Do You Put The First Things First?

What Are YOUR Top Priorities?


Can you name the top 4 priorities in your life?

I was sitting here tonight thinking of what

I wanted to say in today’s blog.

What could I say that would help
others and of course myself
to become better at completing
what needs to be completed.

As I sit here, my wife (Diane)
told me today that the dryer
is not drying clothes fast enough.

It’s taking over an hour
for the clothes to dry.

Now what could that be ….. I ask myself….

It seems like there are always
little (and not so little) things
that pop up to take my time away
from what “I “ feel
needs to be done.

How about you???

Probably everybody feels that way….

If you were to pause and think
seriously about the “first things”
in your life…

the important things…..

the priorities…

What would you say are the top
4 (Important) things to you?

Can you name them??

Years ago I would have listed them as:
1.    GOD first (notice I said GOD, not church)
2.    Family Second (spouse ahead of children)
3.    Job third
4.    Friends forth

Or… Maybe 3 and 4 would be reversed…..

but I always had to be on the job…
like it or not…. I had to make a living….

Is that the way it is with you???

TIME MANAGEMENT…. That should solve
the problem, right????


We’ve been told to manage our time,
to keep working harder,
to learn to do things better
and faster, to use technology better,
or use some tool better…..

then…… we can do and have it all….

That’s just NOT the way it is….

Of course I’m older now and wiser….
(that comes with age)
and I now think the KEY is to LOVE
what you do (work) and it
never becomes a JOB.


Work from HOME!!!

As Stephen Covey puts it in his book,


I love that quote…

Keep the main thing the main thing….

So… what is it for you???

Could working from home, making lots
of money from home,doing  something
you love make a difference in your life.

Well, certainly it would….

So, what are you doing about it???

Sometimes we just need a vehicle that works for us
like it works for others…

Sometimes it just takes a mindset….

If  Jerry can do it,,,, I can do it…..

That’s what got me through lots of situations I didn’t think
I could get through…

I remember one time when I joined the Navy.

I was watching all these guys in front
of me getting the shots and getting blood
taken from them…. Lots of the guys were passing out…

But,,,,I told myself….. (after I saw a
skinny little guy who had made
it through the line)  IF HE CAN DO THIS,,,,

Sometimes that’s all it takes……

PLUS a decision to just do something….

So what I want to show you is an OPPORTUNITY!!!

Watch this short video and then make that
decision to give it a GO…

You’ll be glad you did.

See you on the Inside….



Ps… here’s that link again.

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