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The Wine Miracle…

The Wine Miracle


Yesterday we said we’d talk
about the wine miracle.


Just what is that???


Here’s the story:

Jesus Changes Water Into Wine

John 2:2 On the third day a wedding
took place at Cana in Galilee. Jesus’
mother was there, 
and Jesus and
his disciples had also been invited
to the wedding.
When the wine was
gone, Jesus’ mother said to him, “They
have no more wine.”

“Woman,[a] why do you involve me?”
Jesus replied. “My hour has not yet come.”

His mother said to the servants,
“Do whatever he tells you.”

I love that, “Do whatever he tells you.”

There are two important aspects to
this story.  Well…. More than that,
but we’ll talk about two.

The first is:

It was like Jesus’ mother didn’t
hear him say “My hour has not
yet come.”  But mom said to the
servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”


The second:

Jesus without hesitation, told
the servants to “Fill the jars….”
John 2:7 says, “
Jesus said to
the servants, “Fill the jars with
water”; so they filled them to the brim.”


This is funny…Jesus didn’t say,
“fill them to the brim”…. He just
said “fill the jars with water…”


The servants must have been

What are we doing ?

Why are we putting water in the wine jars?

What’s going to happen next?

Is this a waste of time?

Let’s fill them all the way so they
can’t blame us….

Lot’s of things go through the
minds of the servents

As well as my mind…. They may
have even been frustrated
with the whole thing.  Why
am I having to do this?


So they filled the jars to the
brim….. (that’s funny).


The thing about his that’s
strange to me is that
this was the third day of the
wedding celebration
and they ran out of wine.
What a party they must
have had…. After three
days it’s still going strong.


The miracle here is that
Jesus not only turned the
six jars of water into the
finest wine but each jar
would hold 20-30 gallons….


Can you imagine… at just
20 gallons each that was 120
gallons of wine.  With each
Gallon containing 128 oz,
and each glass of wine is
about 6 oz (let’s just say 8oz).
That means we have 16
glasses times 1,920 glasses of
wine …. The celebrations
usually lasted a total of 7 days
so it was not even half way
through. But that’s a lot of wine.


Yes, that was Jesus’ first
miracle and he wasn’t even ready
to do miracles…. My time has
not yet come….. but he
did it anyway…


So how does this relate to the
two important aspects of
the story?


Because his mother asked
him (nudged, told)….Jesus
did what his mother said ….

The servants did what Jesus
told them…


What comes to mind when
you hear this…




We can’t just sit back like the
lamb man at the pool did
for 38 years and expect something
(a miracle) to happen.


Same with our business.  We want
a miracle in our business but we’re
afraid to spend a little money to
learn something new.

We’re afraid to spend money to
get leads.

We’re afraid to spend money on
new tools (like the Home Business
Labs announced tonight). 


Meditate on that…. You want
something… a miracle….
business success…. A new job…..
a new car….. peace…..
you want LOVE in your life…
you want FREEDOM…


Tomorrow, I’m having a partial
knee replacement, so I may
be out of commission tomorrow….
(Oh, you are thinking, why isn’t Jerry
getting a miracle instead of surgery?)
Yes…I’m wondering too!  Maybe it’s too
little faith!…. but I’m going to learn.


Next time we’ll talk more
about miracles and how you
can get your miracle.


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Jerry and Diane

What is a miracle?

grave robber

We hear the word “miracle” all the time, but what is it exactly?

Wikipedia defines it as, “A miracle is an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws. Such an event may be attributed to a supernatural being (God or gods), a miracle worker, a saint or a religious leader” defines it as, An effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses
all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural

And Webster defines it as, “An unusual or wonderful event that is believed to be caused by the power of God.”

According to Mark Batterson, Author of THE GRAVE ROBBER, “Everyone
wants a miracle.  But here’s the catch: no one wants to be in a situation that necessitates one!”

What about you????

Do you need a miracle in your life?

Well, let’s begin a study of how you might get one.

As I sit here typing, two questions immediately come to mind.

  1. Do you really NEED a miracle?
  2. Do you really WANT one?
    1. Do you want to be healed? That’s the question Jesus
      asked the lame man who had been sitting at the pool,,,
      waiting…..for some 38 years… Can you imagine that?

I suppose that’s why Jesus asked the question, “Do you want to be healed?”……do you really???

Well, I just took a break and watched the Super Bowl Game
and Seattle didn’t get the miracles they got in the playoffs.

I must admit that what was termed a miracle for them really
wasn’t based on the meaning of miracle. 

Well, back to what we were talking about.

Do you want a miracle?

In the book, THE GRAVE ROBBER, Mark Batterson says we don’t chase the miracle, we chase after Jesus; since Jesus is the real grave robber.
HE is the one that can make our IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE!

Miracles ARE happening all around us, all the time. 

Did you catch that one???

Oh, you missed it…


One reason we miss miracles is inattentional blindness.

What does that mean?

Inattentional blindness is the failure to notice something in your field of vision because you are focused on something else.

An example might suffice here:
Two researchers filmed students passing basketballs while moving in a circular fashion.  In the middle of the short film, a woman dressed in a gorilla suit walks into the frame, beats her chest, and walks out of the frame.  The sequence takes nine second in the minute-long video.  Viewers are given specific instructions: “Count the number of passes by players wearing white shirts “. Of course, the researchers were not interested in their pass-count ability.  They wanted to see if the viewers would notice something they weren’t looking for, something as obvious as a gorilla.  Amazingly, half of the test group did not see the gorilla.  That’s inattentional blindness! (from Grave Robber).

I noticed the same thing a week ago.  My daughter and I were filming my granddaughter’s video and thought we had captured exactly what we wanted.  When viewing the completed video later my other daughter mentioned that we may need to reshoot the video because of a man’s head and some boxes in the corner of the video. 

We had never even seen it….. However we didn’t feel we needed to reshoot the video because of inattentional blindness.  Most people wouldn’t notice it because they’ll look at what the granddaughter was doing. 

So,,, sometimes inattentional blindness can be good… but when missing a miracle it’s not good!

The first century Pharisees also missed the miracles because of their inattentional blindness.  Actually it was their being so focused on the Sabbath law that they couldn’t see the miracles happening right in front of their eyes.  They couldn’t see past their religious assumptions!

Now, taking this home… Are we missing miracles in our business, in our home life, in our finances because we’re focused on the wrong thing?  Are we missing what’s necessary for us to succeed when it’s right in front of us?  Are we missing that KEY phrase in the training or that key talk at an event that can put us over the top?

Think about it and determine to not miss it.  Set your reticular activating system to catch every word or phrase that relates to success in your business.  Then apply it!

You’ll notice later in our study that when Jesus said “GO”, the blind man went.  When Jesus asked the people at the wedding to bring water, they didn’t hesitate, they just did it…

We need to apply action to our knowledge to make things work. 

No….that won’t be a miracle as defined above but it will bring success and that’s exactly what we want.

Bye for now… we’ll dig deeper into the wine miracle tomorrow.

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Jerry and Diane