Call To Action – Marketing Options- Sept 22 2013

Call To Action – Marketing Options- Sept 22 2013

Today, I decided I needed to get back into
the Marketing business.

I started researching marketing options.
I checked my budget on Facebook
ads and it’s still going well with about
$4.00/day.  Sometimes I forget to look
and the ad is no longer running because
I had reached my budget. So I’m not
really spending $120/month.  It’s more
like $50/month.

I’ve invested in Adhitsprofits as a
marketing tool… check it out at

I also looked at two other marketing
sites today called:


Actually all three of these sites are
advertising sites and those who go there
either have a business they are advertising
or they are looking for a business.

Check all of them out… remember they
ARE referral sites so let me refer you
so we can both make a little money
off these transactions.

I’m Still waiting for my solo ads to go
active.  They should be ready by Wednesday
of this week.  Can’t wait to see how
these leads are tracked.

OK… that’s it for tonight.  It’s already
midnight and I need to get busy

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Jerry and Diane
ps. Check out this daily blog for some good info:

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