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Call To Action – FORGIVE – Sept 19 2013

Call To Action –  FORGIVE  – Sept 19 2013

“That’s why I urge you to pray for absolutely everything, ranging from small to large. Include everything as you embrace this God-life, and you’ll get God’s everything. And when you assume the posture of prayer, remember that it’s not all asking. If you have anything against someone, forgive—only then will your heavenly Father be inclined to also wipe your slate clean of sins.”- Message Bible

WOW!!! This has really been on my
mind today.  I wonder why???

Well, last night we had about 17 people
over for a small group meeting representing
our church.  the topic of the meeting was,
“The Secret To The Marriage You Want”.

The general topic discussed is based on
EMPATHY…. But last night, Diane, my wife
made a comment about during one of her
prayer times she was IMPRESSED to forgive
someone she had never thought she needed
to forgive.

Strange isn’t it, how GOD will
show you what you need to do when you
least expect it.  One of the young ladies
at the meeting spoke up and said that
just this week she realized she had to
forgive her father.  Diane’s comment was
a confirmation of something she had not
wanted to do, but needed to do!!  She
said she had not talked with her dad
in over 4 years.

Her father had called her repeatedly over
that 4 year time span, but she had refused
to pick up the phone and talk with him….
BUT she DID, just this week… and she felt
that Diane’s comment about forgiveness

Isn’t that JUST LIKE GOD!!!  HE Responds
to our need as if we’re the ONLY person
around.  HE speaks directly to us and then
confirms it through someone else who has
NO IDEA what’s been going on…

Let’s bring this Blog around to Internet
marketing!!!  Again… how does this relate?

I was listening to Dave Wood and Dave
Sharpe today on the Inner Circle.  Both
Dave’s were talking about words like
empathy, unity, authentic, power of the
team and these comments centered
on building a STRONG UNIFIED TEAM.

One of our scriptures said, “When the
LORD saw her, He had COMPASSION on her…”

Jesus had compassion!!! What does this
word mean and how does it relate to
the story?

Well we had been talking about SYMPATHY,

Sympathy in its simple form means a strong
of the plight of another.

Empathy in its simple form means a STRONG
component to it.

Compassion in its simple form means EMPATHY
with a STRONG desire to ALLEVIATE the plight
of another.

So…. In building our Internet Marketing
business, we need first of all to Forgive anyone
we can think of who might have hurt us or
offended us in some way.  This clears the way
for prosperity!

Secondly we should not just sympathize
with someone who’s in a financial or some
other desperate plight, but we should
empathize with them…. Develop that
strong feeling that we want to help them.

Not only are we to empathize, but HAVE
on them and actually take
to help them.

This is what building our teams are all about.
Diane and I want to help you succeed in
YOUR internet business.
  Last night in our
blog, we mentioned that we are ready to
GIVE you our follow-up emails for your
Aweber system.  We want to GIVE you our
strategy on marketing with solo ads,
Facebook ads and Youtube Ads….

We want you to be successful!  That’s what
this business is all about… becoming
successful and helping as many others as



Jerry and Diane


Call To Action – Empathy – Sept 18 2013

Call To Action – Empathy – Sept 18 2013

Why talk about EMPATHY in an Internet
Marketing Blog?

To give a little background on our WHY.
I’ll have to tell you a little story.

Diane and I started teaching a small
group at our church the first of Sept.

We’re teaching with another couple
from our church, and we’re teaching
a group of 8 young couples, some
married and some ready to get

Tonight we had everyone over to
our Home.  The class is called, “The

We actually had to turn people away
from the training….so many people want
the secret.

So, what specifically are we studying?

EMPATHY!!!!!   What is Empathy?

EMPATHY is the CAPACITY to see the world
accurately from your spouse’s perspective!

Well, we say SPOUSE, since we’re in a
Marriage seminar, but the definition is
actually, “the capacity to see the world
accurately from another’s perspective”.

How does this apply to Internet Marketing?

Well let me tell you… I got an email from
a friend last week…it was his birthday!  He said
he was really feeling empathic today and
wanted to help everyone become successful
in their Internet Marketing Business.  I thought
that was an awesome move… SOOOO,

Now I want to do the same thing… I’ve been
working hard to get everything set up and running.

Now I’m ready to share what I’ve learned.  It’s NOT
a SECRET.  It’s a simple step-by-step process that
works EVERY TIME is applied.  Not only can I share
this with you, I am actually going to GIVE you
my auto responder messages, help you get started
with your Aweber system, give you contacts for Solo Ads,
Hook you up with GoDaddy to get your private Domain
Name, Help you set up your Campaign names in
Aweber, Link your Empower Network to Aweber and
start you on the road to making money.

SO…. Let’s do it!!!


Good night for now.


