sharpe today on the Inner Circle.  Both
Dave’s were talking about words like
empathy, unity, authentic, power of the
team and these comments centered
on building a STRONG UNIFIED TEAM.

One of our scriptures said, “When the
LORD saw her, He had COMPASSION on her…”

Jesus had compassion!!! What does this
word mean and how does it relate to
the story?

Well we had been talking about SYMPATHY,

Sympathy in its simple form means a strong
of the plight of another.

Empathy in its simple form means a STRONG
component to it.

Compassion in its simple form means EMPATHY
with a STRONG desire to ALLEVIATE the plight
of another.

So…. In building our Internet Marketing
business, we need first of all to Forgive anyone
we can think of who might have hurt us or
offended us in some way.  This clears the way
for prosperity!

Secondly we should not just sympathize
with someone who’s in a financial or some
other desperate plight, but we should
empathize with them…. Develop that
strong feeling that we want to help them.

Not only are we to empathize, but HAVE
on them and actually take
to help them.

This is what building our teams are all about.
Diane and I want to help you succeed in
YOUR internet business.
  Last night in our
blog, we mentioned that we are ready to
GIVE you our follow-up emails for your
Aweber system.  We want to GIVE you our
strategy on marketing with solo ads,
Facebook ads and Youtube Ads….

We want you to be successful!  That’s what
this business is all about… becoming
successful and helping as many others as



Jerry and Diane