Call To Action – FORGIVE – Sept 19 2013

Call To Action –  FORGIVE  – Sept 19 2013

“That’s why I urge you to pray for absolutely everything, ranging from small to large. Include everything as you embrace this God-life, and you’ll get God’s everything. And when you assume the posture of prayer, remember that it’s not all asking. If you have anything against someone, forgive—only then will your heavenly Father be inclined to also wipe your slate clean of sins.”- Message Bible

WOW!!! This has really been on my
mind today.  I wonder why???

Well, last night we had about 17 people
over for a small group meeting representing
our church.  the topic of the meeting was,
“The Secret To The Marriage You Want”.

The general topic discussed is based on
EMPATHY…. But last night, Diane, my wife
made a comment about during one of her
prayer times she was IMPRESSED to forgive
someone she had never thought she needed
to forgive.

Strange isn’t it, how GOD will
show you what you need to do when you
least expect it.  One of the young ladies
at the meeting spoke up and said that
just this week she realized she had to
forgive her father.  Diane’s comment was
a confirmation of something she had not
wanted to do, but needed to do!!  She
said she had not talked with her dad
in over 4 years.

Her father had called her repeatedly over
that 4 year time span, but she had refused
to pick up the phone and talk with him….
BUT she DID, just this week… and she felt
that Diane’s comment about forgiveness

Isn’t that JUST LIKE GOD!!!  HE Responds
to our need as if we’re the ONLY person
around.  HE speaks directly to us and then
confirms it through someone else who has
NO IDEA what’s been going on…

Let’s bring this Blog around to Internet
marketing!!!  Again… how does this relate?

I was listening to Dave Wood and Dave
Sharpe today on the Inner Circle.  Both
Dave’s were talking about words like
empathy, unity, authentic, power of the
team and these comments centered
on building a STRONG UNIFIED TEAM.

One of our scriptures said, “When the
LORD saw her, He had COMPASSION on her…”

Jesus had compassion!!! What does this
word mean and how does it relate to
the story?

Well we had been talking about SYMPATHY,

Sympathy in its simple form means a strong
of the plight of another.

Empathy in its simple form means a STRONG
component to it.

Compassion in its simple form means EMPATHY
with a STRONG desire to ALLEVIATE the plight
of another.

So…. In building our Internet Marketing
business, we need first of all to Forgive anyone
we can think of who might have hurt us or
offended us in some way.  This clears the way
for prosperity!

Secondly we should not just sympathize
with someone who’s in a financial or some
other desperate plight, but we should
empathize with them…. Develop that
strong feeling that we want to help them.

Not only are we to empathize, but HAVE
on them and actually take
to help them.

This is what building our teams are all about.
Diane and I want to help you succeed in
YOUR internet business.
  Last night in our
blog, we mentioned that we are ready to
GIVE you our follow-up emails for your
Aweber system.  We want to GIVE you our
strategy on marketing with solo ads,
Facebook ads and Youtube Ads….

We want you to be successful!  That’s what
this business is all about… becoming
successful and helping as many others as



Jerry and Diane


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