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Grave Robber second post!

Grave Robber –Getting Ready

grave robber

Diane and I were discussing this (Grave Robber and Miracles) and it seems that since
it’s on my mind (or in my Reticular Activator)…everything I see or hear now is referring to miracles ….

Diane- “I need my coffee warmed….”  “God won’t warm my coffee”

Jerry—“Why Not???”

Diane== “It’s not important”

Jerry- “Is that a prerequisite? What determines IMPORTANCE –vs- FAITH?”

With FAITH… ALL things are Possible…

Our small group wants to study miracles….so that’s what we’re starting
Feb 18th… We have been reading a lot and it seems I see or hear something
referring to miracles every day.

For instance, today I receive an email from a friend who sends a daily
encouragement email.

What was his email about?

“I am healed, I am whole, from the top of my head
to my soles, to the tip of my toes”.
Here’s a link to that song if you want to
hear it:

The question comes up in my mind….

Can we perform a miracle???  What does the Bible say?

Well in John 14:12  “I tell you the truth, anyone who
believes in me will do the same works I have
done, and even greater works, because I am
going to be with the Father.”

Just what does this mean???

We’ll get to that more later, but here’s a few
more questions that have popped up in my mind
since starting this study….

We certainly want begin to answer this in a short
blog.  This study is going to be 8 weeks with a full
75 minute study each time, but I’ll get into each of
these questions as time progresses.

I’m anxious to hear all the answers too, IF we can come
up with one.


Because I have some issues myself that I want resolved by
NO MORE HEARING PROBLEMS…to name a few for me.

AND, I want to see my wife (Diane) healed of her Fibromyalgia and
the pain it causes her.

So…with this study we’re hoping to see just WHY we may be
missing our miracle…
just maybe we’re getting ready for the BIG EVENT…

Are you ready??

Here’s more about what we’re digging into and if I’m missing
something you want to know more about…please make a comment
or send me an email.

Questions to be discussed over the next several weeks…..

  1. Would Jesus have performed the “wine” miracle
    without Mary “nudging” Him?

What does this tell us?

  1. In the second miracle, Jesus said, “GO and the Man
    took Jesus’ WORD (what Jesus said), not what
    someone else said (religion) and departed”

    1. What does this mean?
      What can we get out of that action?
  2. Jesus wasn’t moved by religious correctness. He upset some folk.
    1. What does this mean?
    2. How can this apply to us?
    3. What can happen when we believe the WORD
      of GOD instead of man.
  1. Statements from the THE GRAVE ROBBER…
    1. You go nowhere by accident?
      1. What does this mean?
        Do you believe it?
    2. Were ever you go, GOD is sending you there?
      1. What does this mean and do you believe it?
    3. Where ever you are, God has put you there?
      1. What does this mean? Do you believe it?
    4. What about the statement, “All things work together for good….”?
    5. Do you WANT to get well?
      1. What does that make you think?
      2. Why are we not getting well?
    6. We have not because we BELIEVE NOT..
      1. What does this mean to you?
    7. To experience the miracles, we need to UNLEARN every assumption..
      Except, God is ABLE!

      1. What specifically does this mean to you?
    8. Against all HOPE, Abraham in HOPE believed!
      1. What did Abraham believe?
      2. What was against all hope?
      3. What made it happen?
  2.  It’s easy to become accustomed to our crutches…
    1. What does this mean?
    2. What are some crutches that come to mind?
  3.  Do you want to get well?
  4. What’s keep you from your miracle?
  1. Meditate on the 5 dimensions of your identity:
    1. YOU ARE More than a conqueror
    2. YOU ARE the Apple of God’s eye
    3. YOU ARE Sought after
    4. YOU ARE a Joint heir with Christ
    5. YOU ARE a Child of God
    6. Can you name some others???
      1. YOU HAVE the Mind of Christ
      2. YOU Can do all things through Christ
      3. YOU ARE Kings and priests
      4. YOU ARE the Head and not the tail
      5. YOU ARE Blessed coming and going
      6. THE Fruit of your bodies are blessed

I’m stopping now…so get ready to respond and let us know
what your thoughts are and what you’re believing for.

