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Why Do I Need Cellular Health- Redox Signaling Molecules.


If you know anything about the cell… you know it’s
where we get our health (and sickness).

So…It’s IMPORTANT to feed our cells with
ingredients that promote Cellular Health.

Even if the cell is in need of repair… Redox
Signaling Molecules can help.

If you have issues with:
1. Your Skin
2. Blood Sugar Levels
3. Proper Hormone Levels
4. Stress Related Weight Gain
5. Cellular Detoxification
6. Vital Life Energy
7. Aches and Pains
8. Restorative sleep
9. Bone density
10.Heart issues.

Then you need to check this product out.*
* ASEA offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
If you do not like or do not see any progress in using
ASEA, then you can get your money back.



Jerry and Diane

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Keep Running- Stay focused – Face that fear

4 minute mile

“Keep running- Stay focused. Face that fear,
when you do, it will change your life.”

These words were spoken by Coach Colman,
played by Richard Jenkins to Drew Jacobs played
by Kelly Blatz from the movie 4 Minute Mile.

WOW!!! That was powerful.

Diane and I watched the move last night and
Coach Colman was so specific in his words and
actions.  His responses when Drew failed to
achieve specific goals in his training.

Do it or else!

That was his attitude.

You have to want to do it, to do it.

This applies to everything in life.

You have to want it.

Whether it’s a JOB you want, or
an accomplishment in a sporting event

This also applies to our health.

We have to want good health.  I mean
really , really want it.

Diane and I were talking today about wanting
to lose weight. Seems we’ve been playing
around with that desire.  Seems also that
when we KNOW we need to do something
we get into a state of “getting ready”, which

Because,,,,, we’re getting ready to start losing weight.

It just simply doesn’t matter what it is..

Same with Internet Marketing, Network Marketing,
and any other endeavor, we have to “Keep running-
Stay focused. Face that fear, when you do, it will
change your  life.”

Think about that for a minute.  Then think
about what you want.

Do you want to be successful in improving
your health?

Do you want to be successful in improving
your income?

Do you want to develop your Network Marketing

Whatever …..

Keep running… Face that fear and do it anyway!

Come join us in ASEA.  You’ll be glad you did.

We have a support team,,,, like coach Colman to
help you gain success.

Just click on this link to learn more.


Jerry and Diane


Are You Looking For A BREAKTHROUGH?

Are You Looking For A BREAKTHROUGH?


“To survive the lessons ahead,
you’re going to need far more
energy than ever before.  You
must cleanse your body of tension,
free your mind of stagnant knowledge,
and open your heart to the energies
of true emotion.”—THE WAY OF THE

As you read the above sentence, what
are you thinking?

Go back and read it again.

Read it, one more time!!

Now, what is it saying to you?

Let’s examine the sentence:

  1. What are the lessons ahead?

As we age, we’re going to be facing
some real issues .. less income

(with hopefully less expenses),

More aches and pains (unless we
start now making changes in our
eating and exercise routines),

Passing of friends and loved ones
(make sure of their Spiritual awareness),


  1. How do we gain energy?

Again, we eat right and exercise. But
we also get excited about something,
A dream, a vision, a goal to accomplish.

  1. Cleanse your body of tension.

Tension in the body often comes from
the mind. What stresses are you
experiencing now?  How are you
handling them? What can you do
about them? Write them down and
begin moving daily toward eliminating
them.  Again.. Exercise and use
some Neuro Linguistic Programming
to free your mind of tension causing
thoughts. Use Scriptures.

  1. Free your mind of stagnant knowledge.

First, what is stagnant knowledge.  Stuff you’re
not using.  Things you’ve learned in the past
that contribute NOTHING to your health and
well being. Again these mainly come from
useless THOUGHTS.

  1. Open your hearts to energies of true emotions.

This is the most exciting.  Ask GOD for a dream
or a vision of what you can do, what you can
accomplish, what you really enjoy doing.

