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This ONE THING I do….

ZERO HOUR - ABC's "Zero Hour" stars Carmen Ejogo as Rebecca "Beck" Riley, Scott Michael Foster as Arron Martin, Anthony Edwards  as Hank Galliston, Jacinda Barrett as Laila Galliston, Michael Nyqvist as White Vincent and Addison Timlin as Rachel Lewis. (ABC/BOB D'AMICO)
            ZERO HOUR

Some time back, Diane and I were watching
the weekly (saved on DVR) showing of Zero

It’s a great show with lots of intrigue and action.

If you haven’t seen any of the shows, it’s about
Hank (the main character) trying to solve a puzzle
about twelve clocks.

When gathered together in one place the clocks
would reveal the coming apocalypse and the end
of the world as we know it.

Hank made the comment about his father’s involvement
in the mystery surrounding the twelve clocks.


WOW, I thought.  That’s exactly what I’m thinking
about Internet Marketing, or Viral Marketing as I
like to refer to it.


Well, the more I study, listen to audio’s and watch
video’s the more I know it’s NOT just ONE thing
that has be done successfully.

It’s a LOT of things…

A heavy hitter in Internet Marketing once said,
If making money in your business isn’t EASY,
you ain’t doing it right…

So, I know it’s easy, (or should be) but WHAT
is it that’s easy?

I have to learn to blog (as I mentioned before).
I have to learn about lead capture pages or “squeeze

So, by using lead capture pages, auto responders, lots of
blogging and lots of Solo Ad’s and lots of Marketing,  I can
become successful at Viral Marketing and get paid to do it.

Oh, there’s more!!! I’ll get to that later.  Another phrase
that caught my attention on TV today was when
someone said, “I’m NOT going to miss out on something
GREAT just because it might be hard.”…

Well, it’s been said that it’s not HARD, it just has to
be done correctly…

What’s correctly?

That’s what EVERYONE wants to know.

I was contacted by my two Solo Ad vendors
today saying that ads were going viral tonight…
But again… we must realize they are Internet
marketers too and want me to buy more ads.

I’ve got another busy day tomorrow listening to more
audios and watching more videos.

BUT as the BIBLE says in Phil. 3:13-14, “Brethren,
I count not myself to have apprehended: but this
one thing I do, forgetting those things which are
behind, and reaching forth unto those things which
are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of
the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

So,,, my advice to you today is to PRESS ON…
Learn what needs to be done…. THEN DO IT!!

I WILL STAY with it until it’s done.

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Jerry and Diane

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The Power Of Focus vs Drifting … Which is better??

what success looks like

Drifter:  a person who is continually moving from 
              place to place, without any fixed home or job.

synonyms:wanderertravelertransient, roamer, itinerant,

“a lonesome drifter who had come from parts unknown”

Are you a drifting along in your business?

I can just picture in my mind an old cowboy movie
where a cowpoke would ride into the town looking
for work.

The townsfolk would ask him where he was from and
he would just respond, “I’m just an old drifter”.

Meaning he went from town to town without a home.

That’s the way many of us are (were) with our online

Watch this short video describing how Napoleon
Hill was interviewing the Devil and the Devil was
telling him how he CONTROLS all drifters.

If you want to change from drifting to a person controlling
their own destiny, just watch the video and click on the
link to learn more.



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Do You Put The First Things First?

What Are YOUR Top Priorities?


Can you name the top 4 priorities in your life?

I was sitting here tonight thinking of what

I wanted to say in today’s blog.

What could I say that would help
others and of course myself
to become better at completing
what needs to be completed.

As I sit here, my wife (Diane)
told me today that the dryer
is not drying clothes fast enough.

It’s taking over an hour
for the clothes to dry.

Now what could that be ….. I ask myself….

It seems like there are always
little (and not so little) things
that pop up to take my time away
from what “I “ feel
needs to be done.

How about you???

Probably everybody feels that way….

If you were to pause and think
seriously about the “first things”
in your life…

the important things…..

the priorities…

What would you say are the top
4 (Important) things to you?

