Grave Robber second post!

Grave Robber –Getting Ready

grave robber

Diane and I were discussing this (Grave Robber and Miracles) and it seems that since
it’s on my mind (or in my Reticular Activator)…everything I see or hear now is referring to miracles ….

Diane- “I need my coffee warmed….”  “God won’t warm my coffee”

Jerry—“Why Not???”

Diane== “It’s not important”

Jerry- “Is that a prerequisite? What determines IMPORTANCE –vs- FAITH?”

With FAITH… ALL things are Possible…

Our small group wants to study miracles….so that’s what we’re starting
Feb 18th… We have been reading a lot and it seems I see or hear something
referring to miracles every day.

For instance, today I receive an email from a friend who sends a daily
encouragement email.

What was his email about?

“I am healed, I am whole, from the top of my head
to my soles, to the tip of my toes”.
Here’s a link to that song if you want to
hear it:

The question comes up in my mind….

Can we perform a miracle???  What does the Bible say?

Well in John 14:12  “I tell you the truth, anyone who
believes in me will do the same works I have
done, and even greater works, because I am
going to be with the Father.”

Just what does this mean???

We’ll get to that more later, but here’s a few
more questions that have popped up in my mind
since starting this study….

We certainly want begin to answer this in a short
blog.  This study is going to be 8 weeks with a full
75 minute study each time, but I’ll get into each of
these questions as time progresses.

I’m anxious to hear all the answers too, IF we can come
up with one.


Because I have some issues myself that I want resolved by
NO MORE HEARING PROBLEMS…to name a few for me.

AND, I want to see my wife (Diane) healed of her Fibromyalgia and
the pain it causes her.

So…with this study we’re hoping to see just WHY we may be
missing our miracle…
just maybe we’re getting ready for the BIG EVENT…

Are you ready??

Here’s more about what we’re digging into and if I’m missing
something you want to know more about…please make a comment
or send me an email.

Questions to be discussed over the next several weeks…..

  1. Would Jesus have performed the “wine” miracle
    without Mary “nudging” Him?

What does this tell us?

  1. In the second miracle, Jesus said, “GO and the Man
    took Jesus’ WORD (what Jesus said), not what
    someone else said (religion) and departed”

    1. What does this mean?
      What can we get out of that action?
  2. Jesus wasn’t moved by religious correctness. He upset some folk.
    1. What does this mean?
    2. How can this apply to us?
    3. What can happen when we believe the WORD
      of GOD instead of man.
  1. Statements from the THE GRAVE ROBBER…
    1. You go nowhere by accident?
      1. What does this mean?
        Do you believe it?
    2. Were ever you go, GOD is sending you there?
      1. What does this mean and do you believe it?
    3. Where ever you are, God has put you there?
      1. What does this mean? Do you believe it?
    4. What about the statement, “All things work together for good….”?
    5. Do you WANT to get well?
      1. What does that make you think?
      2. Why are we not getting well?
    6. We have not because we BELIEVE NOT..
      1. What does this mean to you?
    7. To experience the miracles, we need to UNLEARN every assumption..
      Except, God is ABLE!

      1. What specifically does this mean to you?
    8. Against all HOPE, Abraham in HOPE believed!
      1. What did Abraham believe?
      2. What was against all hope?
      3. What made it happen?
  2.  It’s easy to become accustomed to our crutches…
    1. What does this mean?
    2. What are some crutches that come to mind?
  3.  Do you want to get well?
  4. What’s keep you from your miracle?
  1. Meditate on the 5 dimensions of your identity:
    1. YOU ARE More than a conqueror
    2. YOU ARE the Apple of God’s eye
    3. YOU ARE Sought after
    4. YOU ARE a Joint heir with Christ
    5. YOU ARE a Child of God
    6. Can you name some others???
      1. YOU HAVE the Mind of Christ
      2. YOU Can do all things through Christ
      3. YOU ARE Kings and priests
      4. YOU ARE the Head and not the tail
      5. YOU ARE Blessed coming and going
      6. THE Fruit of your bodies are blessed

I’m stopping now…so get ready to respond and let us know
what your thoughts are and what you’re believing for.

As we progress through the lesson, I’m sure we’ll be wiser
and have more SCRIPTURE to back up what we’re saying.

I don’t have all the answers and probably never will, BUT
it’s important to study to show yourself approved…

That’s what we are doing!!!

So…for now…

Jerry and Diane

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