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Call To Action –Focus on Your Actions Results Will Come

Call To Action –Focus on Your Actions Results Will Come

This is strange….. Last night I got to bed
about 1:30AM (or should I say this morning).


I have the book, Eat To Live on my nightstand.
I picked it up and started reading…. As I do
every night.  (By the way I learned that from
my Amway training…… read 20 minutes daily).

I opened the book to my next chapter and what
do I read as the title to the next portion of the book???


I couldn’t put it down….. it was like Dave Wood and
Dave Sharpe talking to me about Empower Network,
but it was Dr. Joel Fuhrman talking to me about
Eat To Live…..

So…. What is Dr. Fuhrman saying……

It’s simple:

  1. Knowledge about your subject is
    what will create change in your actions.
  2. Superior health (wellness) is NO LONGER

A matter of CHANCE, but is a CHOICE!

  1. Do not focus too much on weight loss,
    but focus on what you are doing.
  2. The weight will drop (health will come)
    as a result of your daily actions.
  3. Your body will set the pace and gravitate
    toward the ideal weight for you!
  4. Don’t worry if you don’t lose weight every
  5. Check your results at least weekly.

Stay in control by setting a goal.

  1. Be realistic and flexible; give your taste buds time to adjust
    to your new food choices.
  2. Changing your behavior is the key to your success.

Many authorities believe too radical a change of actions
will cause one to GIVE UP and not move towards their goal.

Dr. Fuhrman says, “I strongly disagree. My work over the
past 20 years has shown that those who have jumped in
with full effort the first six weeks have been the ones
most likely to stick with the plan and achieve the desired
results, month after month.”

WOW…. I couldn’t believe what I was reading…. I got up and
took notes …..not to lose weight and to eat right, but to
apply to my Empower Network business….. Everything
I’ve written above applies directly to Empower Network
or to any other business one might be working….

Here’s what it’s saying …. (I’m taking about
Empower Network , but apply this to any business).

1. Knowledge about your business is
      what will create change in your actions.

2. Superior wealth (income) is NO LONGER
a matter of CHANCE, but a matter of CHOICE!

3. Do not focus too much on INCOME,
but focus on your daily actions.

4. The INCOME (wealth) WILL COME
as a result of your daily actions.

5. Your ACTIONS will set the pace and gravitate
toward the ideal INCOME for you!

6. Don’t worry if you don’t get results immediately.
7. Check your results and action plan at least weekly.

Stay in control by setting a goal.

  1. Be realistic and flexible; but DREAM BIG and visualize
    the results you want.
  2. Changing your behavior is the key to success.

Well, that about says it all…..

Oh yes….. I didn’t do real well on this Thanksgiving Day
with my EATING TO LIVE….. but I did enjoy the food I
did eat….

But as Dr. Fuhrman says, “Recover quickly when you slip.”

So… back at it tomorrow….

In the meantime…. Do you have something to say???

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Until Then.


Jerry and Diane


Call To Action – Are You Stressed and Fatigued?

Call To Action – Are You Stressed and Fatigued?


Yesterday I mentioned that I was taking
Diane to the doctor today…..

Well I did…. I had all my ammunition
ready because I was going to talk
with him about Adrenal Fatigue….

I had read about Adrenal Fatigue not
being a “REAL” medical term and was
not generally accepted by the Medical

I had collected information from Dr. James
Wilson’s book, ADRENAL FATIGUE:

It was actually Dr. Wilson that coined the
term, Adrenal Fatigue.

I had two surprises when we finally saw
the doctor…… after two and a half hours.

Number 1…… the doctor was a SHE….
Number 2….. SHE was very pleasant
and very familiar with the term.  She was
also a Physician Assistant  (PA)….

Her name was doctor Rachel….

So….. when I ask about some tests from
Dr. Wilson’s book, she was again very
agreeable to run the ones they could.

I wanted the ACTH test run to check for
problems with the Adrenal Glands.=====
she agreed!

