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Call To Action – First Things First

Call To Action – First Things First

Here we go again…….


Last night I sat here at my laptop and created
the perfect blog……I was sharing and sharing,
I looked at the word count and already had
over 800 words so I decided I needed to stop
and save some of that wisdom for tonight.  I
 clicked the buttons to add a great picture…..
deleted the picture….THEN…… deleted the blog…..

I had autosave turned on….but …..

It was pure inspiration!!! I know that
because I can hardly remember anything
in the blog.

The title was the same (I think)…but here’s
the content that I can remember…

We all have to know what our priorities are!
That is a given…… Do you know???

I had never really thought about it…..until I joined
AMWAY…… our leaders in Amway would say…

I loved that…because I agreed with it… GOD FIRST…


Matthew 22: 34-38 says…

“….the Pharisees got together. 35One of them, an expert
in the law, tested him with this question: 36“Teacher, which is
the greatest commandment in the Law?”

37Jesus replied: “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your
heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’c 38This is
the first and greatest commandment.” 

So…. This makes it clear we ALWAYS put God first…
But what about the second???

Continuing with the next verse it says…
39And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as
yourself.’d 40All the Law and the Prophets hang
on these two commandments.”

Who is our neighbor…. And what about our family???

Well according to most Bible scholars, our NEIGHBORS
are the people around us… those we love and those we don’t.

So where does the family fits in this priority for First Things First?

I believe family fits in with GOD…. And Family comes before
Neighbors…. Why would I say this??

As Christians…. We have the Nature of GOD within us..
we are made in HIS image and HIS likeness.

We have the mind of Christ and we have HIS Spirit living
within us…… that’s why I believe Family comes before neighbors.

Now the third place vote goes to Business (or JOB)… whether
we like it or not…. We must PROVIDE for our family… and
give it all we have to become the best and do the best for
ourselves (families) and/or our bosses…

I remember a quote I read by Mike Murdock, an evangelist.
The quote went like this, “The Secret Of Your Future is
Hidden In Your Daily Routine.”

Taking that statement a little further and merging it
with Stephen Covey’s statement FIRST THINGS FIRST,
we see that our daily routine must become the habit of
doing the things that are most important to us… God first.

Benny Hinn a well-known evangelist wrote a book called
“GOOD MORNING HOLY SPIRIT”.  In this book he began
each day by welcoming the Holy Spirit into his life….

He would say something like… “Good morning Holy Spirit,
I welcome you into my life and my home.  Teach me
today to become more like Jesus! I will listen for your
voice, I will watch for your guiding. I will obey you!!!”

Let’s now jump on over to our business…. That’s what
we’re trying to grow.

This is what I love so much about Empower Network.
From the moment I joined… my first email said to
sign up for the Extreme Team web-site.  Once I did
that… the next think I did was read (or watch) the
video that said…. DO THIS FIRST….

From that point on I was guided, step-by-step on what
to do next. 

This is what Stephen Covey was talking about when he
wrote the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People where
habit number 3 was FIRST THINGS FIRST.

Then he wrote the book, FIRST THINGS FIRST because
there was just too much in that habit to express in a book
about 6 other habits… this needed a book of its own…

Every day we need have a list of activities we’re going to
do for our business…. Blog, Email, Market. Blog, email,

Be not afraid of life. Believe
that life is worth living, and your belief will help
create the fact.

This statement could also be stated as, “Be not afraid
of this business. Believe that it is worth building,
and your belief will help create your success.”

Well like I said in the beginning, I wrote a lot last night
and this blog is similar…. But not nearly as pointed…

The one thing I encourage you to do is get involved now!

Click on this link and join us.  You will have help making
it work for you.  Click here now.

Enjoy your day!


Jerry and Diane


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Get excited!!! THIS IS BIG!!

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Woo-CEE Crew


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I’ll talk to ya soon (hopefully)….


Jerry and Diane


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Be consistent and persistent or non-existant. Aug 12

Be consistent and persistent or non-existant.     Aug 12

Why do I wait so late at night to Blog?  Here it is 11:17 and I’m just starting my Blog for the day.  Listening to audios while driving to Gainesville, GA for two meeting, I picked up some powerful words from Aaron Rashkin. This teaching was from the Empower Network weekly conference call.  It’s recorded and available in the INNER CIRCLE membership.

