Taking New Territory-Holiness (getting ready)

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In my first blog about Taking New Territory, we ended
with that fact that we ALL want to be in our Promised Land!

You know… that land flowing with milk and honey,
With all the THINGS we want and need in our lives…
basically we want FREEDOM.. in our lives… Spiritual Freedom,
Financial Freedom, Health Freedom, and Social Freedom (friends).

AND, we want to be leaders in our field.

Just what would that feel like???

Wonderful you say….. I do too!!

Well let’s get back to the story of the Israelites
and their movement from the desert to the land
flowing with milk and honey.

In the beginning of the Book of Joshua, GOD spoke
to Moses and said,,,,,”Joshua,,,,, Joshua…. Moses
my servant is dead…… it’s time for YOU to get off
you’re a** and get this group of people out of the
desert and get them into the land that I promised
Moses.” (of course all this is paraphrased by me,
but look it up in Joshua Chapter 1).

Now since Joshua was the new leader, he needed
a plan…as you know LEADERS, sing louder, show up
early, stay later, work harder and sleep less.  That
alone is why most people will never be a leader.

What Joshua needed was a BATTLE PLAN… so can’t
you see him pulling some of his friends together saying
WE NEED A PLAN…. So they sit around the campfire
and devise a plan on how they will take on the first
battle….BUT GOD also had a plan that Joshua was to
execute.  The Bible tells us that MAN’S HEART DEVISES
this applies to both men and women)….

Joshua had devised his plans to tear down the walls
in Jericho and go in and take the land… again GOD
had another plan…. Just be quite for 7 days…walk
around the walled city and then YELL (LOUD)!

Man was that different than expected!

Miles Welch put it this way in our small group leader’s
teaching this week…. “If you want God to do BIG THINGS
in your small group (i.e. business) …you have to open
yourself up to GOD doing BIG THINGS IN YOU FIRST…
This is the BATTLEPLAN. “

Let’s go back and see where the Israelites had come
from and where they were.

Miles said, “Let me tell you about them so
we can understand the context…their parents
were the Exodus Generation…Parents were Led
by Moses out of Egypt to the Promised Land…
failed to go into the promised land…disobeyed God
because of fear….punishment on their parents was
they were to wander in the desert until they all died
The Joshua 5 Generation was born in this wandering…

After their parents die off…NOW….it is their turn
to take the promised land…led by Joshua…
they Attempt to do what their parents had failed to do…”


WOW… isn’t this just what we’re trying to do (in most
cases, do what our parents couldn’t do or didn’t do).


Let’s stop here for today…. Can you see from the
story above that it’s just like us and our home based


We’ve been walking and living in the desert BUT we
have a dream of what we want.  BUT, we need a
plan….so we devise a plan…. BUT… we
also have an UPLINE who has been there and done
that….so we Listen …. Learn…. And DO (what we’re


For now…. Sit back and watch some videos.  Learn
the plan…. Start taking some action….
BIG NOTE RIGHT HERE:  You must sign up or join!!!!


Click on this link and get your dreams going again.


That’s it for now… so rejoice… you can now get started.




Jerry and Diane


2 thoughts on “Taking New Territory-Holiness (getting ready)

    1. Bert….actually the WORD says…. “man’s heart devises the plan….BUT
      God will direct the steps”…… so we lay out our plans for our future BUT stay open to the leading of the Holy Spirit….who most often changes what we’ve designed….Thanks for reading and commenting


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