Can you name them??

Years ago I would have listed them as:
1.    GOD first (notice I said GOD, not church)
2.    Family Second (spouse ahead of children)
3.    Job third
4.    Friends forth

Or… Maybe 3 and 4 would be reversed…..

but I always had to be on the job…
like it or not…. I had to make a living….

Is that the way it is with you???

TIME MANAGEMENT…. That should solve
the problem, right????


We’ve been told to manage our time,
to keep working harder,
to learn to do things better
and faster, to use technology better,
or use some tool better…..

then…… we can do and have it all….

That’s just NOT the way it is….

Of course I’m older now and wiser….
(that comes with age)
and I now think the KEY is to LOVE
what you do (work) and it
never becomes a JOB.


Work from HOME!!!

As Stephen Covey puts it in his book,


I love that quote…

Keep the main thing the main thing….

So… what is it for you???

Could working from home, making lots
of money from home,doing  something
you love make a difference in your life.

Well, certainly it would….

So, what are you doing about it???

Sometimes we just need a vehicle that works for us
like it works for others…

Sometimes it just takes a mindset….

If  Jerry can do it,,,, I can do it…..

That’s what got me through lots of situations I didn’t think
I could get through…

I remember one time when I joined the Navy.

I was watching all these guys in front
of me getting the shots and getting blood
taken from them…. Lots of the guys were passing out…

But,,,,I told myself….. (after I saw a
skinny little guy who had made
it through the line)  IF HE CAN DO THIS,,,,

Sometimes that’s all it takes……

PLUS a decision to just do something….

So what I want to show you is an OPPORTUNITY!!!

Watch this short video and then make that
decision to give it a GO…

You’ll be glad you did.

See you on the Inside….



Ps… here’s that link again.

Taking New Territory

I was attending a small group leadership meeting this week
and one of our pastors, Miles Welch gave a short message
on Taking New Territory.

While this message was for those of us leading small groups
within our church, it’s an excellent message for those of us
running a home based business.

I’ll not even try to present the entire message, though you
would love it…. But only the highlights that apply to our

The basis for the story of Taking New Territory is from Joshua
Chapter 5.  You might recall that the Israelites had been
wondering in the desert for 40 years, primarily because of
all the murmuring and complaining they were doing after
leaving Egypt….. They wanted a QUICK entrance to their
new life.

Isn’t that the way we are with our new business?  We are soooo
excited about the new opportunity and want immediate
compensation from the new business even though we
haven’t yet “worked” the business.  WE WANT IT NOW!!!!

That’s the way it was with the Israelites that escaped Egypt,
they wanted immediate access to “the promised land”.

But….. because of their impatience and complaining they
could not make a go of it… so they just kept “wondering”
in the desert…… 40 years…..


Because that’s how long it took for all the murmurs and
complainers to “die off”…or quit as we might say in the
Home Business Industry.

Notice…. When we are murmuring and complaining, we’re
not “producing”…

No…. it took a new leader, with a vision for the “GOOD”
that was ahead of them to lead them to their “Promised Land”.
A land flowing with milk and honey!

WOW,   isn’t that where we all want to be?

I’m stopping this message now, because it’s already
over 300 words.  But, tomorrow we’ll begin talking
about what Pastor Miles refers to as the prerequisites
to Taking New Territory.  These prerequisites are:
Holiness, Hunger and Humility.

We’ll talk about these attributes later but keep in
mind…. With each of these traits, it also takes

Take some action now and view this page to
keep abreast of what’s available for you.


Relax, Just Follow Your Instincts!

Jerry and Diane

I want my miracle NOW!!!

 I want my miracle NOW!!!

grave robber

THE GRAVE ROBBER- I want my miracle NOW!!!
Don’t we all….

My last blog on this topic was named Where’s my miracle?

We’re at the point in our study where Jesus
has already performed HIS first miracle.  This is
where Mary “nudged” Jesus to provide more
wine for the wedding feast.  And HE did just that.Lots of it!

Let’s move on to the second miracle performed by
Jesus in the Gospel of John.

