Month: December 2013

Call To Action Eat ALL You Want AND Still Lose Weight

Call To Action Eat ALL You Want AND Still Lose Weight


Well I’ve completed the book, EAT TO LIVE
by Dr. Joel Fuhrman……

Tomorrow Diane and I start the
plan to Eat To Live…..

We are going on a cruise Dec 14-21…but
Until then…… we’re on it….

Then when we return… we’ll do it again…

So, here’s what we’re doing:

  1. RAW VEGETABLES: The Salad is the
    main dish… eat two EVERY DAY…..
    at least a pound DAILY…
    REASON: Raw foods have a faster transit
    time through the digestive tract and
    result in a lower glucose response.
    OBJECTIVE: Eat as many RAW vegetables
    as possible.
  2. COOKED VEGETABLES:  Eat as many
    steamed or cooked green vegetables
    as you can. THE MORE YOU EAT THE
    MORE YOU LOSE-Joel Fuhrman.  Again
    the goal is to eat at least a full pound
  3. BEANS AND LEGUMES: These are among
    the world’s most perfect foods.
    RESULTS: Stabilize blood sugar, blunt the
    the desire for sweets, and prevents mid-
    afternoon cravings.  Eat ONE FULL CUP
  4. FRESH FRUIT: Eat at least 4 fresh fruits every
  5. NUTS: Raw, unsalted nuts, ONE OUNCE daily.
  6. OFF LIMITS: Dairy products, animal products, between-meal snacks, fruit juice and oils.

OK…that’s it….sounds simple so LET’S do it!!!

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Until tomorrow,,,,,

Jerry and Diane



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