Jerry and Diane

Call To Action – Leadership Address- Sept 17 2013

Call To Action – Leadership Address-  Sept 17 2013

Dave Sharpe – “How many of you are committed to
building the biggest business of your entire life in 2013?

What I’m going to ask you guys to do, is I am going to
ask you to have an honest conversation with yourselves
in the mirror, and ask what you want to do in 2013.

Some of you want to quit your jobs; a lot of you
still have jobs.

Some of you want to be able to vacation like a lot of us.

Some of you want to buy a Maserati and have it
delivered to your house.

Some of you want to move to Costa Rica.

Some of you want to travel the world.

Whatever it is that you want to do in 2013, I want you
to start putting yourself in that place, in that situation
already. When Dave and I started the company, we
already knew what we wanted to do, and there was no
doubt in our mind as to what we were going to do.”

Your Challenge

I want you to do what David Sharpe asked us to do
in this speech.  I want you to look in the mirror and
ask yourself what you really want.

What are you going to do in 2013?

See yourself there as if it has already happened.

Go out there and take action until you have made it a reality.

Read this blog and watch the video:

The main thing to consider here is to think seriously
about what you really, really , really want.

Meditate on it,,,, dwell on it, think about it, ponder
it, speak it out; then take some ACTION to
make it happen…. EMPOWER NETWORK can
be your vehicle to get what you want.





Call To Action – Oh What A Day- Sept 16 2013

Call To Action – Oh What A Day-  Sept 16 2013

Well today has been somewhat of a disaster day. 

You might say, WHY?   I’m glad you ask!  I’ll tell you.

Last night I went into the Aweber system and made
some changes to “my lists”.  These “list names” are
the names given to the advertising campaigns. 

I decided to go in and test them again and guess
what…… They are not working… I get an ERROR
message saying “Mailing List NOT ACTIVE”.

So I’ve been paying for solo ads that are not
getting into my capture pages and therefore
I cannot capture the emails of the folks who
are interested in seeing more of the videos
from Empower Network.

I’ve been at this too long to let this happen to
me… so now I must wait to see what Aweber
support tells me.  They are not available tonight
so I had to send them an email.

Hopefully I’ll have the answer by early morning.

So… I’m off for the remainder of the night.



Email me if you have questions:


Call To Action – FOCUS on PROMISES- Sept 15 2013

Call To Action – FOCUS on PROMISES-  Sept 15 2013

Today’s message at church was about Abraham and the Promises
God gave him.  God said, “Abraham I promise you, if you TRUST ME
I will give you a GREAT NATION, a GREAT LAND and a GREAT
—– paraphrased of course….

God went on to say to Abraham:
I will forgive ALL your sins;
I will be your protector and provider;
I will hear and answer your prayer;
I will give you WISDOM.

PRESSURES came to Abraham because Abraham wanted
everything God had promised, and he wanted them NOW.
So Abraham decided to take things into
his own hands…. He said, God, you promised me a child and
here we are OLD…. How is that going to happen? Sarah went
to Abraham with an IDEA of her own…. Let’s have a baby with my
maid servant and we’ll get this thing going…. HE DID and that started
all the issues we’re currently having in the world today….
Abraham’s responsibility was to RESPOND WITH TRUST!

What was Abraham FOCUSING on??? Instead of FOCUSING on
the PROMISES, he started FOCUSING on the PRESSURES!  When
we FOCUS on the PROMISES, the PRESSURES fade!

Isn’t that the way it is with all of us…. WE WANT IT NOW!!!

Watch This YouTube Video about patience with the Cookie
  Notice that by waiting he got the PROMISE!!

NOW to talk about Internet Marketing…. How can we relate
what we do in our business to Abraham and what he did?

Abraham was on the right track… God said, I want you to move.
So, Abraham and his family picked up and relocated.  They
didn’t know where they were going,,, they were just
trusting GOD…. Things went pretty well with Abraham UNTIL
he went off “on his on” and didn’t trust GOD (the system).

Think about EMPOWER NETWORK… This business model
started in 2011 and is now paying affiliates more than any
other affiliate marketing business.  100% commissions are
paid on EVERY SELL…
What that means is we just need ONE
customer to break even… ALL THE REST IS PROFIT….

Yes, there are other systems out there and lots of good ones,
but this is the only one that pays 100% commission ALL

So if you’re starting a new business, consider Empower
… get it going, then move on the Pure Leverage
and then to 20minute Payday…. All three are good, but
sometimes we need to move cautiously to keep from
spending too much money while we’re LEARNING.  Be
patient, the money is there for us… just GET IN, FOLLOW
and good things will come!

You can BANK ON IT!!!





Call To Action – Rhymes with LAMWAY- Sept 14- 2013

Call To Action –   Rhymes with LAMWAY-  Sept 14- 2013

Thought I’d go back and tell you a little about how I got started
in Network Marketing.