I wanted the Salivary Cortisol test run
but again…she said they couldn’t run
that particular test but she could run
a Cortisol level test.  We agreed on that one.

She wanted to see my printout on Adrenal
Fatigue….looked at it and said…. OH… we
can also run the test to check Diane’s DHEA
level in her blood and a Thyroid test.

I had highlighted the paragraph that said,
“You may also want to see a physician well
versed in bioidentical hormone replacement,
and get tested to see if you could benefit
from the use of DHEA” …. Again… I was
pleasantly surprised..

So the nurses came in to start taking blood and
also give her a “breath test”…. So I left the room.

A short time later, Diane came out and said,
“We’re going to have to come back Monday,
they tried several times to hit my veins to get
blood for the tests, but couldn’t hit them.”


Ok…so we go back Monday,,,, but I’m VERY
pleased with Doctor Rachel and her whole

Will give another update Monday…..

But….one more thing I read last night in
the book, EAT TO LIVE.

Dr. Fuhrman made the comment,
“Before coming into my office, most
of my patients failed to achieve the
results they sought.  They experienced
either a worsening of their heart condition
or weight gain no matter what program
they chose, even those who followed a
vegetarian diet.  In my care, these same
patients are able to achieve impressive
results for the first time, because they “do it”
100 percent.  For some, “trying” is definitely
not good enough; it doesn’t work.”

Now I thought that statement was SUPER….

Why…… because that’s the same words I hear
over and over when we talk about Internet
Marketing……. When you WORK IT, or “do it”
100 percent….. and not just “TRY IT”…. It works.

It’s all in the decision and it’s all in the effort (work).

So…. If you want to know more about Internet
Marketing, watch the FREE video here.

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We welcome you,,, we teach you…. And we
support you!!!

B-Blessed this Thanksgiving and this Hanukkah.

Jerry and Diane



Call To Action – Do You Have Adrenal Fatigue

Call To Action – Do You Have Adrenal Fatigue

I’m writing on this tonight because Diane has
been feeling a little fatigued lately.  We did a
little reading and are going to the doctor tomorrow
morning to get tested.

For what????…… what is this you might say???


Watch this video.

Adrenal glands are known as “the glands of stress”, writes
James Wilson in Adrenal Fatigue: the 21st Century Stress Syndrome.

Actually there is no such condition according to the medical
community…. It’s not recognized by the AMA….

Dr. James Wilson coined that phrase after seeing so
many of his patients suffering from fatigue….

“When your adrenal glands are fatigued, a condition
known as adrenal fatigue or adrenal exhaustion,
your entire body feels it and suffers from
extreme exhaustion as well”. “It is estimated that
up to 80 percent of adults experience adrenal
fatigue during their lifetimes, yet it remains one
of the most under-diagnosed illnesses in the
United States”- James Wilson

Have you ever experienced any of these conditions?

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue:

  • Morning fatigue — You don’t really seem to
    “wake up” until 10 a.m., even if you’ve been
     awake since 7 a.m.
  • Afternoon “low” (feelings of sleepiness or
    clouded thinking) from 2 to 4 p.m.
  • Burst of energy at 6 p.m. — You finally feel
    better from your afternoon lull.
  • Sleepiness at 9 to 10 p.m. — However, you
    resist going to sleep.
  • “Second wind” at 11 p.m. that lasts until about
    1 a.m., when you finally go to sleep.
  • Cravings for foods high in salt and fat
  • Increased PMS or menopausal symptoms
  • Mild depression
  • Lack of energy
  • Decreased ability to handle stress
  • Muscular weakness
  • Increased allergies
  • Lightheadedness when getting up from a sitting
    or laying down position
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Frequent sighing
  • Inability to handle foods high in potassium or
    carbohydrates unless they’re combined with fats and protein

Since Diane has been experiencing many of these same
symptoms, we’re going in to get tested.

Treatment of adrenal fatigue

“Optimal adrenal health is one of the major keys
to the enjoyment of life,” according to Dr. Wilson.
If you have adrenal fatigue, you can fully live life
again by making the necessary lifestyle and dietary
changes to treat your disorder.

