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Call To Action – What’s Your Opinion? – Oct 30 2013

Call To Action – What’s Your Opinion? – Oct 30 2013

What’s YOURS???

What IS your opinion of Internet Marketing? 

Does it work?

Can I do it?

Will it work for me?

You know…. We all have opinions about things.

Opinion means: a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

Fact or Knowledge……

I’ve been working network marketing businesses
since the day I signed up with Amway without ever
even seeing THE PLAN, as it’s called.

THE PLAN… that’s all I heard for years…show the plan,
show the plan, then show the plan some more.

Well I did that…. AND…….. not much happened!

So I have an opinion on Amway…. but it’s based on
FACTS that I know from ME….

I know there are lots of people working Amway and
making a ton of money….. based on SMALL commissions.

When I saw Empower Network the first time, I
got really excited…


Because I no longer had to contact my friends and
relatives face-to-face, or on the phone.  I didn’t have
to do ONE-ON-ONEs with people to teach them
what I was doing…

Everything is online,,,, either video or audio…
All it takes is some time to watch and listen…

Then IMPLEMENT what I learn…
I’m still excited after a month of learning..

In fact I’m even more excited than at the

100% commissions… on multiple products!

I’ve seen Tony Rush and others describe how
they have made a ton of money in a very short
time period….

That just doesn’t happen in an “average” network
marketing business… it takes lots of time, lots of
people in your network and lots of sales..

Do I have an opinion on Empower…. ?

Yes I do….

I love it… It works… it’s going to work for me!


Because I’m working it…..

When I learn a new thing…. From the training….

I apply it to my Blogs and to my advertising.

Leads are coming in everyday… so I can see it

If you want it to work for you…..

Click this link and join us!

Click it NOW!


Jerry and Diane




Call To Action – What Are You Thinking About?- Oct 28 2013

Call To Action – What Are You Thinking About?- Oct 28 2013

What do you think about “all the time”?


That’s a key question……

Just what do you spend all your time thinking about?

Write it down and then answer the question, WHY?

Did you know what we have something in our brain
called a Reticular Activator????

What is the world is a Reticular Activator????


Look it up…. It’s the mechanism within us to NOTICE
what’s important to us….

For instance:

You leave the new car dealership in a brand new
Volkswagon Beetle……. On the way home…. You begin
to notice all the Volkswagon Beetles on the road where
you have never noticed them before…

Why?   Because your Reticular Activating System sprang
into motion and you began to notice what you just became
important to you…

Well,,, this works the same way with your business..

When it (your business) becomes the most important thing
to you (other than God and family),,,,then your
Reticular Activating System will help you.


All of a sudden… when someone on TV says something… it
becomes important to your business.  It’s something
you can use to attract people to your blog… to your website.

And… the more you think about your business,,,the more
important ideas will come to your attention….

That’s why the statement is so true…”When the student is
ready, the Teacher will appear.”…… basically that’s saying
that you’ll begin to notice what you need to notice to make
your business successful…. Watch and you’ll see it happen.

Well tonight… I purchased the BLOG BEAST ACADEMY product.

This is a product that’s going to teach us to become all we’re
capable of becoming… starting with Telling Stories… to Game Plan…..
to Business Dynamics….. and more…. I’m excited, because I’m going
to make this happen….

Just Watch…. Or Join Us and Do it with us!

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Jerry and Diane


Call To Action –Are YOU Who YOU Want To Be?- Oct 27 2013

Call To Action –Are YOU Who YOU Want To Be?- Oct 27 2013

Today Diane found a show on Netflix
and we started watching it.

The show is called ONE TREE HILL.

It’s a story of two high school
basketball players (brothers from
the same father) and three high school
girls and the tangled web that’s created.

It was a pretty good show but what caught my
attention was the song by Gavin DeGraw

that plays at the start of each episode
(oh yes, this is a TV series from
a few years back).

Here’s the picture and the link to the song on
YOU-TUBE… check it out.



