Call To Action – This is Empower Network and We DO! – Sept 21 2013

Call To Action – This is Empower Network and We DO! – Sept 21 2013

I have Comcast Internet service in my home and it was
providing 25 mbps download speed for my home and
office.  I was still getting some buffering on downloads
so I called them.  The folks at Comcast said, “For just
$5 dollars more on you bill, you can double your
internet speed… from 25mbps to 50mbps…..

So,,,, I ordered the upgrade.  It took about a week
for the devices to come in to double my speed.

As I was opening the package it turned out to be
a TV connection they sent me so I called them
back and told them what I had ordered.

“Oh, you need an internet upgrade, we’ll send
you what you need”…. A week later I got two
cables in the mail.

I called Comcast back and ask them, “What
am I supposed to do with these two cables?”

They responded, “You should have gotten
a new modem with that, I’ll put you one
in the mail today. You should have it in
about a week.”……..

I decided to drive to the Comcast office,
about 30 minutes away to pick up the
Modem I needed.

I got home and started installing the new
modem with wireless router included and
guess what…… there was no power cord
with the modem.  I had to drive back to
the Comcast office, yes another 30 minutes
each way to pick up the power cord.

So after two hours in the car today,
I finally got my internet speed upgraded
to 50 mbps…. I love it….

Well to finish the story, I had download
one of the Inner Circle recording and
had listened to that, but because the
trip was so long, I started listening
to the radio on one of the 30 minute
legs of the trip.

Brad Paisley came on signing a song called

Listen to the lyrics as you read them.

Here’s some of the lyrics:

“You’re not supposed to say
The word cancer in a song
And tellin’ folks Jesus is the answer
Can rub ’em wrong

It ain’t hip to sing about tractors, trucks
Little towns and mama
Yeah that might be true
But this is country music and we do

Brad went on to sing this:

“Do you wish somebody had the nerve
To tell that stupid boss of yours
To shove it next time he yells at you?
Well, this is country music, and we do”.

That’s when I got excited ……
Can’t you just hear those words
coming from an Empower Network
affiliate…… “Well, this is Empower
Network, and we do”….

We do say things we “aren’t supposed
to say”, we do tell our boss to “shove
it” ,,,,, because this is Empower
Network, and we do!”….

That’s it for tonight.  Have a great
weekend and keep thinking about
your upcoming FREEDOM from
the JOB…. Think about what you’re
going to tell your boss. Think about
where you’re going to take your
spouse for a surprise weekend or
maybe even a week…or longer.

Think about how you’re going to
spend more time with the family.

Think about how you’re going to
start driving a new car… What kind
will it be?   What color?  What
model? What accessories will it

Think about how much better
you’re going to feel ABOUT
and your ability to
provide for your family.

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Jerry and Diane

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