There are two tests that can be run to determine your level of
fatigue… they are the ACTH test which can be used to determine
under or over production of some hormones… However NORMAL
ranges typically don’t  recognize a problem unless outside the 2%
ends of the bell curve (less than 2%)…. You could be showing signs
at about the 15% level and experience sever fatigue and it
not be recognized by the doctor because “He’s taught to respond
to anything outside the lower 2%…. so 20% is well within
the NORMAL range.

The second test which is more reliable is the Salivary Cortisol test.

This test is easily run and should be covered by your insurance.
If not…it’s not that expensive….so do it anyway….

Now understand, we don’t normally recommend “self-diagnosis”…
however sometimes the doctors need a little guidance or a nudge
to get them looking…..

After all,,,, we are RESPONSIBLE for our HEALTH and WELLBEING….

We’ll give an update tomorrow night on our visit to the doctor.

In the meantime…. Do you have something to say???

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Until Then.


Jerry and Diane

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Call To Action –Eat To Live- 6 Week Plan


I’m almost finished reading the
book Eat To Live, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.


It’s been and eye opener for me in
that it’s showing how to reverse most
of the health conditions men my age
are experiencing.


I’m happy to report that I don’t have
any illnesses, I don’t take any Meds
and I do work out at the gym 3-5
days a week….. and I’m 70 years old.


I certainly haven’t eaten right all these
years and I gained weight that I shouldn’t
have gained…. And I’ve lost it…. Several
times…… as most of us have.


This book has shown me that I can eat
all I want….. and be satiated from
over eating ….. and still lose weight or
maintain my desired weight.


The key is to EAT TO LIVE…. By eating
the right foods and AVOIDING the
wrong foods….


So…. Tonight I’m giving you the EAT

TO LIVE Six-Week eating plan.  During
this time… if you have high cholesterol,
high blood pressure, high triglycerides…
If you have type-2 diabetes,,,have excess
body fat….. If you have hormonal
imbalances, glucose absorption issues,
varicose veins, hemorrhoids and
constipation…….these conditions can
be brought under control or at
least get you moving in the right
direction during this six week period.


Here’s what to do…..


Eat all you want…. (of these foods)
+ raw vegetables (force yourself
to eat at least 1lb daily) –I like this!
+cooked greens and non-green
nutrient-rich vegetables (1lb. daily)
-these veggies are: eggplant, mushrooms,
peppers, onions, tomatoes, carrots,

+beans, legumes, bean sprouts (1 cup daily)
+fresh fruits at least 4 daily.


Eat Limited amounts of these foods.

+cooked starchy vegetables or whole grains:
– butternut and acorn squash, rice, sweet
potatoes, cereal (not more than one
serving or one cup daily.) Use coconut or
almond milk preferably.

+raw nuts and seeds, 1 oz daily
+avocado, 2 oz daily

+dried fruit, 2 table spoons daily
+ground flaxseed, 1 tablespoon daily



+dairy products
+animal products
+between-meal snacks
+fruit juice (eat the fruit)


NOTE: these are the recommendations given
by Dr. Fuhrman and he does NOT believe in
MODERATION…. In fact he says….
Moderation KILLS…..


SO…. Take these guidelines and stick to them
for just six weeks.


Do this:

  1. 1.     Weigh yourself.
  2. 2.     Calculate your BMI.
  3. 3.     Subtract 24 from your BMI
    and Multiply that number by
    six(6)…. This will determine your
    desired weight.
    NOTE: athletes and muscular framed
    folks can and should use other measures.

NOTE 2…. Dr. Fuhrman uses another measure:

(MEN: 105 lbs for first five feet of height and
add 5 lbs for every inch over 5 feet.
WOMEN: 95 lbs for the first 5 feet of height
and add 4 lbs for every inch over 5 feet.