I was one of those guys that concentrated on getting a good education,
going to work for a good company, staying with them and retiring…

I was FOCUSED ON MY JOB… and loved it!

In fact, one of my friends invited Diane and me to a conference, paid
our way, BUT never told us what it was.  We went….. found out
what it was,,,, got up and left without saying a word to our friend.
I was MAD…. I’m NOT INTERESTED in this STUFF.  I have a great JOB!

Gosh, it was 20 years later when my son-in-law called me from
Mobile, AL….. we were living in the Memphis, TN area.  He said
a friend of his was going to a Conference in Nashville and he thinks
Diane and I would enjoy the conference…. This time I knew what it
was but thought if it would help him…. We’ll do it… we love
spending the night in hotels anyway and Nashville was a great place
to visit.

We got there… met up with my son-in-laws friend… sat with him and
a group of others that were excited about the event… we had no idea
what to expect.

When the meeting started, it was spectacular… great music, great
excitement, lots of enthusiasm…. The people were expressing HOPE!

We liked that…. Then I ask Rick (son-in-laws friend), “How much
does it costs to become a part of this?”  He told me and I wrote him
a check that night.  Up until that time, I had never even seen what
the plan was, how to make money… I just liked the atmosphere and
the enthusiasm of the group.

The next weekend, Diane and I drove from Memphis to Mobile to see
“the plan” as LAMWAY called it…. “Show the Plan, Show the Plan, Show
the Plan”….
That was the mantra….

The leader of the group said, “Just SHOW THE PLAN 100 times and you’ll
be successful”…. If not….. you’re showing it to “duds” OR “a dud is showing
the plan”.   Well… I did that over the next year…. And never made
much money…… hardly any in fact….. then that company came up
with a plan to go “ON-LINE”….

That created lots of interest from others and the business began to
grow (in number)… but not income…. Then the time came when it
went live (ONLINE)…. All the servers crashed and nothing seemed
to work….. everyone quit…. Even me….. I was really sad about it
but just decided this was NOT FOR ME!

Since that time…. A friend of mine, who had been in at least 10 other
MLM companies has called me for each of them… many of which I
signed up in because the product sounded to good… I became a
HEALTH NUT… wanted to work with some health product THAT WORKS.

So I kept trying… but never building a business….

Then, my son-in-law again approaches me and tells me about an
Internet Marketing company that sounded great and that I needed
to listen…… so again…. I did…. And I loved what I heard.

I began to research what had to be done and what “COULD BE ACHIEVED”
with this ONLINE business…. EVERYTHING I had always wanted!

I could sit at my computer and work… I did not have to call my friends.
I did not have to go to Walmart or the Mall to approach everyone within
three feet of me.  I didn’t have to ask people if they were interested in
making more money….. I didn’t have to make phone calls to my
friend and neighbors and contacts….. that sounded good to me….

I loved it…. I could send out Solo Ad… advertise on Facebook, advertise
on Youtube and other online sources… and make money….

Well, it’s working … in the first month I got about 300 leads. NOW I’m
currently AUTOMATICALLY sending follow-up emails and Doing more
advertising, setting up Facebook pages, and Marketing, Marketing,

I’m getting new leads almost every day and my Facebook LIKES are
continuing to grow… so… as far as I’m concerned… this is WORKING
and I’m excited about what’s going on…

OK…. I’m now over 700 words and need to stop… I’ll continue the
story later…. For tonight… just pray that you make the right decision
about your future… Let us help you… we’ve learned SOOO much
over the last month (first month) and we’re set to start making




Call To Action – Finally Making It Work – Sept 13-2013

Call To Action – Finally Making It Work – Sept 13-2013

I must say….. I didn’t get my Blogging done last night and
didn’t even get it done early this morning…. I had stayed up
until 2am the night before so I was tired after being busy
all day too…

So here I am tonight on Friday the 13th…. So what???
I feel very complete today with my Internet Marketing
business.  I’ve spent the day and last night making sure
I got the AD TRACKING in place and working.  It has
even been tested and proves to be working. 

I set up three campaigns last night, one for blogging,
one for emails and one for Facebook.  I’ve even learned
how to SHARE CAMPAIGNS and the follow-up messages
as well as the BROADCAST messages.  SO I’m ready…..

I had submitted a Solo Ad before I get everything set up
and I’ve already got leads coming in from those.  I got
two leads in today.  So my leads are growing the right
way now, the follow-up messages are going out, AND
I’m on my way to 500 LIKES on my Facebook page….
check it out too:

I’m believing for an actual customer or affiliate to come
on board over the weekend.  It’s GOING TO HAPPEN.

Oh yes… just to follow-up with all of you on my
earlier leads ( folks that had actually clicked on my
advertising links….)  all 245 of them.  Putting the
leads into Aweber requires them to do a DOUBLE
… so, so far I only have 18 that have clicked
on the link for DOUBLE OPT-IN.  Still waiting for the
others to click on the link.

