Call To Action – First Things First – Sept 10, 2013

Call To Action – First Things First –  Sept 10, 2013

There is a great book called FIRST THINGS FIRST, by Stephen R. Covey.
Oh, I love that word EFFECTIVE …. Don’t get me started, but just
think about that word,” E F F E C T I V E”.  What does it mean?
EFFECTIVE = successful in producing a desired or intended result.

Desired result…. That’s what we’re all after… I like to compare
the word EFFECTIVE with EFFICIENT.  What does EFFICIENT mean?
EFFICIENT = achieving maximum productivity with minimum
wasted effort or expense.

Can you see the difference?  EFFICIENT, Maximum productivity
with minimum wasted effort or expense.  Which word is
better, when applied to your reaching your goals?  Of course
it’s the word EFFECTIVE … Why??? Because you can be working
on the WRONG thing and doing it VERY EFFICIENTLY, but still
not working on the most important thing.. Does that make sense?

Important things that will help you achieve your goals become
the things you must be EFFECTIVE at doing.  Of course it’s import
to do the IMPORTANT things EFFICIENTLY, but I want to be
EFFECTIVE ….. achieve maximum productivity with minimum effort
and expense.

Well,,, Why and I talking about this tonight… I hadn’t planned to do
that, but when I sat down at the computer and wrote a couple of
paragraphs, I could tell it wasn’t going in the direction we need to
go tonight.

You see… I spent lots of time being EFFICIENT and implementing YouTube
video advertising, EFFICIENT at implementing Facebook advertising,
EFFICIENT at implementing Solo Ad’s ,,,,,etc, etc, etc… BUT, I didn’t
have my lead capture pages set up.  Nor did I have my Auto
Responder set up… so I was being very EFFICIENT but not very
EFFECTIVE…. See the difference???   That’s why I pulled out Stephen
Covey’s book, FIRST THINGS FIRST… That’s what I want to get
across to you tonight… Work on the Foundation of your Business!

What is that??? In my earlier posts I said it was Blogging and
Marketing and that’s what I concentrated on.  Yes… that’s something
that needs to be done and it’s very, very, very important, in its
proper sequence.

In Covey’s book he makes two statements in the early pages.  He
says, “Traditional time management suggests that by doing
things more efficiently you’ll eventually gain control of our life,
and that increased control will bring the peace and fulfillment
you’re looking for. We disagree.”
  He also said, “The Main Thing
Is To Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing.”

Think about that for the next 24 hours and we’ll get on to the
next blog tomorrow night.




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