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Call To Action Nutrition and Surveys from LA Daily News 2

Call To Action Nutrition and Surveys from LA Daily News 2(#2)

Yesterday I began discussing the article by Susan Abram in the Sunday edition of the LA Daily News.

 Today I want to continue with that and include these statistics.


A really good article on the “facts” about obesity and overweigh and the cause of it. 

Of course there is lots of “opinions” on this but Susan really hit the nail on the head.  It’s basically caused by over-eating fast foods or wrong foods…..

I recently read the book EAT TO LIVE, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman and he has given example after example of people eating all they want or all they could possibly eat and still lost weight…..

Dr. Fuhrman says if we eat a pound of RAW greens a day…. A pound of cooked greens a day…. A coup of beans a day and 4 servings of fruits a day…… we could eat until we’re totally “stuffed” and still lose weight,,,,,, drop  our cholesterol levels to acceptable levels…. Reduce our high blood pressure to acceptable levels and in many cases eliminate diabetes (type 2) and heart issues…..among other things…. By doing this, we’re eliminating sugars and fats  (bad fats) from our daily diet.  Also by eating like this we would also move toward eliminating other auto-immune and inflammatory issues (chronic deseases) in our bodies….. Think about that…. All by eating right!!!!

Back to Susan’s article…. I must agree that marketing that makes fast foods look soooo good tends to be responsible for Americans hitting the fast food restaurants and in fact lots of “other” restaurants….. and “portion sizes” are generally HUGE at almost all restaurants. 

Buffets and “all you can eat” is also a cause…. Seems everyone wants to “get their money’s worth”…. And they do….. loading their plates to overflowing and then going back for more…..

Enough about that….

In Susan’s article she records another important fact….. we simply CANNOT rely on Government and Pharmaceutical Companies to help solve our  problems by stricter “controls” on what we eat and how much we eat.

The second part of Susan’s article dealt with SURVEYS and what’s happening to the American public.—Chronic Diseases Gain—-

Here are a few vital facts from her article:

  1. Average life expectancy for men and women has increased from 75.2 years in 1990 to 78.2 years in 2010, primarily because of better vaccines and better medicines….. according to the American Medical Association.

    Note: I’m a little skeptical about that since they always want to toot their own horns …. We need to follow the money….. Just to follow the logic of not allowing Government and Big Pharma…. to control our eating ….. we cannot allow them to control our health either….. Medicine also Kills…

    In fact a recent article in the Scientific American says that approximately 210,000 people die yearly because of medical mistakes in US Hospitals. — WOW!!!


Here’s a quote that will amaze you….. from the Scientific American— Now comes a study in the current issue of the Journal of Patient Safety that says the numbers may be much higher 2014 between 210,000 and 440,000 patients each year who go to  the hospital for care suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death, the study says.

That would make medical errors the third-leading cause of death in America, behind heart disease, which is the first, and cancer, which is second.”


So you see….. heart disease continues to be the number one cause of death with cancer being number 2…..


You may have read that we ALL have cancer cells in our bodies all the time.  They are constantly manifesting and dying…… dying because we eat foods loaded with antioxidants and foods that have “low to no” sugars and bad fats…… Sugar for cancer cells is like throwing gasoline on an open fire….. it feeds the cancer cells…. So we need to get away from sugar….. we simply eat too much of it in the American diet.


  1. Even though life expectance is increasing,  “….morbidity and chronic disability now  accounts for nearly half of the U.S. health burden….”


  2. An increase in type 2 diabetes in high school students.


  3. Physicians are seeing more fatty liver disease in 12-year-olds, and teens with gall bladder stones, typically associated with obesity.


  4. Undiagnosed Diabetes is a significant problem in the U.S.


An interesting fact that I didn’t know is that the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) in Long Beach and Monrovia, CA and in 14 other counties across the U.S. examines the physical fitness and dietary habits of randomly  selected people.  These findings over the past 54 years are provided to the National Center for Helth Statistics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Again…. I want to thank Susan Abram for her article this past Sunday.  It’s been a confirming article on the declining health of Americans because of our eating and lifestyle habits.

Go back and read my blog on BMI…. Measure yours and do something about it….


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Call To Action Nutrition and Surveys from LA Daily News

Call To Action Nutrition and Surveys from LA Daily News


Well here we are in Southern CA….

I picked up Sundays edition of the LA Daily News and on the front page was an article entitled:



This article was written for the LA Times by Susan Abram and two quotes stood out, to me.

“We’re delaying death in people, but not necessarily prolonging life.” – Dr. Patrick Dowling, UCLA Professor


Then the article is broken into two parts:

  1. Nutrition:

    “Love of fast foods shows up on our waistlines and in our medicine cabinets.”

