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Call To Action – Finally Making It Work – Sept 13-2013

Call To Action – Finally Making It Work – Sept 13-2013

I must say….. I didn’t get my Blogging done last night and
didn’t even get it done early this morning…. I had stayed up
until 2am the night before so I was tired after being busy
all day too…

So here I am tonight on Friday the 13th…. So what???
I feel very complete today with my Internet Marketing
business.  I’ve spent the day and last night making sure
I got the AD TRACKING in place and working.  It has
even been tested and proves to be working. 

I set up three campaigns last night, one for blogging,
one for emails and one for Facebook.  I’ve even learned
how to SHARE CAMPAIGNS and the follow-up messages
as well as the BROADCAST messages.  SO I’m ready…..

I had submitted a Solo Ad before I get everything set up
and I’ve already got leads coming in from those.  I got
two leads in today.  So my leads are growing the right
way now, the follow-up messages are going out, AND
I’m on my way to 500 LIKES on my Facebook page….
check it out too:

I’m believing for an actual customer or affiliate to come
on board over the weekend.  It’s GOING TO HAPPEN.

Oh yes… just to follow-up with all of you on my
earlier leads ( folks that had actually clicked on my
advertising links….)  all 245 of them.  Putting the
leads into Aweber requires them to do a DOUBLE
… so, so far I only have 18 that have clicked
on the link for DOUBLE OPT-IN.  Still waiting for the
others to click on the link.

One of the things I like about Pure Leverage is the
automatic double opt-in.  I won’t get as many leads
but the leads I do get will be lasting leads and leads
that are truly interested.  We’ll see…..

So that’s it for tonight… short and PoSiTiVe!!!

This is going to work… mark my words…..

For now… Good Night… AND….




Call To Action – First Things First – Sept 10, 2013

Call To Action – First Things First –  Sept 10, 2013

There is a great book called FIRST THINGS FIRST, by Stephen R. Covey.
Oh, I love that word EFFECTIVE …. Don’t get me started, but just
think about that word,” E F F E C T I V E”.  What does it mean?
EFFECTIVE = successful in producing a desired or intended result.

Desired result…. That’s what we’re all after… I like to compare
the word EFFECTIVE with EFFICIENT.  What does EFFICIENT mean?
EFFICIENT = achieving maximum productivity with minimum
wasted effort or expense.

Can you see the difference?  EFFICIENT, Maximum productivity
with minimum wasted effort or expense.  Which word is
better, when applied to your reaching your goals?  Of course
it’s the word EFFECTIVE … Why??? Because you can be working
on the WRONG thing and doing it VERY EFFICIENTLY, but still
not working on the most important thing.. Does that make sense?

Important things that will help you achieve your goals become
the things you must be EFFECTIVE at doing.  Of course it’s import
to do the IMPORTANT things EFFICIENTLY, but I want to be
EFFECTIVE ….. achieve maximum productivity with minimum effort
and expense.

Well,,, Why and I talking about this tonight… I hadn’t planned to do
that, but when I sat down at the computer and wrote a couple of
paragraphs, I could tell it wasn’t going in the direction we need to
go tonight.

You see… I spent lots of time being EFFICIENT and implementing YouTube
video advertising, EFFICIENT at implementing Facebook advertising,
EFFICIENT at implementing Solo Ad’s ,,,,,etc, etc, etc… BUT, I didn’t
have my lead capture pages set up.  Nor did I have my Auto
Responder set up… so I was being very EFFICIENT but not very
EFFECTIVE…. See the difference???   That’s why I pulled out Stephen
Covey’s book, FIRST THINGS FIRST… That’s what I want to get
across to you tonight… Work on the Foundation of your Business!

What is that??? In my earlier posts I said it was Blogging and
Marketing and that’s what I concentrated on.  Yes… that’s something
that needs to be done and it’s very, very, very important, in its
proper sequence.

In Covey’s book he makes two statements in the early pages.  He
says, “Traditional time management suggests that by doing
things more efficiently you’ll eventually gain control of our life,
and that increased control will bring the peace and fulfillment
you’re looking for. We disagree.”
  He also said, “The Main Thing
Is To Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing.”

Think about that for the next 24 hours and we’ll get on to the
next blog tomorrow night.




Call To Action! Aug.13, 2013

Call To Action!