As we progress through the lesson, I’m sure we’ll be wiser
and have more SCRIPTURE to back up what we’re saying.

I don’t have all the answers and probably never will, BUT
it’s important to study to show yourself approved…

That’s what we are doing!!!

So…for now…

Jerry and Diane

The Grave Robber by:Mark Batterson

grave robber

Feb 18th, we’re starting a new small group
study about Miracles.

Do they still happen today?

If so, why are they not shouted from the rooftops,
on CNN, Fox News, ABC, CBS and NBC…yes and those
other “news” stations?

Why is it that we pray and pray and pray and seem
to get no results?

Why is it we have friends and relatives with degenerative
diseases, Cancer, Parkinson’s, Crones, MS, MD, etc.
and we don’t see improvements in them when we pray?

Or it seems to be that way….

That’s what our small group members were asking last
semester and wanted to study this upcoming semester.

Soooo, we hit the books and we hit our knees in prayer for




It says, GREATER THINGS WE’LL DO THAN JESUS (Jesus said that).


The question Jesus the man at the pool is:

I suppose that’s the question we all want to say YES to,
so why do I have to have Knee replacement surgery next week?

Why do I still wear glasses?

Why do I still have hearing problems in my right ear when
I’ve had surgery on it TWICE!!!

Since we’ve started reading the book and the study guide my
Reticular Activating System has gone wild.

EVERYTHING I hear and see makes me think of miracles.

Yesterday morning Diane and I were discussing the book:

Diane:  “I need my coffee heated and God won’t heat up my coffee.”

Jerry: “Why Not?”

Diane: “It’s not important.”

Jerry: “Is that a prerequisite?  What determines importance –vs- FAITH?”

Doesn’t God care about the LITTLE things in life?


With BELIEF, ALL things are possible.

Here’s a familiar story and some verses about “all things”.

There was a young boy in the village that was having issues:

20So they brought him (to Jesus). When the spirit saw
Jesus, it immediately threw the boy into a convulsion.
He fell to the ground and rolled around, foaming at the mouth.
21Jesus asked the boy’s father, “How long has he been |
like this?” “From childhood,” he answered. 22“It has
often thrown him into fire or water to kill him. But
if you can do anything, take pity on us and help us.”

23“ ‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible
for one who believes.”
24Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed,
I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”

Isn’t that the request we all have, “Help me
overcome my unbelief!”

Yes,,, we all want to believe we can do everything:
heal the sick, make the blind to see, the lame to walk!

Why are we not seeing these miracles every day?

Well as they say on the new channels, this is the tease
to get you to come back… stay tuned for more.

I’m trying to keep these blogs to around 500 words and
I’m already at 508…so to end this session I’m closing with:
Do you want to see miracles in your business?

Do you want to see miracles in your household?

Do you want to see miracles in the workplace?

In our churches… In our everyday life?

Do you want to be healed?

That’s what Jesus asked… so I’m asking too!

Do you want to be healed?

See you next time.

Jerry and Diane

Taking New Territory- Humility


 Continuing the teachings of Miles Welch…

 As the Israelite Army progressed
in the process to obtain the Promised Land,
GOD had a message for them.

 Joshua 5:13–1513Now when Joshua was near Jericho,
he looked up and saw a man standing in front of
him with a drawn sword in his hand. Joshua went
up to him and asked, “Are you for us or for our enemies?”
14“Neither,” he replied, “but as commander of the army
of the Lord I have now come.” Then Joshua fell
facedown to the ground in reverence, and asked him,
“What message does my Lord have for his servant?”
15The commander of the Lord’s army replied,
“Take off your sandals, for the place where you
are standing is holy.” And Joshua did so.

So what was God telling them??

 As you might imagine as success starts becoming
the “normal” thing….

As the armies began capturing new territory….

 As we start becoming successful in our business…


We could (might) have a tendency to become PROUD
of ourselves.  We might become Prideful in our

 GOD is just reminding us here to NOT LET THAT HAPPEN!

 HE wants us to stay in HUMILITY!


Joshua is a great leader, but he does not understand
what it is to be a spiritual leader….
He’s going to miss a miracle?

God confronts Joshua to change His leadership perspective.
This confrontation radically changes the strategy,
the org chart, the timing and the outcome.