  2. Survey: “Obesity Rising: The average American adult is more than 24 pounds heavier today than in 1960.”-LANG Research

NUTRITION…….. Americans lost control of their waistlines more than 30 years ago, says Susan Abrams in the LA Daily News for Sunday January 19th.

Susan relays these facts from the CDC,

  1. 70 percent of American adults are either obese or overweight,

  2. 26 percent have diabetes,

  3. 31 percent have high blood pressure.

She quotes Dr. David Heber, Director of UCLA Center for Human Nutrition saying that,” the notion that nutritional foods, balanced meals, and more walking could ward off most chronic  illnesses and conditions faded in the 1980s” .  Along with this Dr. Heber states that, “ socioeconomic factors and aggressive marketing campaigns promoting fast food” contributes to the faded beliefs.

I find this article to be so energizing in that I have believed this for so long but have never seen it in writing as Susan so aptly records.

And there’s more…..

You might ask, “What socioeconomic factors are you talking about?”

Well I’ll tell you…… The fact that in the Carter and Reagan administration when interest rates were so high that the term “stay at home mom” almost vanished from the American scene…. Both parents working lead to more dependence on fast foods…..  fast foods lead to more overweight people.  In fact today only about a third of the families are what might be called “early traditional” families…. Where the mom stayed home and tended the children. 

I almost hate to say this, but that’s the way I grew up….. I and my wife believed that the mother should be home to raise the children….. now having said that… I had two daughters that I thought and taught could have or do anything any man could do….  I believed it then and I believe it now!!!   However, I believe our daughters have  become better moms themselves by being raised like that and even though  one daughter is a dietitian with an MS in exercise physiologist and the other has a BS in Nursing and served as a registered nurse, BOTH made the decision to stay home with the children….. and I’m  proud to say,,,, we have four “simply fantastic and well mannered grand-children”….. that’s what I call an “early-traditional family”.

Ok….. to further our conversation on the issue….

So….eating out became a “tradition” in many  homes where both parents worked.

This lead to  eating more “sugar and fat”, which has lead to nearly 60 percent of Americans with high LDL cholesterol.  Even though by 2010 that dropped to about 30% because of an increase in “statin” drug usage.  Not better eating.  AND these “statin drugs” have tremendous side-effects,  further increasing the heal problems in America.

Well I’ve said enough for tonight….. more tomorrow… and probably the next day.

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I BELIEVE by Elvis Presley

This morning I woke up humming the song,
“I BELIEVE”…. by Elvis Presley!

I looked up the lyrics and found these
words of comfort for my business.

I said to myself….. “this is exactly what
we all need to know about Empower Network”.


We need to BELIEVE…

We need to KNOW that someone will come
to “show the way”….

We have  the team Facebook Page….

We have the Team Website….
We have the daily “wake up calls”….

We have the weekly “Empower calls”….

We have the weekly “Extreme Team” calls….

We have it all…..  I BELIEVE in YOU!!!


“I believe for every drop of rain that falls
A flower grows,
I believe that somewhere in the darkest night
A candle glows.
I believe for everyone who goes astray
Someone will come to show the way.

I believe,
Oh, I believe.”

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~~Call To Action BioMarkers for the Anti-Inflammation ZONE

Call To Action BioMarkers for the Anti-Inflammation ZONE

 A few blogs back I reported on the C-Reactive Protein ( CRP) bloodtest for a measure of the inflammation in our bodies….


A couple of days ago I started reading Dr. Barry Sears book, Anti-Inflammation Zone.

anti inflammation zone pic

Great book….. I found that there are a number of test that can determine the level of inflammation in our bodies… especially what he calls SILENT INFLAMMATION….

What is SILENT INFLAMMATION???? You might say…..

As the name implies…. It’s inflammation in our bodies that does not (YET) cause us pain.

Dr. Sears says that almost all pain comes from inflammation…. And if we don’t have pain now we WILL soon have it ….. IF we have a measure of inflammation in our bodies….

So…. We need it measured so  we can 1. Detect it 2. Do something about it.

Dr. Sears documents in his book 2 PRIMARY BIOMARKERS and 2 SECONDARY markers.

The primary markers are:

  1. Silent Inflammation Profile (SIP): This is the “gold standard” test for silent inflammation.  There is a long writeup about this in his book, but suffice

    to say…it measures the balance of pro-inflammatory eicosanoids and anti-inflammatory eicosanoids by measuring the key fatty acid building blocks in the bloodstream for eicosanoids.  These are the harmones that ultimately control inflammation. The key measure is the ARACHIDONIC ACID (or AA (bad)) against the Eico-sapentaenoic acid (or EPA(good)). This actual number should be around 1.5 to 3.0. The LOWER number is IDEAL.


