Month: September 2015

The Pursuit of Greatness

The Pursuit of Greatness

pursuit of greatness

Sunday at church the message was on the
Pursuit of Greatness.

The overall message is that we eliminate SELF
and serve others.

The WORLD’s Pursuit of Greatness is the “BIG ME.”
Meaning it’s not all about ME…. But about others.

The TRUE pursuit of greatness is the ”LITTLE ME.”

There are 4 attributes of a Great Person!

  1. A person worth KNOWING.
  2. A person with a BIG Dream.
    (A Dream Big Enough to Help Others)
  1. Greatness comes from helping others.
  2. A person with an OTHERS FIRST focus.

There are three practices for true greatness.


You’ll also notice that when you start pursuing
greatness (with focus on others), things start
getting in the way.

When you begin to change, don’t be surprised that
your friends just won’t understand.

Isn’t this the same things that happen when we decide
to go into our own business?

We make a change to our life’s everyday activities.

We can’t go to the basketball court every
day like we once did.

Our priorities have changed and some
people just don’t understand.

Sometimes to encourage yourself, you just might
need to get up out of your chair and have a
but YOU…..

So.. I leave you with a couple of thoughts:

  1. Do you want to be a person worth knowing?
  2. Do you have a dream big enough to help others?
  3. Do you have a passion to stay FOCUSED?

What changes do you need to make in your life
to pursue greatness in what matters most?

Think about this….


Jerry and Diane

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Step FIVE of FIVE to Making Your Dreams Come True

learn what is importantlau

Over the last FOUR days we discussed the first FOUR steps
to making your dreams come true….
Day 1 “Doing things you don’t like doing, to do
things you dream of doing….”
Day 2 “Caution the arrogance of CONTROL..”
Day 3 “When under pressure, be the 3rd person.”
Day 4 “Learn to LAUGH under pressure.”

Now for step #5…

Under pressure you can learn what’s IMPORTANT.

Sometimes we may think…

I don’t want to learn that way….
I just want someone to tell me what to do..

The problem with that is ….
Most people don’t like to be told what to do

Do you???

Sometimes we have to experiment to see what
brings us closer to our dreams or drive us further

That makes me think of ways I’ve been experimenting
to make my business topic come up first on the
Google Search Engine….

I know… use Goodle AdWords…. Well I do that too…

If you don’t know what that is just watch a few Youtube
videos and you’ll learn what I mean…


The key is to know (learn) from the pressure…

The pressure of deadlines..

The pressure of failure…

The pressure of not knowing….

The total objective is to learn from every opportunity.

Or better stated…. “Every event is an opportunity to learn.”

It doesn’t matter if the attempt is a success or a failure.

Learn, Learn , Learn.

Who knows….. you may even find out that your DREAM
is NOT really what you wanted …..

  1. You have to do things you DON’T feel like doing,
    to do the things you DREAM of doing.
  2. Caution the arrogance of CONTROL.
  3. When under pressure, be the 3rd person.
  4. Learn to LAUGH under pressure.
  5. Under pressure you can learn what’s IMPORTANT.

Well, that’s it… FIVE Insights for Winning Under Pressure.

Take these insights and put them to use… Learn them…
and LEARN from them and you will be successful.

EnJoy ….





Jerry and Diane

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Step Four of FIVE to Making Your Dreams Come True


Over the last three days we discussed the first THREE steps
to making your dreams come true….
Day 1 “Doing things you don’t like doing, to do
things you dream of doing….”
Day 2 “Caution the arrogance of CONTROL..”
Day 3 “When under pressure, be the 3rd person.”

Now for step #4…

Learn to LAUGH under pressure.

Now that sounds strange doesn’t it….

Remember what we said… Pressures will come….

So….how do we avoid getting tangled in all the webs
of confusion, lack and unknowing??

We Laugh…

Proverbs tells us:

“ A cheerful disposition is good for your health;
    gloom and doom leave you bone-tired.”

AND we need energy to get that achievement….

To make our dreams come true!

Energy to do what needs to be done.

So…just take some time away…

Get your head straight…

Think about something else…

THEN….. the thought will come…




And you’re off again …

On the right path to get things accomplished.

SO…today may be the day…

Just LAUGH!!!

And your dreams will come true.