But it starts with changing the leader.

 Underneath the surface in Joshua…
there is leadership pride….God requires humility.

Humility moves us from self centered to God centered.

 This is more than just semantics or nuance…

For Joshua this was the difference between leading
a high casualty assault against Jericho to operating
in the power, favor and blessing of a God who tears
down the walls; and has no casualties.

 The implication for we who are building online businesses,

This is the difference in building and losing teams of people
or building a keeping our teams together.


For us…this is the difference between relying on our own gifting,
intelligence and wisdom to relying on the power, plan and
favor of God to lead.


This is not semantics…this is the difference between
leadership and spiritual leadership…this is everything. 

 Self centered leaders treat God as a leadership resource.

Self centered leaders treat God and His favor like they are
part of how they get things done…


Sometimes in our leadership we feel as though
we are the man and God is the sword and we can
swing Him around as we want…
apply His favor as we see needed.


God centered leaders treat themselves as God’s resource.

God centered leaders see that God holds
them in His hand like a sword…and He swings
us as He sees fit. (We are a tool in His tool belt)
He applies us as He sees fit.

God centered leaders understand that they
are God’s resource and a part of what He is doing….
and He can apply them how He wants.


Joshua was going to miss a miracle…
too self centered…too self reliant…


Taking Jericho was not something Joshua was
going to do for God…
it was something God was going to do for Joshua…
but Joshua had to bow in humility to receive the victory.


That’s us and our business…


Ultimately…leading in a life changing business is
not something we do for God…
it is something He does for us… AMEN!


Now to learn more just click on this link and
take some time to learn what you have your
hands on….

 AND Let GOD guide your steps…


 Jerry and Diane



Taking New Territory- Part 5 (Passion vs Zeal)

churchill speech

YOU ASK WHAT IS OUR AIM???- W. Churchill

We’ve all heard we need Passion for what we’re

We’ve also read books like:
A Passion for Excellence
The Passion
The Passion Test
Find Your Passion
How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything
and there’s more….

However, in our small group leadership training
Miles Welch gave another picture of passion.

Anyone can be passionate…but only warriors live by zeal.


In fact he pointed out that:

+ Passion in the Bible (at least the NIV) is almost
always a bad thing…

+ Passion is good but lacks resolve.
+ Passion doesn’t last…lack metal…strength…commitment.
+ Passion rides the wave of emotion.
+ Passion is excitement….
+ Passion chases the wind wherever it goes.
+ Passion gets married.
+ Passion has a vision.
+ Passion wants to change the world…


I can just seem myself now… How many times havea

I been passionate about a business only to not have
success in it? Or should I have said “failed”.


On the other hand there’s Zeal.
+ Zeal is set in the will of a person.
+ Zeal is passion mixed with unwavering determination.
+ Zeal is committed.
+ Zeal rows hard in the same direction.
+ Zeal stays married.
+ Zeal has the strength to fulfill the vision.
+ Zeal is willing to work long hours with limited
affirmation for years to actually change the world…..


Yesterday we talked about Hunger and how it drives us
to accomplish great things.


Hunger moves us from being passionate about many things
to being zealous for a few things.

We can be passionate about all kinds of things…
We can only be zealous for a few things…


Anyone can be passionate…but only warriors live by zeal.


We should all begin to analyze where we are lacking in Zeal?
We should KNOW God wants us to take new territory …

So… as we look at our Passion or Zeal for our business,
can we honestly say we have the Zeal it takes for true
success; or is it just a temporary passion?

Zeal is COMMITTED, so let’s make a firm commitment

Have a PLAN, but Listen to God, Listen to our leaders
and DO what needs to be done, with ZEAL!

And as Winston Churchill once said:(With ZEAL)

“You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in
one word: Victory. Victory at all costs—
Victory in spite of all terror—
Victory, however long and hard the
road may be, for without victory
there is no survival.”

How does this make you feel?

Are you excited with Passion or with Zeal?

We’ll see in the end….

So…to learn more about our opportunity click
on this link to learn more.


Jerry and Diane


Taking New Territory- Part 4 Hunger

galaxy success

When we “normally” think of HUNGER,
we think about our stomachs, most of the

In our small group leader’s teachings,
the discussion of HUNGER was a HUNGER
for GOD!…continuing our teaching by Miles Welch.