In the book Grave Robber, Mark Batterson calls this
Supernatural Synchronicity.

Are you “where you are RIGHT NOW” based on
Coincidence or providence?

“Does God order our footsteps? Even the ones that
seem like missteps?  Or are we blazing our own trail?”-
Mark Batterson.

Here’s another “strange (to me)” quote from the book.

“But if you believe in a Choreographer who sequences
every step, there are no coincidences.  Only providences.
No accidents. Only divine appointments. Every twist of
fate is a part of the dance originally designed by God Himself.”

Does that mean when what we call a “bad thing” an act of GOD
are we saying God ordained and arranged this?

Absolutely NOT!!!

God has given us a FREE WILL and the FREE WILL is,
for better or worse, like a ravaging FREE RADICAL.

What do we do to overcome free radicals in our bodies?

We take antioxidants!

So….. how do we take antioxidants for FREE WILL – Free

We READ the WORD….

I like what the Message Bible says about this in Psalm 119:11:
” How can a young person live a clean life?
    By carefully reading the map of your Word.
I’m single-minded in pursuit of you;
    don’t let me miss the road signs you’ve posted.
I’ve banked your promises in the vault of my heart
    so I won’t sin myself bankrupt.

I really like this verse…. However I would change it
now based on Nuero Linguistic Programming(NLP).

I would say, “…help me to see the road signs you’ve
posted… I’ll stay sinless before YOU.”

Not that we can stay “sinless” but we strive to
live that way.

Why would I changed that to a more positive statement?

Because NLP has proven that we don’t respond well to
the NEGATIVE of an idea.

The example most used to prove this is:

Now what did you first do…. If you’re like me and
most other people, you immediately saw that
6 foot tall white rabbit with floppy pink ears.

Stepping back a moment and closing the point about
free wills and free radicals, the WORD of God hidden
in our hearts (and minds) so we can use this knowledge
to make right (good) decisions about where to go,
which way to turn, which plane to take, which car to
drive, etc.

It’s all about listening to the Holy Spirit, our
Comforter/Counselor/Advocate, the Spirit of Truth,
The Spirit of God, The Life-Giver, Our Helper
(in a time of need), Our Guide, etc.

So we can tell by the names given the Holy Spirit,
that we should depend upon this part of the Trinity
to help us with our decisions, (so we can always be

We shouldn’t be in such a hurry to get someplace
that we miss the miracles along the way (or out
of the way).

Now back to the Supernatural Synchronicity Miracle
and what exactly does this mean?

The second Miracle in the Gospel of John was both
physiological and geographical.  So what happened?

John 4:48-52New International Version (NIV)

48 “Unless you people see signs and wonders,”
Jesus told him, “you will never believe.”

49 The royal official said, “Sir, come down
before my child dies.”

50 “Go,” Jesus replied, “your son will live.”

The man took Jesus at his word (BELIEVED) and departed. 51
While he was still on the way, his servants
met him with the news that his boy was living. 52
When he inquired as to the time when his son
got better, they said to him, “Yesterday, at one
in the afternoon, the fever left him.”

As we dig into this, we see the Royal Official’s
son was sick…. So being Politically Correct, the
Official could have told Jesus to heal his son, BUT
the Official treated Jesus with respect calling him

Jesus responded to the man’s request and simply

Further in the chapter we seen the son was healed
at about 1pm in the afternoon, the same time Jesus
said “your son will live”.

This miracle is called a Supernatural Synchronicity
Miracle because Jesus was a good 20 miles from the
son but the healing took place at the time Jesus said
the words.

Supernatural Synchronicity or purely coincidental?

One more thing before I close this out.  Well maybe

As we read the WORD of GOD and study it, we find
that there are only a couple of times where people
were NOT healed.

1.  Matthew 17:19-20King James Version (KJV)

19 Then came the disciples to Jesus apart,
and said, Why could not we cast him out?

20 And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief:
for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a
grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this
mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and
it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

2.  Matthew 13:57-58King James Version (KJV)

57 And they were offended in him. But Jesus
said unto them, A prophet is not without honour,
save in his own country, and in his own house.