One of the things I like about Pure Leverage is the
automatic double opt-in.  I won’t get as many leads
but the leads I do get will be lasting leads and leads
that are truly interested.  We’ll see…..

So that’s it for tonight… short and PoSiTiVe!!!

This is going to work… mark my words…..

For now… Good Night… AND….




Call To Action – Ad Tracking – Sept 11, 2013

Call To Action – Ad Tracking –  Sept 11, 2013

Yesterday I talked about doing “first things first” and also talked
about “efficiency vs effectiveness”.  One thing I heard recently
was that “efficiency means doing THINGS RIGHT” and “effectiveness
means doing the RIGHT THINGS RIGHT”! 
I love that!!

I’m trying to keep that in mind as I build my Internet Marketing
business.  Lots of leads coming in by I’m not capturing where
they’re coming from and I didn’t have my auto responders
set up properly to get the follow-up messages flowing back
to the email leads I had captured..

I do still have all the email address’, I just can’t access them
with my follow-up system in Aweber.  I’m learning how to use
Outlook for reaching THOSE leads, but I DO NOW have everything
set up to catch and respond… so I’m moving in the right direction.

I’ve also purchased more Solo Ad to start this week so I’m
EXPECTING good results.

So what am I talking about tonight…. Ad Tracking!  Well…. What
is that?   Ad Tracking is the concept of KNOWING how effective
my ads are.  This means I submit and ad, whether it’s a Solo AD,
a Facebook ad, a YouTube Ad or any other ad and KNOWING
which leads come from which ads.  I haven’t totally grasps the
actual way to do this yet, but I didn’t have lots of time today to
work on it.  Maybe tomorrow.

I have run a couple of tests today and am waiting for the
results to let me know what’s working and what’s not working.

I’ve been using my domain name URL in all my ads and I’m
thinking now that domain names will not give me what I want.
I must use the original URL and tack on the necessary campaign
names to actually capture where the leads are coming from.

I will certainly know more about that tomorrow.  There are lots
of good YouTube training that can teach me how to do it

I’ll be sure to get a good Blog out tomorrow so I can determine
for myself and also let you know how to do it RIGHT…




  It’s coded tonight to capture
that you clicked from my blog… so we’ll see……



Call To Action – First Things First – Sept 10, 2013

Call To Action – First Things First –  Sept 10, 2013

There is a great book called FIRST THINGS FIRST, by Stephen R. Covey.
Oh, I love that word EFFECTIVE …. Don’t get me started, but just
think about that word,” E F F E C T I V E”.  What does it mean?
EFFECTIVE = successful in producing a desired or intended result.

Desired result…. That’s what we’re all after… I like to compare
the word EFFECTIVE with EFFICIENT.  What does EFFICIENT mean?
EFFICIENT = achieving maximum productivity with minimum
wasted effort or expense.

Can you see the difference?  EFFICIENT, Maximum productivity
with minimum wasted effort or expense.  Which word is
better, when applied to your reaching your goals?  Of course
it’s the word EFFECTIVE … Why??? Because you can be working
on the WRONG thing and doing it VERY EFFICIENTLY, but still
not working on the most important thing.. Does that make sense?

Important things that will help you achieve your goals become
the things you must be EFFECTIVE at doing.  Of course it’s import
to do the IMPORTANT things EFFICIENTLY, but I want to be
EFFECTIVE ….. achieve maximum productivity with minimum effort
and expense.

Well,,, Why and I talking about this tonight… I hadn’t planned to do
that, but when I sat down at the computer and wrote a couple of
paragraphs, I could tell it wasn’t going in the direction we need to
go tonight.

You see… I spent lots of time being EFFICIENT and implementing YouTube
video advertising, EFFICIENT at implementing Facebook advertising,
EFFICIENT at implementing Solo Ad’s ,,,,,etc, etc, etc… BUT, I didn’t
have my lead capture pages set up.  Nor did I have my Auto
Responder set up… so I was being very EFFICIENT but not very
EFFECTIVE…. See the difference???   That’s why I pulled out Stephen
Covey’s book, FIRST THINGS FIRST… That’s what I want to get
across to you tonight… Work on the Foundation of your Business!

What is that??? In my earlier posts I said it was Blogging and
Marketing and that’s what I concentrated on.  Yes… that’s something
that needs to be done and it’s very, very, very important, in its
proper sequence.

In Covey’s book he makes two statements in the early pages.  He
says, “Traditional time management suggests that by doing
things more efficiently you’ll eventually gain control of our life,
and that increased control will bring the peace and fulfillment
you’re looking for. We disagree.”
  He also said, “The Main Thing
Is To Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing.”

Think about that for the next 24 hours and we’ll get on to the
next blog tomorrow night.