You’re probably like me and have worked a JOB
all your life (up to this point).  Ask yourself what
is your dream?  What do your really, really enjoy
DOING?  What EXCITES you? What makes you

After you begin doing these things, you’ll see what
life is all about.

You’ll see that there is more to life than a JOB.

When you begin doing what you love and earning a
living by doing it, every day is a new and exciting

Every day brings new joys and accomplishments,
new victories, new relationships.  Doing what you love.

I want to encourage you today to do these things.

Take some time away, alone and then with your
spouse.  GOD has a vision for you, a plan for you.
Jeremiah 29:11 Good News Translation (GNT)

11 I alone know the plans I have for you,
plans to bring you prosperity and not
disaster, plans to bring about the future
you hope for (or a future full of hope.)

Then take some serious time to put this or these
plans in writing and make them plain.
Habakkuk 2:1-3 Good News Translation (GNT)

“I will climb my watchtower and wait to see
what the Lord will tell me to say and what
answer he[a] will give to my complaint.

The Lord gave me this answer: “Write
down clearly on tablets what I reveal to
you, so that it can be read at a glance.
Put it in writing, because it is not yet
time for it to come true. But the time
is coming quickly, and what I show you
will come true. It may seem slow in
coming, but wait for it; it will certainly
take place, and it will not be delayed.
Do these things and then let Diane and
me know what GOD has told you.  Write
the vision and send it to us so we can
help you “run with it”.  The New King
James version of the Bible says,
“That he may run who reads it.”

This, actually means the vision is so
clear and precise that people will pick
it up and read it…. Then run to help
you achieve it.


Let us help.  Take a look at what
we’re going.  You may even want to
join us.


Jerry and Diane


The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior-Teach What You Do!

The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior-Teach What You Do!

The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior 2

Dan was talking with Socrates about what
he was going to do in the future; after he
had graduated college.

Socrates told Dan, “Respect others.  Give
them what they want at first and, perhaps
eventually, a few of them will want what
you want to give them.”

That makes perfect sense to me.  “Give
them what they want….and eventually….”

We attended a meeting at a friend’s house
about three weeks ago.  The meeting was about
a new health product called ASEA.

I’m the kind of guy that wants results from a
health product and if there is money to be
made with the product, that’s ok too!

That’s why I love Network Marketing.  Seems
they always have great products and are
marketing through relationship marketing.

From the book, Socrates told Dan another story:

“A mother brought her young son to Mahatma
Gandhi.  She begged, ”Please, Mahatma.  Tell
my son to stop eating sugar.”

Gandhi paused, then said, “Bring your son back
in two weeks.”  Puzzled, the woman thanked him
and said that she would o as he had asked.

Two weeks later, she returned with her son.
Gandhi looked the youngster in the eye and said,
“Stop eating sugar.”

Grateful but bewildered, the woman asked,
“Why did you tell me to bring him back in two
weeks?  You could have told him the same thing

Gandhi replied, “Two weeks ago, I was eating sugar.””

That’s why I listened to Jack and Sherri when they
invited us over.  They are also product people and
Jack had been on ASEA for about 6 weeks.

Jack had suffered lots of pain and agony after his
prostate cancer Proton treatments.  Yes the cancer
was gone but the pain he was suffering because
of the treatments was almost unbearable.

Jack had tried ASEA and was now “pain free” ,
walking without a cane and with his head held high.

Jack had done as Gandhi said, “Before I was in pain”.

I cannot tell you about a product that has not worked
on me.

Well, Diane and I have been on the product for two
weeks now and Diane said to me today, “I don’t want
to be too early saying this, but I think the ASEA is helping

WOW! I was glad to hear that.

Diane has had many health issues for a long time now and
to hear that ASEA was working, was music to my ears.

We’ve tried so many products, potions and lotions with
near zero results and NOW we’re seeing results.

Well, it’s still early but we’re hooked.