58 And he did not many mighty works there
because of their unbelief.

I’m a firm believer in the Word of God and I’ve only
found the above two scriptures where people were
not healed… There may be more but I don’t know them.

So seeing this we KNOW it’s God’s WILL for us to be
healed.  In fact the word SAVED in the Greek means
to be made whole, delivered, healed, etc.

So why not believe that and live that.

I’ll tell you…. Unbelief that it’s still for today!

Mark Batterson calls it:

  1. Subliminal Skepticism: this is because we’re
    constantly bombarded with TV ads about medicines,
    doctors, hospitals, etc…being the best at solving
    joint issues, solving cardiac issues, solving stomach
    issues, etc… that or FAITH becomes strong in the
    doctors ability to get us well….
  2. Dormant Disappointment: this is because maybe
    we’ve prayed for a miracle and it feels like GOD
    just didn’t hear us. So we become disappointed
    with the results and lose FAITH.

Whatever the issue, look to the Scriptures!

NOT what you see, not what you hear…only the WORD OF GOD!!

See what it says, then believe because:
“All things are possible to them that believe.”

That’s it for now…

Will continue later.  Off to a small group
leader’s meeting tonight.


Jerry and Diane

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Just Do It….


Nike has made this a household phrase….

Everyone knows it…. JUST DO IT!!!

Everyone Loves it…. JUST DO IT!!!
There are basically three types of people you’ll face in life.
1. Those who RUN AWAY from pressure.
2. Those who WAIT around and WATCH to see if it goes away.
3. Those who RUN TO HELP….

Proverbs 25:10-12 in the Message Bible says,
”If you fall to pieces in a crisis,
there wasn’t much to you in the first place.
Rescue the perishing;
don’t hesitate to step in and help.
If you say, “Hey, that’s none of my business,”
will that get you off the hook?
Someone is watching you closely, you know—
Someone not impressed with weak excuses.”

So…. How does this apply to my business and my life?
Our business is about building relationships,,,, right?

How can we impress people if we RUN AWAY, or STAND

We must be or become the type person that RUNS TO HELP!

That can mean two things (to me)…. We can RUN to PROVIDE
help to others and/or we can RUN to others to GET HELP!

The latter applies when we don’t know how to do something we
need to do…. Say for instance… edit a YouTube video.

If we don’t know how to do that..we can run to YOUTUBE
for instructions… as you know YOUTUBE knows everything!

So… I’ll end this session with a repeat of the comment on the
picture above…


Be the one that helps and isn’t afraid to ask for help when needed!

Until tomorrow…

Jerry and Diane

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Just Do it Make your dreams come true

Hey Joshua, Moses is Dead, You Need to Get Going!


Hey Joshua, Moses is Dead, You Need to Get Going!

Can’t you just see this picture in your mind??


All the Israelites had just been freed from Egypt
where they had been held captive for 400 years.

WOW, that’s a long time.

Finally Moses came and delivered them from
being captive to being FREE.

Then Moses died….

What were they to do???

Moses had talked with GOD and got his
orders and then relayed on to the Israelites
exactly what they were to do…. Every day..

Even to how much manna they were to pick
up each day for food….

So what are they to do now???

Everyone was sitting around the campfire
just WONDERING…. What now???

Then the funny thing happened….

“Moses my servant is dead. Get going.”

These were the first words Joshua, the new
leader heard from GOD that night.