+man 5’8” should weigh 145 lbs
+woman 5’4” should weight 111 lbs.
(These weights seem low, but lean
people live longer)


Ok… that’s it for tonight…. Remember last
night I wrote about the PAIN OF DISCIPLINE,
and what it takes to accomplish great things.


Well… this requires the same effort.

Reminds me of Internet Marketing…. Same thing
here…. Discipline, structure, action…..

I love what Tom Peters wrote in his book
In Search Of Excellence…… READY, FIRE, AIM…


So….let’s get started… and make adjustments
along the way….


Join Empower Network now to fulfill your
financial dreams.

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Until then…


Jerry and Diane


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Call to Action – Sow the Pain of Discipline!

Call to Action – Sow the Pain of Discipline!



It now seems that every Sunday our pastor
teaches a lesson for Internet Marketers…..


Well….it’s not really his intention (I’m assuming)
but he really does a good job at motivating…
His intention is really to get his congregation
motivated to act like Christians…. To accomplish
great things…..

That really applies to what we’re doing in
internet marketing…..

So…here are a few of his key comments as
bullet points to each of us to read and
medicate on……

  1. Learn to sow the pain of discipline.
    He was talking about David and Goliath.
    David had worked hard at protecting his
    sheep with his sling-shot…
  2. He had a battle cry and BELIEVED what
    he was to accomplish would be accomplished.
  3. David practiced his faith daily so what he
    believed would come to pass. (He saw it
    in faith –he visualized it- before it happened.
    (We Christians practice our faith on Sunday
    but on Monday, on Tuesday, on Wednesday,
    …… what do we do)
  4. He conquered his fear…
  5. Saul (the King) promised the man that
    defeated Goliath three things:

    1. Great Wealth.
    2. His family would be exempt from taxes.
    3. He could marry the King’s daughter.

So you see there is great reward for overcoming
your fears, practicing your faith (practice the drill
in your head), developing the discipline (through
the pain of fear) to do what has to be done.

  1. Have Self Control.. concentrate on what you
    already have and not on what you need.

The pastor then ask each of us…. WHERE DO YOU NEED

So, what does this have to do with Internet marketing?

As I was sitting there taking note, I could just see myself
becoming more disciplined in doing the things
in my business that PRODUCE…..

I could develop a battle cry something like:

I could visualize what I want to accomplish daily
to achieve my goals.

I could JUST DO IT and conquer my fears.

I could think about and dream about the
income others are producing and begin to
produce it myself. (If others can do it, I can too).

Icould develop self-control and spend the time

necessary to make this happen..

YES I CAN….. and you can too!!

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Jerry and Diane

Call To Action – What About Insulin?



Gosh I’m learning something new every day…..

Not just about Eating To Live, but about
Blogging and getting the blogs read!!!!

AND about working from home doing what I love!

Sound good?? (later)




Keep them short and to the point!!!!!

Especially around holiday time……


So Tonight it’s going to be short!!!


Last night we discussed how insulin is needed
to basically “feed our cells with nutrients”. 

  1. 1.     Insulin is the storage hormone that drives nutrients into cells.

But Excess Insulin causes us to get FAT!!!
(sounds like we’re talking about calories).



The key to effective eating is to eat foods that help
to level out our blood sugar and eat foods that
have been shown to decrease inflammation.


Let’s look at some of the foods that will help us
achieve our goal of leveling our sugar.



Protein & Fats-Protein should become a key
foundational element of our new eating plan.
Omega-3 fatty acids help to reduce internal
inflammation, a key factor in reversing insulin
resistance. Beans and peas are incredible food
sources as well. The combination of protein and
fiber really help to satisfy while providing slow
burning fuel to further stem insulin spikes.


Almonds. The health benefits of almonds make
them a perfect snack to add to your daily eating habit.
We should carry a baggie of plain raw almonds with us
all day and snack at will. In addition organic eggs are a
great source of protein packed insulin leveling foods.


