Bio: Welcome, Diane and I have been studying Nutrition and Wellness for the past two years. Diane has a common syndrome in which a person has long-term, body-wide pain and tenderness in the joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues. I've had knee problems that kept me from doing what I love, running. We also have a son-in-law that was recently diagnosed with a lesion on his spinal cord, so we've been looking for relief for his symptoms. We recently heard about the ALL Natural Products from Total Life Changes so we ordered some of them to try. I had been off coffee for some time trying to avoid the caffeine but heard about their Delgada coffee with CHAGA Mushrooms. Immediately we began drinking the SMOOTH blend of Organic Coffee and CHAGA. We've also done an extensive study of the NINE herbs in the IASO Tea and the benefits people are receiving from drinking the tea. So we naturally began drinking that too... The recommended amount of tea is two 8oz glasses a day... Well, TWO glasses a day really began DETOXING me. Since I don't take meds ONE glass is all I ever needed... BUT, since Diane is on several medications it took an increase of three daily 8oz glasses to work for her. YES, we're all different, but TLC products work. That's why we're now marketing the business and the products. Join us to see why we're so excited. We had just read the book by Joel Fuhrman called EAT FOR LIFE and it was all about eating greens and getting healthy and staying healthy. So the timing was perfect for us. Isn't that what we always hear.... timing is everything! My background is mainly in the Corporate world. My educational background is BS-Mathematics from Louisiana Tech University and my Masters degree from University of Louisiana Lafayette is in Computer Science and Statistics. So, being very intraverted, I loved working more with computers than people. It was only after I was exposed to AMWAY years ago that I saw the potential for FREEDOM for Diane and me. BUT, as most of you know, we were told to contact all our friends and relatives and then contact everyone within 3 feet of us. We knew there had to be a better way... So,,,, Diane and I began to dream!!! What if..... What if we could help others and ourselves become well again? What if while helping others we could produce income? What if we had no limits on the income we could produce, just by telling and showing others the PRODUCTS and the BUSINESS? Check us out.... Watch the videos, read the literature, watch the video testimonies. You'll see, like we did that TLC products and the Total Life Changes Health business is right for you. Go through the full Business Presentation and take notes. If you see that you either want relief from your current health issues, or you want to get serious about your future and build a large business helping others overcome their issues with Health and Finances, then just enter your contact information below and we'll get you started and teach you how to build a large business without having to contact your friends, neighbors and relatives. We'll also teach you how to build your business using the internet. You'll never have to stay on the phone all day again, never have to participate in 3-way calls. We'll teach you how to do business on the Internet! We also love having access to learning tools sites for Internet Marketing. Check us out on http://NJoyFreedom.com . Thank You for visiting our site. Jerry and Diane Upchurch ----> JerryNDiane@NJoyFreedom.com

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