Aside from the classy tune… which I really like, look at what’s
being said……

I don’t wanna be anything other than what I’ve been
trying to be……All I have to do is think of ME and I have
peace of mind…..

WOW…. Can you say that??? I just think of what I’m doing
and what I’m gonna be…. And I have peace of mind.

Think about that…. ARE you doing what can bring you
peace of mind? 

I was listening to one of the Inner Circle audios yesterday
and it was describing what’s necessary for success.

Here’s what it said…..

  1. Have a clear vision (picture) of the OUTCOME.
    Know what’s possible if you do the work.
  2. Have a vehicle that can produce what you want
    and has examples of others doing it.
  3. Make sure the vehicle has a SYSTEM (steps to follow
    that others have followed) that will produce the
    results you want.
  4. Develop a strategy to get what you want following
    the system:
    1. Focus on outcome
    2. Focus on the steps to get what you want
    3. Be flexible and willing to change your actions.
    4. Do what it takes!

There is sooooo much video training in the Extreme Team of Empower
that shows what needs to be done and how to do it.

I look forward every day to learning a little more and growing a little more.

SO…. Join us and lets do this together.

Click here to join.


Jerry and Diane




Call To Action – Dirty Little Secret – Oct 25 2013

Call To Action – Dirty Little Secret – Oct 25 2013


Dirty little secrets——– does that get
your attention?????

It makes me,,,, want to know more….

What are you talking about???

What is it that you know that I
don’t know???



Well I’ve got a “dirty little secret “ for

I sell insurance, part time and
today I met with a 77 year old sweet
little lady…..

Here she is… telling me all about her
aches and pains and how she can
hardly walk because her knees are
hurting her so badly…

She goes over her medication with me,
telling me how much she “hates” to
take medicine.  But…. Having to take
it because she’s in pain all the time.

Oh yes…. She’s having to work two
days a week at CVS Drugstore to
pay for her medication and her doctor
visits and tests……

Made me want to just give her money
to take care of all her needs…

Think about that….

We’ve heard that
money can’t buy happiness….

The “love of money” is the root of all

Well,,, I believe money can buy
stress relief… money can buy peace within
your mind… money can keep you out of
the poverty mentality…..
money can buy you the necessities of

Take the little lady today….
if she had money… she would get
her knees checked and the treatments
necessary to get relief.

She would have the lumps in her
breast checked to ensure she’s
cancer free…

She would be able to afford the
ORGANIC foods she wants to eat.

So…… saying all this….This is the reason
I’ve joined the Empower Network team.

Why Empower???

Well… I’ve looked at a lot of Network
Marketing businesses… I’ve looked at
Affiliate Marketing…. I’ve looked at
selling cookware… I’ve looked at investing
in the stock market….

Yes… I’ve looked at a LOT of OPPORTUNITIES!!!

Empower Network is the only program I’ve seen
that pays 100% commissions on every sell…

Not only do we get 100% commissions, but we
have an opportunity to make these 100% commissions
on small ticket items AND large ticket items….

AND… all the products are worth every penny…

Training,,,, training….. training….

Encouragement…. Encouragement…. Encouragement!

What more can I say…. ?

The back office training teaches everything we need
to know about Internet Marketing..and how to make it work….

So…. Click here and join us now!

It’s your chance to avoid the issues and problems
a lack of money can have on you…

Don’t wait… join today!


Jerry and Diane




Call To Action – Windows vs Mirrors – Oct 24 2013

Call To Action – Windows vs Mirrors – Oct 24 2013

What’s the difference in a Window and a Mirror?

Well,,,, why do you ask?

I want to know what YOU think about
when you look into a mirror?

I want to know what YOU think about
when you look OUT of a Window?

Do you see the difference?

What do you see when you
look into the mirror?  Think
about it….or go into the
bathroom and look….

Now,,,,what do you see…

I’ll tell you….. you see behind you…

See that wall behind you??

Yes, you’re looking forward,
but seeing behind you…

NOW,,, let’s look out a

What do you see??

Oh… you see what’s
in front of you, don’t you?

So,,,,, quickly now… what’s
the difference?