So,,, If you’re looking for something that works AND
provides a good source of income as well.

Take a look at what we have. I think you’ll see results

CLICK HERE for more information.


Jerry and Diane

Plans To Bring About The Future You Hope For.

Plans To Bring About The Future You Hope For.
The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior cropped
“Two monks, one old, one very young, walked
along a muddy path in a rain forest, on their
way back to a monastery in Japan. They came
upon a lovely woman who stood helplessly at
the edge of a muddy, fast-flowing steam.
Seeing her predicament, the older monk
swept her up in his strong arms and carried
her across. She smiled at him her arms around
his neck, until he put her gently down on the
other side. Thanking him, she bowed, and the
monks continued on their way in silence.
As they neared the monastery gates, the young
monk could no longer contain himself. “How could
you carry a beautiful woman in your arms? Such
behavior does not seem proper for a priest.”
The old monk looked at his companion replying,
“I left her back there. Are you still carrying her?”
So, I ask the question, “Are you still hanging on to
the past?”
Many of us are.
We tend to let our minds think about past
events, past circumstances, past failures and
dwell on these events way too long. Hanging
on to the past.
Prov. 4:23 says, “Be careful how you think;
your life is shaped by your thoughts.”
Our church service today was on GUILT and
the main lesson was on our thinking about
the past. The CROSS renovates the way we
think about our past!
What does this mean?
It means the price has been paid on our behalf.
It means we need to ask for forgiveness, and
move on.
I have many favorite scripture verses and
Phil 3:13 is one of them.
Philippians 3:13Good News Translation (GNT)
13 Of course, my friends, I really do
not (yet)[a] think that I have already won
it; the one thing I do, however, is to forget
what is behind me and do my best to
reach what is ahead.”
Isn’t that great???
What could be a better response to actions
of the past. Paul was once a tormentor of
Christians… He had a lot of garbage he could
be haning on to, but NO…. he chose to “forget
what is behind….”
We may have many things in our lives that we
need to forget and move on, like Paul did.
But… if we keep hanging on to the past, events
past failures, we will tend to “stay in the past”.
We will stay in that place of guilt, shame and
Knowing the CROSS renovates the way we
think about the past means we have forgiveness
for these past actions and we can start thinking about
the future and the plans GOD has for us. Things that
we need to do. Things we need to complete.
Whatever this is for you… Grab on to the CROSS and
forget the past. It’s over.
Now we can reach for that place of peace,
that place of forgiveness, that place of
righteousness, that place of redemption.
It’s OVER, BEHIND us so let’s move on.
That’s the way it is with everything in life.
Once it’s over and done with, let’s begin moving
on to those new goals and dreams GOD puts in
our hearts.
I like the Nike statement, JUST DO IT!
That’s what GOD is saying also… JUST DO IT!
So… now that all that is behind us.. let’s move
on to our goals.
What are they?
Are they to get a new Job?
Are they to start a new entrepreneurial venture?
Whatever it is, JUST MAKE UP YOUR MIND and
Diane and I are excited about our future.
” I alone know the plans I have for you, plans
to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans
to bring about the future you hope for.” –Jer 29:11
Isn’t that exciting!!!

YES, It is!
Pray about your future and your hopes. Tell us what
they are. Let us help you!
Click here to see what we’re doing.
Jerry and Diane

A Dr Daniel Pompa Talks About Cellular Healing and His Results

dr dan pompa ASEA

I watched this Google Hangout tonight and it was
a great explanation of why Cellular Healing is
so important.

Watch this video and then click on the link
below to learn more about it.


You might also want to hook up with Dr. Daniel by clicking on this link.