Aaron said, “Either you are consistent and persistent or your business will be non-existent.”  Those are powerful words, but they go right along with some of the 8-Core Commitments that are designed to make us successful.  Blog-Daily and Market-Daily!

That’s why I’ve forced myself to get this blog done tonight… Blog-Daily!  While listening to the recorded training sessions, I had several ideas that I’ll pass on tomorrow because I didn’t get them done today.  Soooo simple yet so profound… Why didn’t I think of this sooner?   Here I am on my 21st or22nd blog and just now thinking of this.  I’ve been reading Caspar’s blog (I call him a friend from London) and he’s been doing this all along.  He’s a few days ahead of me in blogging, so I’m going to implement what he’s doing… But … more on that tomorrow (after I get it done).  Check his blog out by clicking here. http://wp.me/3saqs

I’ve been checking on my ads and the number of clicks are going up since I changed some of my keywords.  That’s good new!  I also created a Facebook Page for people to follow and that’s what really seems to be grabbing attention.  So I’m learning how to put the link to my capture page on the Facebook page for people to click on.  Got that done today!  I’ve also been “messaging” the folks that “like” the page to get some reaction to them.  Also noticing others are putting their business info on that Facebook page too!  Guess that’s called cross advertising…. Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

Here it is, just 7 minutes until tomorrow and I want to get this blog entered tonight so I’ll close for tonight and give you a good update tomorrow.

I have to take my son-in-law to the Atlanta Airport tomorrow morning for an 11am flight so I need to get to bed earlier than usual.

Join us by clicking on this link and watching the FREE video. You’ll love it and be glad you did.

Click here to view the free video.  http://tinyurl.com/k5rzndu

Until tomorrow!



First Empower Network Blog

by |

Well today’s the day I finally got the
nerve to post my first blog.

”Nerve”, you say.


Well, like most folks,
I’ve read, listen to and watched videos
about building an Internet business while
“having a life”…

What about you???

I’ve heard about blogging and thought, “What
do I have to blog about?

Who would be interested in what I have to say?

Why would anyone want to read what I’ve posted?”…..
well….. who knows….

the one thing I learned
today, from Dave and Dave (Empower Network
training)….is to START BLOGGING……

Choose a topic, (any topic), political, Spiritual, Family…….
Oh… what about Making Money on the Internet…..
Thousands of folks (including me) would LOVE to
make money while sitting at home.

I’ve always  wanted to do that…. well not always!

In fact I didn’t ALWAYs know about it… and for many
years, I thought the JOB was the way to go… you
know (and have heard it many times),,,

you MUST have a JOB… something stable and secure…. that’s
what Mom and Dad always said… Get a good job,
stay with it for 30-40 years and then retire with a
good pension…… whoa,,,,,, stop there….

Who does that any more?… as I understand it the average
college grad (or no grad) has from 7 to 13 jobs
during their lifetime….

So, where does that pension
come from …. even if you do get a pension, its
usually not enough, even with Social Security to
live the lifestyle you (or I ) want to live….

Oh yes…. we want to travel, stay in nice hotels and resorts,
eat in the finest restaurants, or even a not-so-fine

Point is….

we want Freedom…..

FREEDOM,,,, that’s the word that’s been in the
back of my mind for years…. In fact… my user
name is NJoyFreedom…… it’s down in my gut,
my inner being and I want it.

We all want it……
so, starting today, I’m going after it…. regardless
of the effort, the fear, the money, the time, I’m
going to do it….

All it takes is a decision and ACTION. And I made
it today…

Time to stop watching videos, time to stop
listening to audio’s, time to stop searching internet
sites, time to stop reading blogs (not entirely,
because that’s how we learn) and start DOING

Why don’t your join me… let’s do this together…
let’s learn from each other….. but mainly from
Dave and Dave…

Join me in this EMPOWER
Network and let’s start making money together.
Will you make that decision today??? I did!!!
TODAY’s the day I begin enjoying my FREEDOM…

Well start here…. Check out this site for earning
Money from HOME blogging.

Check this LINK to read more of my blogs.

Check this LINK to watch videos of successful
people working from home….

You’ll be glad you did.


Jerry and Diane