Joshua 5:10–1210”On the evening of the fourteenth day
of the month, while camped at Gilgal on the plains of
Jericho, the Israelites celebrated the Passover. 11The day
after the Passover, that very day, they ate some of the
produce of the land: unleavened bread and roasted grain.
12The manna stopped the day after they ate this food from
the land; there was no longer any manna for the Israelites,
but that year they ate the produce of Canaan.”

To understand the importance of this story…
we have to understand  the background to the Manna.  


  • Manna was God’s provision to Israel in the desert
    while they were wandering.


Exodus 16:4-5, 4Then the LORD said to Moses, “I will rain
down bread from heaven for you.”


So, six (6) days they would go outside morning and
evening and there would be bread from heaven….
enough for everyone to have their share….on the day
before Passover collect 2x as much.


It was miraculous….

  • The Joshua 5 Generation was born in the desert.
    They had never known God’s provision outside
    of manna…until it stopped.


Manna was basically all they had ever known….
manna was normal to them, the way grocery stores and
restaurants are normal to us. It was how they ate….
then it stopped….


Someone turned off the Manna….did we forget to pay
the manna bill?


Imagine how we would feel if one day all the
grocery stores and all the restaurants stopped
having food…that must be something of how they felt.


  • With the manna gone, God would provide
    for Israel through the “milk and honey” of
    the Promised Land.



  • Wandering was no longer an option for the
    Joshua 5 Generation. They had no choice but
    to fight their way into the Promised Land.


Perhaps it was God’s safeguard against them failing
like their parents had done. I believe this is true…
God removes the option of wandering when he stopped
the manna. Now their only way to eat was forward, into
the unknown….into the Promised Land.


They had no option but to go into the Land…
They were hungry!


Isn’t that the way we are with our businesses?  We
coast along taking for granted what we have,
expecting things to continue as they have always
been. Just working a little here and a little there.




It’s not until we feel the hunger pains that we
start our trek into the unknown, the new territory!


We can each put our own story into the “rest of
the story”.


It’s then that we must decide that we’re actually
going to take new territory, or we’re going to
quit this business and join another.


Then when we get hungry again, we quit that
business and join another…


I’ve been there…. I’m sure you have too!


So from this point on let’s pull together as a team
and do what our leaders are telling us to do.


Stick with us and let’s make this work.  Sure we’ll have
“start-up issues”, but that’s NORMAL.


Can’t you just imagine how the Israelite’s felt.


Moses had sent 12 into the LAND to scout it out…

Ten came back with a negative report…
This land is filled with Giants and we are but
Grasshoppers in their site. (We’ll never be able
to take the land….i.e.: Grasshopper Complex.
These men had “small thinking”. )

Numbers 13:31
But the men who had gone up with him said, “We can’t attack
those people; they are stronger than we are.” And they spread
among the Israelites a bad report about the land they had
explored. They said, “The land we explored devours those
living in it. All the people we saw there are of great size. ….

Two of them (Joshua and Caleb) came back with
a “good report”.  Yes there are GIANTS in the land





You must be HUNGRY for Success AND you must
know that YOU CAN DO IT!!  And take daily ACTION,

In the end it was hunger that moved them from
wanderers to warriors…it always is…


As you read this, think of what YOU need to do to
accomplish your daily goals.  Then begin a
systematic approach to accomplishing those
daily goals and soon…… you’ve have your
monthly goals accomplished… then your
quarterly goals….. then your annual goals…

And THEN……

If you’re still undecided on what you want to do
just click this link to learn more.

We’re here to help!


Jerry and Diane

Taking New Territory- part 3 still on Holiness

donald trump pic

Well,,,, I really thought when I started this post
that it would be over in about two posts.

BUT…. There’s more….. and it’s good!

Remember from last time that there was so
much murmuring and complaining that the
parents who left Egypt could never accomplish
what they wanted to accomplish.  Or better
stated, because of their complaining they
just died in the wilderness with NO success.

That’s what we do in our home based business
when all we do is look for flaws in the system
or just TALK negative about people, places or
things pertaining to the business.