ENJOY and B-Blessed!
Jerry and Diane Upchurch


The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior
“It is better for you to take responsibility for your
life as it is, instead of blaming others, or circumstances,
for your predicament. As your eyes open, you’ll see
that your state of health, happiness, and every
circumstance of your life has been in large part
arranged by you—consciously or unconsciously.”
by Dan Millman about 3 years ago.
I was looking through my bookshelves and came across it again.
Then I remembered I was going to write something about his book,
in fact, a summary that would condense the entire book into a few pages.
Then as I was looking through the book again, I found 6 pages of
notes I had taken, plus notes on almost every page.
Why was this so entertaining and good for me to read?
I BELIEVE its philosophy!!! It’s that simple!
For instance:
    WHAT TIME IS IT NOW? (9:07pm EDT???)—-
Well NO it’s not….
The time always was, is and always will be NOW!
    NOW is the TIME; the TIME is NOW!
Remember: The TIME is NOW, The Place is HERE!
Everyone answer these two questions over and over
in your minds.
1. What TIME is it?NOW!
2. WHERE are we? HERE!!
Stay in the present: THE NOW, THE HERE!
See,,, I like that….don’t you?
So what does all this mean?
To me it means there is no time but NOW to start
accomplishing what you want it life.
Can you visualize what you really, really want?
Can you tell someone, right NOW, what you really want in life?
What is it?
Write it down and keep it in front of you
all the time. Keep it on a note in your pocket. Keep it
on a daily calendar on your Smart Phone so it will pop up
at the start of every day, so you can read it and keep it
in your thoughts.
I know you’ve all heard, WE BECOME WHAT WE THINK
ABOUT – Earl Nightingale.
That’s why it’s so important to keep good thoughts.
In fact one of my (many ) favorite scriptures is:
Philippians 4:8
“Summing it all up, friends, I’d say you’ll do best by
filling your minds and meditating on things true,
noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious—
the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly;
things to praise, not things to curse. “
Each morning we should awaken to the GOOD NEWS.
What is the GOOD NEWS?
It’s the things we have in our
lives for which we should be grateful …
Then, start thinking about the desires GOD has placed
in your Heart. For the scripture says, “He will give you
the DESIRES of your heart…”
Think about it! What Desires do you have?
Write them down? Make them plain. Keep them
in your hearts (and in your thoughts).
I’m already at over 480 words so I need to stop for
But, I want to leave you thinking….
So…let’s go out there and DO something good!
I’m trying to make the World a healthier/wealthier place.
You can too, If that’s your desire..
Then contact us and tell us about your desires.
We’ll happily listen.
Jerry and Diane

REDOX SIGNALING MOLECULES- and what they do, a Layman’s Perspective

REDOX SIGNALING MOLECULES- and what they do, a Layman’s Perspective

The Science of Healing Revealed

I just completed reading the book THE SCIENCE OF HEALING
by Gary L. Samuelson, Ph.D.  I THINK I have a vague understand
our cells.

We all know that LIFE IS IN THE CELLS… meaning a healthy cell
typically means a healthy body. That’s what I believe anyway.

That being so, I want to do all I can to keep or make my cells
healthy and happy… I can just see (visualize) all my healthy
cells rejoicing in my body….giving me energy, strength, and

So…in an effort to explain my version of REDOX SIGNALING
and the activity of the MOLECULES within the cell… I’m going
to tell you a story of a cell experiencing and using REDOX
SIGNALING… However… remember most of this takes place
INSIDE the cell but it also works OUTSIDE the cell.

Once upon a time, there was a happy cell named Timmy.

Timmy was a good little cell and did everything his mom and
dad wanted him to do. He listened to his parents and the
neighbors and Timmy NEVER got into trouble.

Timmy was very healthy but frequently got a little sick
and sometimes injured when he fell off his skateboard
and skinned his knees and elbows.  Like most little boys.

When that would happen Timmy would call out to his mommy,
“Mommy, Mommy, I’m not feeling well.  Something
is wrong “.

Timmy’s mom came running.

Like most mom’s Timmy’s mom wanted all the help she
could get, so she would call out to the friends and neighbors
to come with her to help.

Of course everyone who “heard the call” would immediately run
to Timmy’s support to wash and clean the injury and to
treat it so it would heal quickly.

