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Call To Action – Time for ENV2! – Sept. 6, 2013

Call To Action – Time for ENV2! –  Sept. 6, 2013

Today I didn’t get much done.  I did watch the newest video sent

out by Dave Sharpe.

I’ll INCLUDE IT HERE for you to watch.

At some point I need to get that video on Facebook for everyone
to see, because it’s THAT GOOD!

I am sending it out to everyone on my distribution list.  The video is
talking about what’s coming up on Sept 30th in Empower Network.

ENV2 which stands for Empower Network Version 2… completely
new blogging system that puts the others to shame.  Blogs will
automatically be posted on ALL social networks for everyone to see.

Watch the video.  You don’t need enter your information … I
already have it if you’ve registered so I’ll send you all the future videos.
Enjoy your weekend!  If you haven’t already registered click
on the link below to be added.