Remember, GOD had only spoken to Moses
at this point… but since Joshua is the new
leader, he began hearing what they should

GOD got tired of them just sitting around

So HE (GOD) says to Joshua:
“Moses my servant is dead. Get going. Cross this Jordan River, you and all the people. Cross to the country I’m giving to the People of Israel. I’m giving you every square inch of the land you set your foot on just as I promised Moses. From the wilderness and this Lebanon east to the Great River, the Euphrates River—all the Hittite country—and then west to the Great Sea. It’s all yours. All your life, no one will be able to hold out against you. In the same way I was with Moses, I’ll be with you. I won’t give up on you; I won’t leave you. Strength! Courage! You are going to lead this people to inherit the land that I promised to give their ancestors. Give it everything you have, heart and soul. Make sure you carry out The Revelation that Moses commanded you, every bit of it. Don’t get off track, either left or right, so as to make sure you get to where you’re going. And don’t for a minute let this Book of The Revelation be out of mind. Ponder and meditate on it day and night, making sure you practice everything written in it. Then you’ll get where you’re going; then you’ll succeed. Haven’t I commanded you? Strength! Courage! Don’t be timid; don’t get discouraged. God, your God, is with you every step you take.”

Wow again!!!

This is all it takes to be successful in WHATEVER you decide to do…..

Just follow the rules…

Well, I don’t like to call them RULES….

But that’s what they are… tasks that need to be done.

We can’t sit around waiting and wondering what to do
when we have a dream, a desire, a plan and a will to
accomplish the tasks.

So let’s review what GOD told Joshua and put THAT plan
in place to succeed in our internet marketing, or online
business or Network Marketing business.

    1. Moses is dead…. Ok… so you’re leader is no longer
      with you….. YOU take charge…
    2. Get Going… You’ve got to get going…do something,
      take initiative.
    3. Cross this river… I’ll tell you everything you need
      just follow the leaders before you in your business.
      Do what they have done.
    4. You AND all the people…. Duplicate… share this plan
      and the steps with everyone you know.
    5. I promised…You have a proven track record to work from.
    6. No one will stop you…The only one stopping you is YOU!
    7. I’m with you all the way… these proven leaders are with you.
    8. I won’t give up on you… YOU can do it, I believe in you.
    9. I won’t leave you…Leaders are with you. You’re not alone.
    10. Have strength….You can do it!
    11. Have courage…KNOW you can do it!
    12. You are going to lead them… Lead your team.
    13. Give it all you’ve got…do something every day.
    14. Carry out the plan… be consistent. JUST DO IT!
    15. Think about and practice what Moses told you..
      Stay FOCUSED on your tasks and do them.
    16. Then you’ll succeed. YOU DID IT!!! YOU WIN!!!

That’s it!!!

I could have given blog about each step…but YOU don’t need that.

desire cloud

What you need to do is:

  1. Develop your desire.

2. Write the vision down.

3. Get started.

4. Stay in touch with your leaders.

5. Stay focused

6. Take action daily on income producing activities.

7. Be a leader.

8. Report what you’re accomplishing

9. Make videos.

10. Blog.

11. Communicate.(emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc)

This list also can go on and on… but you get the point.

TAKE ACTION…don’t just sit around the campfire WONDERING.

B-Blessed and Take Action!

Jerry and Diane


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The Avengers—Lesson 4 There’s a War and You’re playing GALAGA

Are you still playing GALAGA???

Playing GALAGA
Playing GALAGA

What could this mean???

Here’s the situations…

Loki the half brother of THOR has unleashed a direct
assault upon Earth, now it’s up to Thor and his hero friends
to lead Earth’s ground forces against his half-brother’s (Loki)
army and defeat them.

Previously we’ve commented that WE ARE AT WAR…

So we are….

We’ve also established that there is HOMEWORK and
the Earth forces must TEAM UP to win.

But… is everyone actively pursuing victory or I might say
FULLY engaged?  We have everything we need, but….

Hebrews chapter 10 tells us that we have
what we need so use it (don’t throw it all away).

19-21 “So, friends, we can now—without hesitation—walk right up to God, into “the Holy Place.” Jesus has cleared the way by the blood of his sacrifice, acting as our priest before God. The “curtain” into God’s presence is his body.

22-25 So let’s do it—full of belief, confident that we’re presentable inside and out. Let’s keep a firm grip on the promises that keep us going. He always keeps his word. Let’s see how inventive we can be in encouraging love and helping out, not avoiding worshiping together as some do but spurring each other on, especially as we see the big Day approaching.”

In the movie scene everyone is “on-board” and ready to
take the war to Loki and his army… but….