Well let’s not do that…

What do we do??

Let’s look again at the book of Joshua Chapter 5 to
see what we must do.

We’ll look at a metaphor to explain what’s applicable
to us today…

The story:Joshua 5:  “All those who came out of Egypt—
all the men of military age—died in the wilderness
on the way after leaving Egypt. 5All the people that
came out had been circumcised, but all the people
born in the wilderness during the journey from
Egypt had not. 6The Israelites had moved about in
the wilderness forty years until all the men who were
of military age when they left Egypt had died, since
they had not obeyed the Lord.”

Here’s a case where the parents had stopped obeying
the LORD and stopped circumcising all the male
children.  This is something the LORD had wanted
but the parents, because of their murmuring and
complaining, forgot what they needed to do.

I am not sure why the parents did this…
here are some guesses…


Parents were under the judgment of God…
wandering in the desert…waiting to die.

  • Maybe…..parents Lost a vision for what
    their generation could become…
    Without vision…started to drift from zeal for God.
  • Maybe….parents Fell more in love with the
    past than the future…Started being a
    “remember when” generation.
  • Maybe they felt like kids had it hard enough…
    wander around…let them off the hook.


Whatever happened…the parents drifted in zeal for God…
Regressive generation…failed faith environment…
parent’s legacy passed to kids was spiritual failure…
let their kids off the hook for holiness.


God could not have this…Circumcision was about
holiness…God never lets us off the hook when
it comes to holiness….he didn’t then and He doesn’t now.


If God is going to take new territory through us…
He is going to want to take some NEW HOLINESS
TERRITORY in us….Holiness is a big deal to God…
He never lets us off the hook.


So we look at our business.  Are we ready for what’s coming?

We spend so much time on “other things” that the
“important things” don’t get done.

So what happened…

The children of those that left Egypt had to get
right…or get circumcised in this case, in order to
move on into the success of their journey.

Same with us…. If we’ve not done some of the
basics in our business,,,,, we need to get on it
and get them done!!!

After the young men were circumcised, they had
to remain in the camp for a time of healing.

Oh that’s so true…. We need to spend the necessary
time, doing what needs to be done for the basics of
our business… Learn,,,, Learn… watch…. Practice…
practice and learn more.  Then we’re ready.

Next, here’s a question Miles Welch ask the small group

Where are we letting ourself off the hook on holiness?

Where are we giving ourselves a pass? Where are we riding
on last year’s holiness? (success, dreams)

Where are we drifting into secret sin…thinking
NO ONE will know?

Where are we letting ourselves say things holiness
wouldn’t say?

Things we see that holiness would never allow
itself to see…where are we letting ourselves go
places holiness will not go and do what holiness
would never do? Where are we letting ourselves
off the hook?


This is not some legalistic, make us feel bad about
ourselves guilt trip…I am not talking about perfection
or even religion…I am talking about LOVE FOR GOD
that refuses distraction….that is what holiness is…
a love for God that translates into obedience to God…
even when that obedience is painful, personal and private…
and no one would know if we obeyed or not…
that is holiness..


Now let’s ask these same questions as they relate
to our business…


Where are we:

            + With Giving ourselves a pass

            + With Riding on last years successes
+ With our Drifting
+ With our WORDS

We must ask ourselves these questions daily:
So we keep focused on our business.

So we keep doing INCOME PRODUCING activities.

If we love our business, we avoid distractions.
If we love our business, we are obedient to do
what needs to be done. 


YES,,,, even when it’s painful, personal and private.


SO… let’s get focused… get back on the track…so
we can achieve our promised land.


Let’s do it!


Click here to learn more!


Next time we’ll talk about HUNGER.

How hungry are you for success?



Jerry and Diane

Taking New Territory-Holiness (getting ready)

Sandcastle Hotel

In my first blog about Taking New Territory, we ended
with that fact that we ALL want to be in our Promised Land!

You know… that land flowing with milk and honey,
With all the THINGS we want and need in our lives…
basically we want FREEDOM.. in our lives… Spiritual Freedom,
Financial Freedom, Health Freedom, and Social Freedom (friends).

AND, we want to be leaders in our field.

Just what would that feel like???

Wonderful you say….. I do too!!

