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I BELIEVE by Elvis Presley

This morning I woke up humming the song,
“I BELIEVE”…. by Elvis Presley!

I looked up the lyrics and found these
words of comfort for my business.

I said to myself….. “this is exactly what
we all need to know about Empower Network”.


We need to BELIEVE…

We need to KNOW that someone will come
to “show the way”….

We have  the team Facebook Page….

We have the Team Website….
We have the daily “wake up calls”….

We have the weekly “Empower calls”….

We have the weekly “Extreme Team” calls….

We have it all…..  I BELIEVE in YOU!!!


“I believe for every drop of rain that falls
A flower grows,
I believe that somewhere in the darkest night
A candle glows.
I believe for everyone who goes astray
Someone will come to show the way.

I believe,
Oh, I believe.”

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Jerry and Diane




Call To Action – Insanely Simple – Nov 5 2013

Call To Action – Insanely Simple – Nov 5 2013

Insanely Simple… a book about Apple’s philosophy in developing the IPhone..
That’s why it only has one button on front… keep it simple to operate and use.

That’s the way Empower Network it… Just capture leads and send emails… it’s
that simple..

Here’s what Our Mentor Tony Rush had to says about it today… Enjoy!

Imagine this. You’re walking along a path and come to this boulder.

big rock pic

It’s huge. It’s been there for thousands of years. And it’s right in your way.

You have two options

A. You can spend your time trying to crush the boulder or otherwise remove it from your path….

B. You can go around it.

Today’s Wake Up Call Replay is all about keeping the main thing the main thing.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed because you had an obstacle in your path…..the best realization you can have is to understand that you don’t have to conquer obstacles. You can just go around them.

What do YOU get from this message?

Listen here: https://www.freeconferencing.com/playback.html?cid=conferences%2F111-17-65-6710-17-65-67-17-65-6786-17-65-67121-17-65-671-17-65-673287-17-65-676921.mp3&e=1498798860000&cn=51-87-32-24

Join us every morning (except Friday) for our Wake Up call… 712-432-0075 pin 310877#

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Jerry and Diane


Call To Action -Friday October 18th, at 3pm EDT the shopping cart goes live for “The Blog Beast” ENV2



Friday October 18th, at 3pm EDT  the shopping cart goes live for “The Blog Beast”.

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I wanted to send you a personal message, and just share how proud I am of you, and what you’ve done over the course of this launch. Right now (as of writing this) the videos have over 12,000 comments, and we’ve needed 20 servers (yes, 20) just running the launch site, http://blogbeast.com/redemption/?id=shelter

As far as the launch, this is about to take Empower Network to a whole new level of success. I believe that over the next week, we will have the BIGGEST launch in internet marketing history, and how big it is, and what we do together, is all up to you.

And what YOU do MATTERS.

Tomorrow, sales are going to start accruing for the contest that you can see by clicking here now:


Get ready.

Get your list ready.

Get ready to send out a MASSIVE amount of energy, attention, and emails together with us tomorrow.

Right at 3pm EDT.

This last video, you won’t believe how this story ends.

It really is…


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…let’s lock arms, and fight the forces of evil.

You ROCK my friend.


Jerry and Diane

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You rock.

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Jerry and Diane





Call To Action – When In Doubt, Call – Aug 30, 2013

Call To Action – When In Doubt, Call – Aug 30, 2013

Yes, I have to take my own advice here.  I, just like every other man, have often refused to “stop and ask directions”.  Ever heard of that negative trait of men?  For some reason, men refuse to ask directions. 

I assume it’s a macho thing… we’re supposed to know everything. But take it from me… we don’t. 

For example, I’ve struggled for a month doing what I’m supposed to do.  I watched videos, listened to audios, did email marketing, internet marketing, Facebook Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Solo Ad marketing, and others that are easily accessed. I checked my lead capture pages, NOTHING….. after a full month. 

So, what did I do today…. I just couldn’t stand it any longer…. I MADE THE DREDDED CALL!  Boy was I surprised how quickly I got my answer.  I had submitted TWO trouble tickets and had not received an answer.  I had done research on where the leads are posted (I thought)… again NOTHING… But today, I got my answer.  After talking to Josh on the phone, he said, “just click on the lead capture page” icon and then the “see all leads” button….. I had NEVER seen that button before… Was I surprised to find 243 leads that want more information? èYES!

I “thought” my squeeze pages were capturing the leads AND sending follow-up emails… but they don’t do that… I had to develop my own follow-up pages to be sent out by AWeber… I have an AWeber account but it was not set up …..so I’ve done that today… AND imported my contacts.  So I feel like I’m on my way. 

I’ve also integrated my AWeber and my Facebook page as well as Twitter and AWeber.  I’ve also composed my welcome email and my first follow-up email.  That’s what I’ll do over the weekend… develop more follow-up emails.

That’s it for now… I’m even more excited now that I see the system working.  I just had to do my part… I’m learning !!!

Click HERE to Join me in my ventures into Internet Marketing… looks like it’s working the way it’s supposed to work.

Until tomorrow.





Call To Action! Aug.13, 2013

Call To Action!


Last night I mentioned that I had the idea (from listening to audios).  The idea is to do some research using the Google Adwords Tool and identify some KEYWORDS that are highly searched (SEO- Search Engine Optimization).  THEN take that (or those) KEYWORD(S) and place it in the title of every one of my previous blogs.  Well I did that tonight!  For some reason the Empower Network blogs have been banned from Facebook so I have to use the WORDPRESS Blog on Facebook.  The problem there is that the only links I have to my squeeze page is the link within my blog.  On the Empower Network Blogging system (also using WordPress),even though I can not post the blog on Facebook, there are several advertising pictures and links to my capture pages.  Strange isn’t it!!!!

As I mentioned above, the idea came to me as I was listening to some recorded conference calls provided to the INNER CIRCLE of the Empower Network.  I had also noticed, CASPAR my blogging buddy in London, has also been using the same title to all his blogs.  The more words are used the higher rank the word has in a Google search.  So repeating KEYWORDS (or should I say the SAME KEYWORDS) over and over will eventually cause a KEYWORD to show up on the front page of a Google search.  That’s what we all want!  It was a CALL TO ACTION for me to do that and that was also my KEYWORD phrase that I put in all my blogs.

Tomorrow I’ve got to get back to my stats on the YouTube advertising to see how they’re doing and I also have to place more banner ads on ADHITPROFITS.com  (and some others).

I’ll also add the same KEY WORD PHRASE on all my WORDPRESS blogs to give them even more exposure. That’s all for tonight, except for this video I found about Empower Network that I liked.  So click here and watch it and enjoy it.


Also you should click on my squeeze page and watch the FREE video that caught my attention and caused me to sign up with Empower Network.. Join me!!