Call To Action –Coward or Hero- Sept 23 2013

Call To Action –Coward or Hero- Sept 23 2013

Diane and I were watching a movie last night
called ONE FALL.  It was about a young man
named James Bond (not the 007 Bond),
who had fallen off a 200 foot cliff and lived.

Not only did James live, but he was miraculously
healed and walked out of the hospital in
just 4 days.

With that experience James found that he
had some miraculous healing powers.

At the beginning of the movie, James
was in prison, so he was not the most
scrupulous person around.

While in prison James’ brother and
girlfriend started dating, to add more
drama to James’ life.  He was really
screwed up….

He began working in the hospital as a
janitor, but when he went into rooms
with terminally ill people he would
ask them if they had money.  If so,
he would tell them he could
heal them but of course they had
to give him the money.

He would then touch them and they
would immediately begin feeling better.

James’ neighbor, a young guy who
was always being bullied at school
because he thought of himself as
a “super hero” …. He was always
reading comic books about the hero’s.

He started following James around
calling James a super hero.

James was actually a coward,
misplaced in life, trying to get back
to “normal” in the town where
he grew up.  Everyone knew James
and all his antics… especially the
one that got him in prison.

Of course James and his dad had
never gotten along and James’
dad was in the hospital, but James
would do nothing about it.  He didn’t
want to touch his dad.

To make a long story short…, James
was afraid to touch his dad.  It was the
young super hero lad that made the
key statement in the movie…

He said, “James, the difference
between a hero and a coward is
that they are both scared, both
want to do what needs to be done
but in the end, the HERO does it

I love that!!!!  The hero knows what
needs to be done.  He has fear in
his heart, but he does it anyway!

AND that my friend is the difference
in success and failure in Empower
Network.  The HERO does it anyway!

That’s what I’m encouraging you to do
today…. JUST DO IT NOW!!!

I’ll help you get set up and making
the right decisions and choices about
your business.  I spent lots of time
working my business Efficiently,
but now being very EFFECTIVE.

Now I know…. And want to show you!

We can do this and you’ll be a
SUPER HERO to your family and
They’ll want to tag along
with you and become a Hero to
their family too!

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Jerry and Diane

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