Fruits-Fruits are important, yes, but are considered sugars.
We need to be choosy about the ones we eat. We want to
make sure you choose low sugar ones such as Pears, apples,
berries (the darker the better), plums, peaches, pomegranates,
and Avocado’s. The avocado may just be the king of the fruit
as its ability to lower cholesterol while preventing insulin spikes.


Vegetables– Don’t skimp on the green and brightly colored
vegetables, to provide almost ALL of our carbohydrate
intake. Also choose to eat at least two green salads daily.


Wholegrain starches-Always choose whole grains for our
starches and AVOID ALL processed foods. The ones that
make our preferred list include rolled oats, sweet
potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, and pot barley.


Ok… this is long enough for tonight… For other readings see
see the list of related articles below.


Change of topic:

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from home?


How much do you want to make?  $5-$10K/month???

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Until Tomorrow!



Jerry and Diane



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Call To Action – More on Silent Inflammation!

Call To Action – More on Silent Inflammation!

Last night I started defining Silent Inflammation ….


Silent inflammation –  insidious inflammation that 
remains below the threshold of perceived pain, while 
reaking havoc in one’s body for years.  The latest
research has linked silent inflammation to the causes
of chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer,
type-II diabetes, autoimmune diseases and Alzheimer’s
  Silent inflammation involves the overproduction
of inflammatory producing eicosanoid hormones,
insulin and cortisol.  There are clinical tests that can
determine one’s level of silent inflammation.  Appropriate
dietary changes, quality supplements and lifestyle
modifications can reduce silent inflammation and
one’s risk for chronic disease.- Alternity Healthcare, LLC


The statement above mentions:

1. Eicosanoid
2. Insulin and
3. Cortisol

Let’s talk about these briefly….

  1. 1.     Eicosanoids are produced by every cell in our body.
    Although they might be considered primitive hormones,
    they control everything from our immune system to
    our brain and heart.


It does not discriminate….

“they control everything….. “

We need to stand up and take notice!!!!

Also note that there are two kinds of eicosanoids,
those that promote inflammation (pro-inflammatory)
and tissue destruction and those that stop inflammation
(anti-inflammatory) and promote healing. We need to
have both kinds
in the proper balance in order to be
in a state of wellness.

The basic problem here is that we tend to overproduce
the PRO-INFLAMMATORY because of what we eat….

It is the imbalance of these eicosanoids that causes
silent inflammation.” –Dr. Barry Sears

Here’s what we must do:

First, we must modify what we eat! Anti-inflammatory
eicosanoids-or good ones—come from eating a diet
rich in long-chain omega-3-fatty acids (found in fish oil)
and “LOW” in omega-6 fatty acids (found in high
concentrations of vegetable oils like corn, soybean,
sunflower, and safflower). This is because long-chain
omega-3 fatty acids reduce pro-inflammatory eicosanoids.

WOW… this is getting way too deep for me….

Basically we need MORE Omega-3 and LESS Omega-6.
Stay away from corn oils, soybean oil, sunflower oil and
safflower oil…..

We know what that means….. We MUST READ LABELS!!!
Almost everything we purchase that is packaged has an
abundance of these PRO-Inflammatory oils in them…
Check it out…

My grand-daughter is HIGHLY allergic to Soy… and after
reading packages…. We found that almost everything
has Soy…… BEWARE!!!


  1. 2.     Insulin is the storage hormone that drives nutrients into cells.

Insulin is what determines if our cells are going to USE
Nutrients or STORE them for later use.  Excess Insulin
makes us fat and keeps us fat! 

It is this excess insulin that increases silent inflammation
by causing the formation of C-reactive protein. The
bottom line: controlling insulin is essential if we want
 to reverse silent inflammation and move toward a
state of wellness.

This is WHY it’s Soooo Important to have our CRP
checked at each doctor visit.

We need a MARKER to let us know what our
Inflammation level is.

3. When our body is in a constant state of silent
inflammation, it reacts to it by having our adrenal
glands pump out high amounts of cortisol, the
 primary anti-inflammatory hormone used to
decrease excess inflammation.

