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Call To Action Journey towards Superior Nutrition..

Call To Action Journey towards Superior Nutrition..


Well I’m back…. Been away for almost a month..
but I returned…… ready to start that journey
towards Superior Nutrition.

So,,,, let’s do it…. Or as Nike would say:

Where have we been????

Well Diane and I have been on a cruise and it’s
been difficult getting back on the horse after a
cruise and with all the holidays….

But we’re ready to go now….

So…Right now you are probably wanting to
start your journey too!

Most of today’s blog is from Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s
web site or book EAT TO LIVE….

Beginning to eat healthy is like building
muscles or learning a new skill
if you make the commitment and practice
every day
1. You WILL get stronger
2. You WILL see results
3. It WILL become easier and more enjoyable.

So….here we go….  (From Dr. Fuhrman)

  • If you have already added a large
    salad every day, now add a serving
    of cooked 
    green vegetables; next
    replace the sugary foods in your diet
    with fresh fruits.
  • If you’ve switched your breakfast from
    coffee and doughnuts to steel cut oats
    and berries, now aim to get all of the
    G-BOMBS (we’ll talk about these later)
    into your diet every day.
  • If you have tackled eating healthfully at
    home and around pushy family members,
    now practice ordering at a restaurant. Ask
    for your food exactly how you want it; no salt
    or oil, and add extra salad or steamed vegetables.
  • If you have begun to change your diet but don’t
    yet have an understanding of the science,
    read Eat for Health. Knowledge, not willpower
    will help you to make the best food and lifestyle
  • Try a new vegetable or fruit that you’ve
    never tasted. There is a huge variety of different
    flavors to experiment with in the world of plant
    foods: broccoli rabe, mustard greens, kohlrabi,
    jicama, pomegranates, persimmons, apricots
    and mangos, just to name a few. Micronutrient
    variety is vital to excellent health.
  • Get in touch with true hunger. Learn the
    difference between toxic hunger and true
    hunger, and eat according to your body’s
    natural hunger and satiety signals.

These are all great tips to get us on the road to
Superion Nutrition…..

In the meantime….. it’s the start of a new
year and we all like to set some goals.

What are your goals…. To eat better, to lose weight,
to get into better shape….physically, mentally,
emotionally, spiritually and financially.

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You’ll be glad you did.

Until tomorrow!


Jerry and Diane


PS… I just bought the book THE ANTI-INFLAMMATION ZONE by Dr.
Barry Sears… we’ll be talking about that in the next
few blogs.

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