The Mirror is always causing you
to look at what’s behind you…AND
the Window is causing you to look
in front of you…. Looking out at the
world, out at the road to freedom.

You cannot drive your car to where
you want to go if you always look
in the mirror… you must look through
the windshield…. The window,,,, to see
the goals set before you.

The window allows you to see where you
need to make adjustments to stay on your path.

Think about an airplane for a moment.

If you talk to the pilot, he will tell you
that the plane is always heading toward
the direction you want to go… the plane is always
going to the left, then back to the right,
then up and then down.. but the pilot
is ALWAYS making adjustments to stay on the

Why….. because things happen to get
us off our predesigned path… the plane is always
“generally” going the direction you want to go,
but the pilot is key to getting you specifically
to your destination….

Winds blow,,,, there are detours,,,, there
are storms,,,, there is rain…

So what you might say? (I’ll preach a little now)

The Bible says, “do not turn to the
right or the left.”….

Here it is from Proverbs 4:

20My son, pay attention to what I say;

turn your ear to my words.

21Do not let them out of your sight,

keep them within your heart; (FOCUS)

22for they are life to those who find them

and health to one’s whole body.

23Above all else, guard your heart,

for everything you do flows from it.

24Keep your mouth free of perversity; (TURN THAT JUNK OFF-watch your words)

keep corrupt talk far from your lips.

25Let your eyes look straight ahead; (KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE GOAL)

fix your gaze directly before you.

26Give careful thought to thec paths for your feet

and be steadfast in all your ways. (IF ITS NOT TOWARD YOUR GOAL, DON’T GO THERE)

27Do not turn to the right or the left;

keep your foot from evil.” (ALWAYS BE HONEST AND TRUTHFUL).


Well I’ve got a lot more to say… but I’m done
for tonight…


Get excited about your future because YOU and I are
going someplace…. We’re going to make it…
we’re going to take others with us to our goals and their

This is going to be a fun trip… we can do it…. TOGETHER!


Join us now!  Click here!



Jerry and Diane


Call To Action – Affordable Care Act – Oct 23 2013

Call To Action – Affordable Care Act – Oct 23 2013

We here in the United States
have been hearing a lot about
the Affordable Care Act or
what’s been commonly known

Promises were made that
to get people motivated to
supported that Act such as:

  1. If you like your current
    insurance and want to keep
    it, you can.
  2.  Overall costs to become
    insured will be about 20%
    less than you currently pay.
  3. Etc, etc, etc,

This is NOT proving to be the
case.  Premiums are going UP
on young healthy individuals
and young healthy families.


Because to cover the costs of
those who are NOT young and
healthy…. The young and healthy
MUST pay the price!

Why am I talking about this

I just wanted to get across to
you that with plenty of MONEY,
you don’t really have to worry
about your insurance…
Just take a high deductible
insurance and pay the price
up to that deductible.

How do I do that?

Well,,, You get yourself into
a second HOME BASED business
that has the potential to earn
YOU thousands of dollars EXTRA
every month. 

My mentor, Tony Rush is
currently averaging about……
now don’t faint….. $140,000
each and every month….AND
he’s only been in the EMPOWER
Network business for 2 years..

You’re kidding me… you might say!

NOPE!!! The opportunity is there
for you and for me
… that’s why
I’ve stopped everything else to
make this happen for me and my

It’s going to happen!  Watch and
see or better yet…. JOIN US!

We’re ready to help!

Click here to join us!


Jerry and Diane



Call To Action – Easy Lead Capture – Oct 22 2013

Call To Action – Easy Lead Capture – Oct 22 2013

Last night I was on the Extreme Team
training website and was watching
a video from about a year ago by
Tony Rush, our mentor.


He talked about Easy Lead Capture
and how we could be
making $700K/year within 12
months.  What could be better??

Well,,, Making MORE!  AND it
can happen in Empower Network.

I’ll just mention one of the things
Tony talked about. 

He mentioned how easy it is to
get leads….. I was amazed and
excited about hearing this part
of the video.