We tend to think of cortisol as a stress
hormone, but in reality it is an anti-stress hormone.
 At the cellular levels all stress creates an
inflammatory state,
and this causes a number
of nasty consequences such as increasing
insulin resistance (which makes us fatter),
killing nerve cells (which makes us dumber),
and depressing our entire immune system
(which makes us sicker). This is the collateral
damage that comes from increased silent inflammation.


So…tonight we’ve learned some HEAVY “stuff”…

To me….that’s more than I wanted to know…

Where do we go from here???

  1. Get our C-Reactive Protein Level checked. 

It should be between zero and one (or less than 1).


  1. Start eating right and keep track, (journal) what
    we eat.


  1. Stay aware of how we feel after eating.
    Did we have a “reaction” to anything we ate?

This reaction may not be an allergy…. But it can
cause us to be uncomfortable. 

NOTE: THE PLAN is a book written by Lyn-Genet Recitas.
In her book, she states that we may not show allergic
reactions to the foods we eat, but it’s been found
that we are REACTIVE to some 85% of the so called
healthy foods we eat.   REACTIVE….that means
they affect us NEGATIVELY somehow…


  1. Begin to eat as Dr. Fuhrman suggests in his book
    1. A large bowl of green salad
    2. Large serving of steamed greens
    3. Cup of beans
    4. At least one ounce of nuts and raw seeds
    5. At least 3 servings of fresh fruit
    6. Some tomatoes, peppers, onions,
           mushrooms, herbs, and garlic.
    7. Eliminate or reduce STRESS.

Now…. Sit back and think about this for awhile.

Go back and read it several times.  I will do you good!

Now, think about your life as it is now.

What do you want?

Can you see it?

Now, Make a wish.

Believe it, AND you will have it!

Think about how your life would be in every area
if you had your dream….

How would your health be?

How would your relationships be?

How would your family be?

How would your spiritual life be?

How would your financial life be?

Yes… you can have it all!..

Click here to read more of my blogs.

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make money blogging.


Until Tomorrow!


Jerry and Diane

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Call To Action – What is Silent Inflammation?

Call To Action – What is Silent Inflammation?

“Inflammation Is The Cause Of Most Chronic Diseases” –>


What IS silent inflammation?

Can you be silent and still be there???

I was thinking about this and thought back to
my younger days…. Even in high school…..

I was a quite youngster…… SILENT!!!

YES, I was silent, but I was there….

I would go to dances and other parties and
yes… I was there but no one noticed….

I was taking up a seat and was hardly noticed
by my classmates.

Diane’s mother even ask Diane one time…..
“Does he talk?”

I claim that I was listening and learning!!

However, in a situation where we’re talking about
inflammation, especially silent inflammation,
it’s time to stand up and take notice.

Just because it’s silent doesn’t mean it’s just
sitting there (in our bodies)…..doing NOTHING?

It just means it hasn’t caused enough damage
YET to be noticed…

Sort of like me…. I was just there…. Taking
everything in…. what people said and what
people did…

Silent inflammation is there…. Not being
noticed, but certainly not just taking everything
in……  It’s GIVING…… GIVING us reason to take

If not attended to early …… it WILL BE NOTICED

Sooner rather than later….


It means we need to (or should) take immediate action
to eliminate that CREATURE…..

Have you ever played PACMAN????

You’ll  have to be a little older,,,,maybe in your 30’s
or 40’s to remember that game…. Look it up online
if you don’t know what it is…

But…. In that game there were lots of little electronic
gremlins running around a maze…. The task was
to let the Gremlin Eater (Pacman) out of his cage
and start chasing these gremlins around the maze
getting rid of them….

Well… that’s what I picture we need to do
with Silent Inflammation….

I picture Silent Inflammation as little Inflammation Gremlins
running around in our blood streams taking
vital nutrients from our bodies or blood.

Remember the BIBLE says the LIFE IS IN THE BLOOD.