Well let’s get back to the story of the Israelites
and their movement from the desert to the land
flowing with milk and honey.

In the beginning of the Book of Joshua, GOD spoke
to Moses and said,,,,,”Joshua,,,,, Joshua…. Moses
my servant is dead…… it’s time for YOU to get off
you’re a** and get this group of people out of the
desert and get them into the land that I promised
Moses.” (of course all this is paraphrased by me,
but look it up in Joshua Chapter 1).

Now since Joshua was the new leader, he needed
a plan…as you know LEADERS, sing louder, show up
early, stay later, work harder and sleep less.  That
alone is why most people will never be a leader.

What Joshua needed was a BATTLE PLAN… so can’t
you see him pulling some of his friends together saying
WE NEED A PLAN…. So they sit around the campfire
and devise a plan on how they will take on the first
battle….BUT GOD also had a plan that Joshua was to
execute.  The Bible tells us that MAN’S HEART DEVISES
this applies to both men and women)….

Joshua had devised his plans to tear down the walls
in Jericho and go in and take the land… again GOD
had another plan…. Just be quite for 7 days…walk
around the walled city and then YELL (LOUD)!

Man was that different than expected!

Miles Welch put it this way in our small group leader’s
teaching this week…. “If you want God to do BIG THINGS
in your small group (i.e. business) …you have to open
yourself up to GOD doing BIG THINGS IN YOU FIRST…
This is the BATTLEPLAN. “

Let’s go back and see where the Israelites had come
from and where they were.

Miles said, “Let me tell you about them so
we can understand the context…their parents
were the Exodus Generation…Parents were Led
by Moses out of Egypt to the Promised Land…
failed to go into the promised land…disobeyed God
because of fear….punishment on their parents was
they were to wander in the desert until they all died
The Joshua 5 Generation was born in this wandering…

After their parents die off…NOW….it is their turn
to take the promised land…led by Joshua…
they Attempt to do what their parents had failed to do…”


WOW… isn’t this just what we’re trying to do (in most
cases, do what our parents couldn’t do or didn’t do).


Let’s stop here for today…. Can you see from the
story above that it’s just like us and our home based


We’ve been walking and living in the desert BUT we
have a dream of what we want.  BUT, we need a
plan….so we devise a plan…. BUT… we
also have an UPLINE who has been there and done
that….so we Listen …. Learn…. And DO (what we’re


For now…. Sit back and watch some videos.  Learn
the plan…. Start taking some action….
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Click on this link and get your dreams going again.


That’s it for now… so rejoice… you can now get started.




Jerry and Diane

Taking New Territory

wake up

I was attending a small group leadership meeting this week
and one of our pastors, Miles Welch gave a short message
on Taking New Territory.

While this message was for those of us leading small group’s
within our  church, it’s an excellent message for those of us
running a home based business.

I’ll not even try to present the entire message, though you
would love it…. But only the highlights that apply to our

The basis for the story of Taking New Territory is from Joshua
Chapter 5.  You might recall that the Israelites had been
wondering in the desert for 40 years, primarily because of
all the murmuring and complaining they were doing after
leaving Egypt….. They wanted a QUICK entrance to their
new life.

Isn’t that the way we are with our new business?  We are soooo
excited about the new opportunity and want immediate
compensation from the new business even though we
haven’t yet “worked” the business.  WE WANT IT NOW!!!!

That’s the way it was with the Israelites that escaped Egypt,
they wanted immediate access to “the promised land”.

But….. because of their impatience and complaining they
could not make a go of it… so they just kept “wondering”
in the desert…… 40 years…..


Because that’s how long it took for all the murmurs and
complainers to “die off”…or quit as we might say in the
Home Business Industry.

Notice…. When we are murmuring and complaining, we’re
not “producing”…

No…. it took a new leader, with a vision for the “GOOD”
that was ahead of them to lead them to their “Promised Land”.
A land flowing with milk and honey!

WOW,   Isn’t that where we all want to be?

I’m stopping this message now, because it’s already
over 300 words.  But, tomorrow we’ll begin talking
about what Pastor Miles refers to as the prerequisites
to Taking New Territory.  These prerequisites are:
Holiness, Hunger and Humility.