Last night I mentioned that I had the idea (from listening to audios).  The idea is to do some research using the Google Adwords Tool and identify some KEYWORDS that are highly searched (SEO- Search Engine Optimization).  THEN take that (or those) KEYWORD(S) and place it in the title of every one of my previous blogs.  Well I did that tonight!  For some reason the Empower Network blogs have been banned from Facebook so I have to use the WORDPRESS Blog on Facebook.  The problem there is that the only links I have to my squeeze page is the link within my blog.  On the Empower Network Blogging system (also using WordPress),even though I can not post the blog on Facebook, there are several advertising pictures and links to my capture pages.  Strange isn’t it!!!!

As I mentioned above, the idea came to me as I was listening to some recorded conference calls provided to the INNER CIRCLE of the Empower Network.  I had also noticed, CASPAR my blogging buddy in London, has also been using the same title to all his blogs.  The more words are used the higher rank the word has in a Google search.  So repeating KEYWORDS (or should I say the SAME KEYWORDS) over and over will eventually cause a KEYWORD to show up on the front page of a Google search.  That’s what we all want!  It was a CALL TO ACTION for me to do that and that was also my KEYWORD phrase that I put in all my blogs.

Tomorrow I’ve got to get back to my stats on the YouTube advertising to see how they’re doing and I also have to place more banner ads on ADHITPROFITS.com  (and some others).

I’ll also add the same KEY WORD PHRASE on all my WORDPRESS blogs to give them even more exposure. That’s all for tonight, except for this video I found about Empower Network that I liked.  So click here and watch it and enjoy it.


Also you should click on my squeeze page and watch the FREE video that caught my attention and caused me to sign up with Empower Network.. Join me!!  






Be consistent and persistent or non-existant. Aug 12

Be consistent and persistent or non-existant.     Aug 12

Why do I wait so late at night to Blog?  Here it is 11:17 and I’m just starting my Blog for the day.  Listening to audios while driving to Gainesville, GA for two meeting, I picked up some powerful words from Aaron Rashkin. This teaching was from the Empower Network weekly conference call.  It’s recorded and available in the INNER CIRCLE membership.

Aaron said, “Either you are consistent and persistent or your business will be non-existent.”  Those are powerful words, but they go right along with some of the 8-Core Commitments that are designed to make us successful.  Blog-Daily and Market-Daily!

That’s why I’ve forced myself to get this blog done tonight… Blog-Daily!  While listening to the recorded training sessions, I had several ideas that I’ll pass on tomorrow because I didn’t get them done today.  Soooo simple yet so profound… Why didn’t I think of this sooner?   Here I am on my 21st or22nd blog and just now thinking of this.  I’ve been reading Caspar’s blog (I call him a friend from London) and he’s been doing this all along.  He’s a few days ahead of me in blogging, so I’m going to implement what he’s doing… But … more on that tomorrow (after I get it done).  Check his blog out by clicking here. http://wp.me/3saqs

I’ve been checking on my ads and the number of clicks are going up since I changed some of my keywords.  That’s good new!  I also created a Facebook Page for people to follow and that’s what really seems to be grabbing attention.  So I’m learning how to put the link to my capture page on the Facebook page for people to click on.  Got that done today!  I’ve also been “messaging” the folks that “like” the page to get some reaction to them.  Also noticing others are putting their business info on that Facebook page too!  Guess that’s called cross advertising…. Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

Here it is, just 7 minutes until tomorrow and I want to get this blog entered tonight so I’ll close for tonight and give you a good update tomorrow.

I have to take my son-in-law to the Atlanta Airport tomorrow morning for an 11am flight so I need to get to bed earlier than usual.

Join us by clicking on this link and watching the FREE video. You’ll love it and be glad you did.

Click here to view the free video.  http://tinyurl.com/k5rzndu

Until tomorrow!



Blog Daily-Market Daily-Listen to recordings Daily

Blog Daily-Market Daily-Listen to recordings Daily  

Today has been “one of those days”.  What do I mean by that?  Yard Work!  Fortunately my grandson mows the lawn, but we’re having the annual Home Owners Association ice cream social for all the school kids in the neighborhood to get together for Back To School.  It gives everyone a chance to meet the new folks in the neighborhood and especially give the kids a chance to meet the new kids.  BUT, what that means is that the yard and everything in the yard MUST BE IN PLACE!!!  Also have to go get more ice cream and balloons for tomorrow.  I was beat today… recovered in my hot tub for awhile, listening to more audios.