Tony put us onto a website called where we can get
leads from almost any country
and can choose the country and
the number of visits to our
capture page for a very low
cost.  That’s what I like.

Well to test it… I went to the site
and bought $30 worth of visitors.

What does that mean??

It means we can actually pay
for the number of visitors to our
site…for instance… United States
visitors are only $5.00/thousand
visitors.  Other countries are

At 9pm last night I submitted the
purchase by PayPal and it went into
the “approval” phase.

I woke up today to 33 new leads.

Boy, was I excited… I went back
into the site today and purchased
another $20 in visitors from the
US only. 

I’ll post tomorrow how well this

Time is late so I’m shutting
down for tonight. 

These blogs need to be shorter anyway!



Jerry and Diane


Call To Action – Transformation – Oct 21 2013

Call to Action – Transformation – Oct 21 2013

Just got this from Dave Wood… had to forward this blog… enjoy

I just got to be a part of some of

the most transformational conversations

I’ve had—ever.


Seeing thousands of people, I got to see the

impact INSIDE the hearts and minds of

nearly 1,000 people in the room in Dallas,

Texas, and honestly:


My life will never be the same.


(cool thing is… Dave Sharpe and a bunch 

of our leaders we’re doing the same exact

thing, at the same exact time.. thousands 

of miles away in DC.)


As I was staring into a sea of faces out

in Dallas, I was reminded of the REAL

vision behind Empower Network.


Which really, is one thing:




With the launch of ENV2, lovingly 

labeled ‘The Blog Beast’, we are 

excited as we prepare to do something

that we’ve never done before.


And here’s what I’m most excited about:




Click here, and watch this video.


Because what Empower Network IS

here for is…


…YOUR trance formation.


As you step into the YOU that you’ve

always wanted, I’m reminded of a 

conversation I once had with a young

hippie jedi…


…as the waterfall comes crashing down

in the midst of the rain, and he rises up

with new powers—I see a symbol, that

now represents the future of what we can



And I PROMISE YOU — THIS is just the start.


I love you.


I bless you.


I think you’re awesome.


Let’s lock arms, and fight the forces of evil.


-David Wood

“The Guru Slayer”


PS: Dial in each Monday at 9PM Eastern Time and hear how to create results

in your life and business (FAST)… using Empower

Network, the Blog Beast, and the resources you

get when you join our family.


Dial in at 9pm EST: (209) 255-1040


See you there 🙂


PPS: Use this link to join, now. (*only $25)




Call To Action -Friday October 18th, at 3pm EDT the shopping cart goes live for “The Blog Beast” ENV2



Friday October 18th, at 3pm EDT  the shopping cart goes live for “The Blog Beast”.

Your link is here: (Sign up here, then claim your own link!!!!) $25 for Blog Beast and $19.95 for Affiliate!

(Make sure you click on that link, and watch Dave Sharpe’s rap before the next video goes live. I about poo’d my pants)

·         Video #4 goes live at 3pm EST, tomorrow.

I wanted to send you a personal message, and just share how proud I am of you, and what you’ve done over the course of this launch. Right now (as of writing this) the videos have over 12,000 comments, and we’ve needed 20 servers (yes, 20) just running the launch site,

As far as the launch, this is about to take Empower Network to a whole new level of success. I believe that over the next week, we will have the BIGGEST launch in internet marketing history, and how big it is, and what we do together, is all up to you.

And what YOU do MATTERS.

Tomorrow, sales are going to start accruing for the contest that you can see by clicking here now:

Get ready.

Get your list ready.

Get ready to send out a MASSIVE amount of energy, attention, and emails together with us tomorrow.

Right at 3pm EDT.

This last video, you won’t believe how this story ends.

It really is…


Click here and catch up, and make sure to share your link on Facebook, and…

…let’s lock arms, and fight the forces of evil.

You ROCK my friend.


Jerry and Diane

P.S. Tomorrow, you can follow David Sharpe and I on Facebook for swipe, content, and messages to help you “Get more money” today.

You rock.

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