We’ll talk about these attributes later but keep in
mind…. With each of these traits, it also takes

Take some action now and view this page to
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Relax, Just Follow Your Instincts!

Jerry and Diane


Let me tell you a story!


Before we get started with the blog,
let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there was a man
who thought he loved what he did.

He did all the right things, like going
to school to get a good education.

This is what his mentors told him to do.

Then he got a good JOB (he thought)
and was really enjoying what he was
taught to do in college.

Then all of a sudden things started to change.

He kept being promoted in his job (which
seems a good thing), but he soon got away
from what he really enjoyed in his work.

Eventually he lost touch with his past and
was into a more political environment on the
JOB…. He couldn’t do what he knew he wanted
to do….he had to do what was politically correct
for the BOSS….. not what was best for the

After 30 years, now in his 50’s, he couldn’t
take it anymore…. He needed a change!

So he took early retirement and then started
a new career, doing things he loved.

It wasn’t instant success and enjoyment,
but he was doing what HE wanted to do.

Working from home, using the computer,
learning to market online, working the
hours he wanted to work.  Doing the things
he wanted to do….

Life has become so much better for him and
his stress level dropped dramatically.

He began studying Nutrition for Better Health,
and continued learning how to Market ONLINE.

I could say he lived happily ever after…. BUT
it’s not over!!!

This is what I want you to see…

There are 4 types of people..

  1. Those who are INTO THE MONEY.. sort of like
    Jerry McGuire….—SHOW ME THE MONEY!
  2. Those who are timid or shy who love
    working with computers and not so much
    with people…..
  3. Those who love to PARTY… who are not
    so much into the MONEY,,,, but they get
    their kicks by partying and having fun with
  4. Those who just love helping others. They too
    are not so much into the MONEY, BUT they
    dearly LOVE helping others.  They will give
    up time and money to help others.  That’s
    where they get their enjoyment.

Each of us are dominate in one of these four areas and
we all have a portion of maybe all the other three.

The main point is there is an opportunity for each of us to

YOU can make LOTS of money from home, YOU can help others
and still make money from home, YOU can  party and still make
money from home, and YOU can work on your computer, do research
learn details of marketing without calling our friends
and neighbors about our new opportunity AND still make
lots of MONEY from home.

Isn’t that what you want?


That’s what it meant to me… Freedom!

That’s why Diane and I call our Business NJoyFreedom!

We’re enjoying what we’re doing… NJoying Life….
NJoying Freedom… NJoying time with each other
AND our families…


Just go to our website… spend some time there,
do your research…. Then let us know what you
want to do…

You can join us as a customer for FREE.
You can join us as a customer and get more
CASH BACK from your online purchase for a small fee.
You can join us as a Business Associate and make money
off team Online Purchases and CASHBACK.

Just let us know what you like about what you see.


YOU’LL be glad you did.


Jerry and Diane

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Party’s Over—Time To Get Back To The JOB!!!

Party’s Over—Time To Get Back To The JOB!!!


Yes, It’s been a fabulous weekend here in California…

We went to DisneyLand and when we got home we
celebrated my daughter’s birthday today by opening
gifts, going out to eat and then going to see
Night At The Museum 3…

It had a wonderful tribute Robin Williams and Mickey
Rooney… very sad that they have gone.

It’s only 6:30 here in CA but I’m about to get into the
HotTub….. I need that ….

The grandkids here in CA are going back to school
tomorrow and things are going to start getting back
to NORMAL…..

What is NORMAL for you….???

Off to the JOB early in the morning???

Aren’t you glad you get to go back to work????

You get to spend you entire day doing what the BOSS
tells you to do…. Even though you may not agree with
the BOSS ,,,, you still have to do what they say…

Why not take some time and look over an opportunity
BUT when you feel like working….

You can also work in your PJ’s, or boxers….

You can sip on coffee or tea all day… get more when
you want….

Just think….FREEDOM…. and INCOME… You can
have both…

Take a few minutes to review this video…
I think you’ll love what you see…

Click Here to watch this short video.

Join us in 2015 and make it the best year ever.

AND…. stay at home tomorrow and every other
day and enjoy your new found freedom.

what are you wating for

Jerry and Diane