So… we need to protect ourselves from gremlins
in our systems by letting Inflammation eating
PACMANs into our system to get rid of the EVIL.

Before I get into a long dissertation on how
to combat Silent Inflammation, I want to discuss
what it is…..

What is Silent Inflammation?

silent inflammation (Web definitions)- the insidious
inflammation that remains below the
threshold of perceived pain, while reaking
havoc in one’s body for years. …

 “Silent inflammation is the first sign that your
body is out of balance and you are no longer well.
You can’t feel it, but it is affecting your heart,
your brain, and your immune system.” –Dr. Barry Sears

There are three underlying hormonal changes within
our bodies when overproduced are linked to silent inflammation.

OK… I think that’s it for tonight…. We could
talk all night about this, but I won’t.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about the three hormones
that when over produced causes this HAVOC
in our bodies… We’ll also talk about how to begin
turning that around and eliminating Inflammation!

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One more thought!!

Have you ever had something you
wanted to say but couldn’t quite say

Have you ever wanted to tell it like
it is…… ?

Do you Journal???

Do you have a story to tell…. ?

Believe me…you have one… you just
don’t know it yet…

So…. With that in mind….
visit my web site and register for the
free video to get you started
….. AND

If you want…… you can start making  money
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Yes you can..

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You’ll be glad you did!


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Call To Action – Foods to NEVER EAT????

Call To Action – Foods to NEVER EAT????

Today my daughter, Lisa sent me a video to watch
about the Five Foods to NEVER EAT.


Click HERE for the video link:


The last part of the video is advertising Isabelle’s diet
plan so you can skip that if you want… but it’s important
to know the foods NOT to EVER eat….


However, Isabelle doesn’t tell you the 5 foods to Never
Eat in this video…. Pay attention to what she is saying
because it’s good information, even GREAT…..


Another point to make about this video is that it
IS a good sales video…. I’m sure Isabelle will get
lots of sales from this…. We can all learn from it.


I thought I should watch it because Lisa has a dietitian
degree and a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology.


When she came by she made the statement, “Things
have really changed since I was in school.”  They never
taught us anything like this…..

Needless to say, that caught my attention.   My California
daughter Stacy, has her BS in Nursing and keeps me in line
with my eating also. 


I get the impression they want their daddy around
a long time…..


Of course I’ve always told them I’m going to live to
be 120 years old and I’m going to be active and
healthy…..Sooo they are helping me with that.


I’m grateful….. and Diane,,,,, is too!!! She says she
wants me around a long time….




How do we stay around a long time….


It’s certainly not like Mr. Richard Overton, the 107
year old WWII Veteran.  Mr. Overton, has a shot of
whisky in his coffee every morning (which might not
be too bad)…. But he also smokes several cigars


So we can see there are exceptions to the RULE of
eating right, not smoking and exercising daily.  Mr.
Overton says it is “staying out of trouble and staying


Again,,,,,HOWEVER….. I strongly suggesteating right
and consistent, moderate exercise to have
a long life….


Notice in the video Isabelle is talking about inflammation
and inflammation reducing foods…..which I like …..


Dr. Fuhrman says in his book, “The typical dietary
advice, represented by the American Heart Association’s
guidelines, is still a dangerous diet.  It is not likely
to protect you from having a heart attack and does
not allow heart disease to reverse itself.  Moderation kills.”


Dr. Fuhrman also commented that an LDL cholesterol level
below 100 by eating right is better than LDL below 80 with
Medications…. ALSO…. When this level of cholesterol is
achieve we’ll receive a cascade of favorable effects on our
bodies such as lowering the inflammation level….. among
other things…


So…. We want low inflammation…. Go get that CRP checked out!

It’s important to our health and longevity….. I want to live to
be 120 years old,,,,don’t you????

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Sorry about the rambling in this blog tonight…
Tomorrow we’ll spend more time on INFLAMMATION!!

Until Tomorrow……
Jerry and DianeB-Blessed!


Call To Action – Eating Healthy Foods????