Jerry and Diane

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Step THREE of FIVE to Making Your Dreams Come True


Over the last two days we discussed steps ONE and TWO…
Day 1 “Doing things you don’t like doing, to do
things you dream of doing….”
Day 2 “Caution the arrogance of CONTROL..”

Now for step #3…

When under pressure, be the THIRD PERSON.

Now what could that mean…be the THIRD Person???
There are three types of people you’ll face in life.
1. Those who RUN AWAY from pressure.
2. Those who WAIT around and WATCH to see if it goes away.
3. Those who RUN TO HELP….

Proverbs 25:10-12 in the Message Bible says,
”If you fall to pieces in a crisis,
    there wasn’t much to you in the first place.
Rescue the perishing;
    don’t hesitate to step in and help.
If you say, “Hey, that’s none of my business,”
    will that get you off the hook?
Someone is watching you closely, you know—
    Someone not impressed with weak excuses.”

So…. How does this apply to my business and my life?
Our business is about building relationships,,,, right?

How can we impress people if we RUN AWAY, or STAND

We must be or become the type person that RUNS TO HELP!

That can mean to things (to me)…. We can RUN to PROVIDE
help to others and/or we can RUN to others to GET HELP!

The latter applies when we don’t know how to do something we
need to do…. Say for instance… edit a YouTube video.

If we don’t know how to do that..we can run to YOUTUBE
for instructions… as you know YOUTUBE knows everything!

So… I’ll end this session with a repeat of the 3rd Insight for
Winning Under Pressure…


Be the one that helps and isn’t afraid to ask for help when needed!

Until tomorrow…

Jerry and Diane

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Step TWO of FIVE to Making Your Dreams Come True

tagxedo plans fail

Good morning….

Yesterday we discussed step ONE …
“Doing things you don’t like doing, to do
things you dream of doing….”

Now for step #2…

“Caution the arrogance of CONTROL.”

Now what does this mean???

Proverbs tells us, “In their hearts humans
plan their course,
    but the Lord establishes
their steps.

We may think, “I can do this all by myself.”

And, we may be pretty good at what we do… But..

There is always a better way.  So… I would advise
you to always seek advice…

Proverbs also tells us,” Plans fail for lack of
counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.”

What this means is that we should always take
advice from our UPLINE…or someone who knows
more than us …or someone who’s “done it before”.

This sounds like simple advice but often we “know
what we’re doing…”

….Or think we do….

So,, my simple advice to you today is,,,,

Always run your plan by someone who’s
done what you’re trying to do.

Sometimes you may be on the leading edge
and there’s only you…. But that’s seldom the

Take this advice as you will… and always
be encouraged because you are DOING something!!

Never, Never, Never give up… Never give up!

Here is a youtube video of Dr. Wayne Dyer talking
about “Wishes Fulfilled”… enjoy…


Jerry and Diane

Step ONE of FIVE to Making Your Dreams Come True

tagxedo winning under pressure

First of Five Insights for Winning Under Pressure

“In this godless world, you will experience difficulty.” John 16:33

All of us know that living in this crazy world we will
have problems and issues come into our lives that
we would ordinarily not want to have.

That’s LIFE!!!

Saying that reminds me of an old Frank Sinatra
tune, “That’s Life”…

I know this kinda ages me,  but here’s the link to
that song.

Listen to these lyrics…. It reminds me of our
online business life….

There WILL be ups and downs…but mostly UP’S..

That’s what’s so exciting about it…ALWAYS have
new and exciting ways to market, reach out to
people and build relationships.

That’s LIFE…the Online way!!!

Sunday our service was about “Winning Under Pressure”.

The pastor started with the above scripture, John 16:33 and
finished with the remainder of that thought…

John 16:34 says, “But take heart! I have
overcome the world.”

I want to get across to you that you should
“TAKE HEART”….. because you CAN overcome
these difficulties and “Win Under Pressure”.

That’s it… just put that in your notebook and learn
this truth…. You must continue to take action.

With Dr. Wayne Dyer’s recent death, I’ve been watching
a lot of his videos from his web site…

One thing stands out in all his talks….

Our Greatest Teachings come from adversity!

Keeping that in mind… Know that you’re going
to Win Under Pressure….. by keeping on keeping on.

Join me tomorrow for the second Insight into Winning
Under Pressure.


Jerry and Diane