In the background we see agents or team members
sitting at the computer playing a video game…

Not being fully engaged in the war.

Some lessons from this scene and from HEBREWS are:

  1. Don’t be hesitant (winners make decisions quickly).
  2. Just do it…. Get started.
  3. Everything is in order and prepared for us.
  4. “Let’s do it” as a team.
  5. Be CONFIDENT you can win!
  6. Know that you are READY.
  7. Keep a “firm grip “on what we know (promises).
  8. Be inventive.
  9. Be fully engaged.
  10. Attend functions and webinars.
  11. Encourage one another.
  12. You will see that day when success is here for you.


This is great…

So read this over and over every day.

Let it become your rally cry for success.

Make that decision to join the team and be confident
you can do it.  Keep focused on your tasks and your
goals and KNOW you can do it.  Then the victory
will come.

Click here or on the picture to see a brief
encouragement video.

Click here to see what Diane and I are doing to
earn money on the internet.

Comment on the blog or send us an email to
let us know how we can help you succeed.

We stand ready!!


Jerry and Diane

THE AVENGERS Third of 8 Lessons


THE AVENGERS…. With receipts of nearly a BILLION dollars.

Eight lesson can be learned from the movie that will have
a positive effect of our lives and business.

Click on the picture above for the introduction to lesson THREE

Lesson one is:  WE ARE AT WAR
Lesson two is: WAR HAS HOMEWORK…
Lesson three is: STAND DOWN TO TEAM UP…

In this lesson, we see from the scriptures that we
are to WAIT (stand down) until…..we TEAM UP….

Acts 1:6-8: 6” When they were together for the last time they asked, “Master, are you going to restore the kingdom to Israel now? Is this the time?”

7-8 He told them, “You don’t get to know the time. Timing is the Father’s business. What you’ll get is the Holy Spirit. And when the Holy Spirit comes on you, you will be able to be my witnesses in Jerusalem, all over Judea and Samaria, even to the ends of the world.”

This is a great scripture,,, Jesus is telling his team (disciples) to
WAIT for the proper time…. A time when they will
TEAM UP with the Holy Spirit to accomplish great

So what do we get out of this that will help us in our business?

Well I’ll tell you!!!

We’ve been hanging around with our Network Marketing
or Internet Marketing for a while now….

We didn’t have all it takes to start making lots of money…

So as Jesus told the disciples to wait…

Our leaders have told us to WAIT to contact, but GET READY..

They TEAM up with US so we LEARN (homework from lesson 2) what we
need to know to be witnesses of the success in our

Pick a marketing strategy… Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,
Instagram, Google+…etc

Learn all the ins and outs of THAT strategy and hit it hard.

So…from the scripture above:

  1. We want to jump in and MAKE IT HAPPEN, NOW!!!
    Are we going to get rich???
  2. Is the time NOW!!!!
  3. NO… we don’t know how long it’s going to take
    to get rich,,, but it will come at the right time. When
    you TEAM UP with your leaders and learn from them.
  4. You’ll LEARN everything you need in order to
    DUPLICATE and show others how to DUPLICATE.
    That’s POWER!
  5. Your business won’t be just in your CITY, but also
    in your State, in your NATION and ALL OVER THE
  6. Get EXCITED… it’s coming!!!

This is good to know…. IT’s COMING!!

If we are patient, we learn what we need to know,
we apply the tools we have and we are persistent, it
will come!! Remember IF YOU BUILD IT….

That’s what it takes!!!,

That’s ALL it takes…

You can do it!!!

Now….watch the video to get an overview of this message, then
read the blog again.

Get excited, because when we do the things we’ve been taught
to do by our leaders (those who have already achieved), we’re
on our way to success also.

Be like the leader in every way.

Click on the picture or this link to watch the blog video.

Click on this link to see what Diane and I are marketing.

Be sure to let us know…. Comment on this blog or send
us an email.  We’re ready to start working with you to
achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed.

Clearly identify what you want?

Victory comes… to those who diligently apply themselves
with what they’ve learned.


Jerry and Diane