Call To Action – Eating Healthy Foods????

            “More than 90 percent of my Type II diabetics
are able to discontinue their insulin within the first month. 
More than 80 percent of my chronic headache and
migraine sufferers recover without medication, after
years of looking for relief with various physicians, 
including headache specialists.” – Joel Fuhrman, M.D. 


Dr. Fuhrman has lots of skepticism, especially from other
physicians, but the FACTS TELL…..

It is simply WRONG to underestimate the results obtainable
through appropriate but rigorous nutritional intervention.

WOW…. These words are from the book EAT TO LIVE. 

Another M.D., Doctor Terry Wahls, head of the Wahls’ Foundation
(as listed on Facebook), who has personally regained her
health from a case of MS, by eating right.  One might just
say, “a rigorous nutritional intervention”.

Most of the time, we in American are looking for the
silver bullet PILL…. You know…. The one that will make
everything good again….

Yes… we know that we didn’t get into the shape we’re in
overnight…..but….. I want results ….. and I want them NOW!!!

Right Now!!!

We cannot BUY our health…..even though we do try..


We purchase memberships in gyms…

We purchase treadmills….

We purchase home exercise equipment…

We purchase DVD’s and use them,,,,,maybe one time…


Oops…. Did I say a dirty word…. EFFORT….

Well I meant to say WORK…..

I remember reading the Bible some time back and
coming across a verse in James:

James 1:25

But whoso looketh into the perfect law 
of liberty, and continueth therein, he
being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer 
of the work,
this man shall be blessed
in his deed.


The first few times I read this verse, I thought
there was a mistake in it….. where the word
WORK was….. I thought it was supposed to be
WORD…. BE a doer of the WORD (of GOD)…


Yes…that’s right too ( we are to be a doer
of the WORD)….. but it specifically says WORK….



We can look at this verse and apply it to
everything we do….


Yes…. Even eating….. and especially our businesses!!


I look at liberty and Freedom in the say way…

So to look at freedom…..

Freedom from FAT…..


 Freedom from Sickness…

Freedom from Disease!!!  


Yes,,,,even Freedom from Financial stress in our


To have that freedom…. We must be a DOER OF


I began these Health and Wellness blogs by talking
about our BMI…… our Body Mass Index and
gave a definition of what that was.

We also talked about calculating YOUR OWN

BMI as a starting point for weight loss….

BUT…. It’s also a starting point to health and


We must have a “starting point or measure” of
where we are NOW…. And a target BMI or
WEIGHT,,,,,or Health Goal….. or Business GOAL….


We must have that starting point….


From there we establish the goal…..

Again… this applies to health and wellness as
well as our businesses…..

The next blog was about our CRP…..

NO…not CRAP…. (however that may come later),
BUT CRP …… C-Reactive Protein…..

A measure of the inflammation within our


Again…. Most doctors are now confirming that
practically ALL sickness and disease begins with


Tonight we’re talking about eating right…
Eating for Wellness!!!


Eating Healthy Foods!!!


Dr. Joel Fuhrman says our foods should be


Oh,,,that sounds easy….. and it is…..

It’s eating mostly FRUITS and VEGGIES…..


High in fruits and veggies….. low in meats and carbs….

No…not a low carbohydrate diet…. But the right
carbs….. from the fruits and veggins… NOT the
breads and pastas………


Fats….. from raw seeds and nuts……


What if……


+ we ate a large bowl of green salad daily

+ we had a large serving of steamed greens daily

+ we ate a cup of beans daily
+ we had at least an ounce of raw seeds and nuts daily

+ we ate at least three fresh fruits daily

+ we had some tomatoes, peppers, onions, mushrooms,
herbs, and garlic daily


WHAT IF…… we started this eating HABIT….


As we began to lose weight….


We began go get our cholesterol under control


We began to get our diabetes under control (without insulin)


We began to get our Triglycerides under control


Our allergies began to lessen….


Our joints began to be more flexible with less pain….


Just What IF…….


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Jerry and Diane




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