It wasn’t long before Timmy was healed and on his skateboard
again…. Trying all sorts of new things.

This cycle went on for years and years and Timmy stayed
healthy and happy… doing his work and helping others
who frequently had health issues themselves.

All was going well in the neighborhood and all the cells
were living a great life. They were all healthy and full of

As time went on or as the neighborhood became older,
their hearing became poorer and the “communications”
between those in the neighborhood became more difficult,
and therefore less communication occurred.

As those in the neighborhood became injured or sick
it became more and more difficult to get help in time to keep
injury and sickness under control.  Yes… all because of
hearing problems or should I say… lack of communications.

Because of this, others in the neighborhood started
getting sicker and began to die.  The sad thing was the
younger folks in the neighborhood had not learned to call
upon their friends and neighbors so they too began to
develop all the same injuries and illnesses their parents had.

What was happening?

One day Timmy noticed some new, younger folks moving
into the neighborhood.  These new folks had strange
names like REDOX, SIGNAL, and MOLEC.  But that
didn’t matter to Timmy, he was just glad they had
moved in.

Timmy also noticed that when he was around
these new neighbors he too felt younger and more alive.
It was as if these young neighbors were always talking and
singing and full of energy and vitality.

It wasn’t long before Timmy began to see a difference
in the neighbors. It seemed the neighbors could hear
better (like with a hearing aid) and also communicate better
(like with a megaphone).

Timmy noticed that this ability
to hear and communicate also provided those living
in the neighborhood with new friends and neighbors
who would respond quickly to cries for help.

Timmy noticed that this quick response to cries for help
began a renewal in the neighborhood.  It seemed the
neighbors recovered quicker and became healthier
and full of energy just like when they were young.

He noticed now that when a neighbor got sick,,, aid would
come quickly to help those who were sick recover quickly.
The young folks in the neighborhood also began to see what
was going on and quickly committed to respond quickly
to help others.  This eventually caused the young ones to
recover quickly and NOT develop the same health issues their
parents had.

All this improved communications gradually caused the
entire neighborhood to become alive again…. To move around
quickly and easily…. Again… like when they were young.

One could almost say…. The entire neighborhood was

That thrilled Timmy and those in his neighborhood.
In fact Timmy had heard from a reliable source that
other neighborhoods were experiencing this same

This RENEWAL soon made the entire city a thriving
place to live.  In fact Timmy noticed the entire
STATE was taking notice of the changes that had
occurred, first in the neighborhood, then in the cities
and then the State.

What remarkable things had happened when REDOX,
SIGNAL and MOLEC moved into the neighborhood an
began to increase neighbor communications
inside and outside the neighborhood.  If fact it seemed
that this improved communications was like a SIGNAL
to the entire neighborhood to RUSH in and help others
when someone became sick or injured.

Everyone (the entire world) was beginning to take notice
and also wanted to see if the changes that occurred in
Timmy’s neighborhood could also occur in their neighborhood
and all over the world.

So Timmy began to tell people what he had seen
happen in his neighborhood.

First, Timmy told them that when he was young
the entire neighborhood worked together to help others.
This was accomplished mostly by hearing what was needed
and responding to help those in need.

Next Timmy told them that as those in the neighborhood
began to age, their ability to hear and respond began to diminish.

With this diminishment (just a little at first then more)
came more and more health issues and the neighbors began to die.

Then, Timmy said it wasn’t until his friends REDOX, SIGNAL
and MOLEC moved into the neighborhood that everyone’s
hearing and communications improved.  It was as if REDOX, SIGNAL
and MOLEC , because of their increased communications, saved
the neighborhood,,, mainly because others living in the
neighborhood could rush to the aid of those needing help.

Timmy then told the reporters that he had come up with a
name for this phenomenon and it’s to be called

Learn more about these remarkable molecules by clicking on this link:

Then let us know what you think.


Jerry and Diane

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