  2. FASTING Insulin Levels (FIL):

    This is a measure of the insulin resistance in our bodies.  Dr. Sears says that Insulin Resistance is the underlying cause of obesity and type 2 diabetes and is characterized by excess insulin in the bloodstream.  The IDEAL measure of insulin resistance is 5 with good being 10….


    Dr. Sears says he firmly believes that high levels, say above 3.0 for SIP and above 10 for FIL is a solid predictor of your likelihood of developing cancer, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease.

    Two secondary measures of Silent Inflammation are the ratio of Total Triglycerides (TG) to HDL (or good cholesterol) and the measure of C-Reactive Protein (which we’ve discussed in an earlier blog).


    These two tests are usually covered by insurance and are the tests the doctor will likely run without hesitation….. HOWEVER….. when you ask for the SIP and FIL tests, you’ll likely get some flack from your doctor.  Mainly for two reasons….they are expensive and the insurance will “likely NOT “ pay for them….. soooo

    You’ll have to pay for them yourself….


    But…if you’re serious about your health… you’ll do this…

    Your ratio of TG/HDL should be no more than 2 and the CRP level should be no more than 1… or as Dr. Sears puts it….. IDEAL for both of these tests are LESS THAN 1,

    And GOOD is LESS THAN 2…

So…. A word to the wise…… get these tests run the next time you’re in for your physical….


For example…… you have to stay on top of it with your doctors… Last October I went in for my annual physical…. I had written on a note the tests that I wanted run on my blood…

When I got the results….none of the tests I requested were done…… WHY….. the doctor said he forgot about it…

NO OTHER REASON….. He did say I could come back in for another blood draw and he would do it….however I had just spent 3 hours there and I was frustrated….so I didn’t go back….

Now I have some additional tests to request…. Even though I Might have to pay for them…. I’m getting it done….

Remember….SIP is best…. FIL is second best…. The other two (TG/HDL ration and CRP) or lesser valuable tests…..but

If that’s all you can get….. get it done….

Next we’ll talk about how to eat right to correct any silent inflammation issues.




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Jerry and Diane

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Call To Action Journey towards Superior Nutrition..

Call To Action Journey towards Superior Nutrition..


Well I’m back…. Been away for almost a month..
but I returned…… ready to start that journey
towards Superior Nutrition.

So,,,, let’s do it…. Or as Nike would say:

Where have we been????

Well Diane and I have been on a cruise and it’s
been difficult getting back on the horse after a
cruise and with all the holidays….

But we’re ready to go now….

So…Right now you are probably wanting to
start your journey too!

Most of today’s blog is from Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s
web site or book EAT TO LIVE….

Beginning to eat healthy is like building
muscles or learning a new skill
if you make the commitment and practice
every day
1. You WILL get stronger
2. You WILL see results
3. It WILL become easier and more enjoyable.

So….here we go….  (From Dr. Fuhrman)

  • If you have already added a large
    salad every day, now add a serving
    of cooked 
    green vegetables; next
    replace the sugary foods in your diet
    with fresh fruits.
  • If you’ve switched your breakfast from
    coffee and doughnuts to steel cut oats
    and berries, now aim to get all of the
    G-BOMBS (we’ll talk about these later)
    into your diet every day.
  • If you have tackled eating healthfully at
    home and around pushy family members,
    now practice ordering at a restaurant. Ask
    for your food exactly how you want it; no salt
    or oil, and add extra salad or steamed vegetables.
  • If you have begun to change your diet but don’t
    yet have an understanding of the science,
    read Eat for Health. Knowledge, not willpower
    will help you to make the best food and lifestyle
  • Try a new vegetable or fruit that you’ve
    never tasted. There is a huge variety of different
    flavors to experiment with in the world of plant
    foods: broccoli rabe, mustard greens, kohlrabi,
    jicama, pomegranates, persimmons, apricots
    and mangos, just to name a few. Micronutrient
    variety is vital to excellent health.
  • Get in touch with true hunger. Learn the
    difference between toxic hunger and true
    hunger, and eat according to your body’s
    natural hunger and satiety signals.

These are all great tips to get us on the road to
Superion Nutrition…..

In the meantime….. it’s the start of a new
year and we all like to set some goals.

What are your goals…. To eat better, to lose weight,
to get into better shape….physically, mentally,
emotionally, spiritually and financially.

Well start here…. Check out this site for earning
Money from HOME blogging.

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people working from home….

You’ll be glad you did.

Until tomorrow!


Jerry and Diane


PS… I just bought the book THE ANTI-INFLAMMATION ZONE by Dr.
Barry Sears… we’ll be talking about that in the next
few blogs.

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