So what will we talk about tonight.  The Topic is “ Blog Daily-Market Daily-Listen to recordings Daily”.  That means EVERYDAY. So here it is again 11:20pm and I’m starting my Blog for the day.  I have however listened to audio and watched some video and made some changes to my marketing (AGAIN).  DAILY TWEEKING!

What did I change?  Have you ever heard of online advertising programs like ADHITS PROFITS, UTS Profits Ads, and Deserve profits?  Well these are three programs where you can sign up and place ads.  People who sign up are generally those who are in a business and are marketing it, but in some of these programs you must click on 10 ads daily.  When doing that you often see things that catch your eye.  THE MAGIC USE OF KEYWORDS!  The documentation on these sites say we’ll get a good number of clicks on your ad.  That’s what we want and the costs are fairly reasonable.

These sites ARE referral sites so if you’re interested in knowing more about these, I can certainly refer you.  Just give me a comment on this blog and I’ll contact you.

For tonight, this is it… as always go to my squeeze page just to take a look at www.njoyfreedom.com/

Also, I want to leave you with another video from Dave Wood.  It’s really good, so take the time to review it.  You can always learn something more from watching.  Click here to watchà http://tinyurl.com/kj84hem

OH yes!  I had about 7 more people click on LIKE for my Empower Network page, so I have more “messages “ to send tomorrow!


Well start here…. Check out this site for earning
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Until then…


Jerry and Diane

Internet Marketing Day 2

Here it is…… Day 2……

I’ve MADE THE COMMITMENT, sooooo,,,,


even several times a day (Affirmations: I WILL….. ).

Again, what do I talk about??  I read over
what I posted yesterday and need to clarify
some things.  I said something like,
“It’s time to stop watching videos and listening to audios…” ,

That’s not exactly what I meant.

Empower Network is FILLED with good information…
especially from Dave and Dave  I love their training
videos.  LEARN something new about Internet Marketing
EVERY DAY…. that’s my new motto…

To do that it’s important to watch a video, listen to an
audio and read a motivational or inspirational book
every day for at least 20 minutes (learned that from my
Amway days).

Dave and Dave from the Empower Network
have created some great videos for “getting
starting”.  In fact, that’s what provoked me to
ACTION yesterday…. and my second one today….
So that makes the videos EFFECTIVE….
(adj: Successful in producing a desired or intended result.).

What do I do today to go to the next step….

TAKE action again… Video 3 says, MARKET DAILY…

Well I did it…. I made the decision to purchase
some SoloAd’s (and actually took action and did it).

That reminds me of the story of the 5 frog on the
log and 3 of them decide to jump off.  How many are
left on the log….. well more about that later too ….

Before watching the video training yesterday, I didn’t
even know what a SoloAd was…. really still don’t
know exactly, but Dave said they are EFFECTIVE,
so I purchased an Ad Pac… started at the $75 level…
100 UNIQUE CLICKS for $75… sounds good…

How many folks can I attract to my business with
100 clicks…. can’t wait to see and to even purchase more…

Dave says 20% of my income should be devoted to Marketing…
that’s what I’m going to do… can’t wait to get some INCOME….
but I know it won’t happen until I take ACTION…

JUST DO IT!!! I’ve always loved that Nike statement…

JUST DO IT!!!  What have I got to lose??? better yet…

What do I have to GAIN!!!!! Everything I’ve wanted!!!  That’s what…

So, I created what I thought was a great email for my SoloAd…
Named it…. sent it in to the Solo Ad company….
they didn’t like it….so now in the process of doing it
again and resubmitting it…

When I say, “Learn something new every day”,
I mean IT’S A MUST!!  If I’m going to build this
Internet Marketing Business, I must follow their
steps and thank God, they have produced a step-by-step Platform (or Process), by  which to take daily steps……

I’m back,,,took a break for awhile, where was I?????

Oh yes, I wanted to sort of recap the training from
yesterday so here goes…

1.I MUST make a decision.
2. I must take Action (today) on my decision.
3. If I truly want to  “build a big business I must -GET ALL IN”.



Jerry and Diane

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