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Taking New Territory

I was attending a small group leadership meeting this week
and one of our pastors, Miles Welch gave a short message
on Taking New Territory.

While this message was for those of us leading small groups
within our church, it’s an excellent message for those of us
running a home based business.

I’ll not even try to present the entire message, though you
would love it…. But only the highlights that apply to our

The basis for the story of Taking New Territory is from Joshua
Chapter 5.  You might recall that the Israelites had been
wondering in the desert for 40 years, primarily because of
all the murmuring and complaining they were doing after
leaving Egypt….. They wanted a QUICK entrance to their
new life.

Isn’t that the way we are with our new business?  We are soooo
excited about the new opportunity and want immediate
compensation from the new business even though we
haven’t yet “worked” the business.  WE WANT IT NOW!!!!

That’s the way it was with the Israelites that escaped Egypt,
they wanted immediate access to “the promised land”.

But….. because of their impatience and complaining they
could not make a go of it… so they just kept “wondering”
in the desert…… 40 years…..


Because that’s how long it took for all the murmurs and
complainers to “die off”…or quit as we might say in the
Home Business Industry.

Notice…. When we are murmuring and complaining, we’re
not “producing”…

No…. it took a new leader, with a vision for the “GOOD”
that was ahead of them to lead them to their “Promised Land”.
A land flowing with milk and honey!

WOW,   isn’t that where we all want to be?

I’m stopping this message now, because it’s already
over 300 words.  But, tomorrow we’ll begin talking
about what Pastor Miles refers to as the prerequisites
to Taking New Territory.  These prerequisites are:
Holiness, Hunger and Humility.

We’ll talk about these attributes later but keep in
mind…. With each of these traits, it also takes

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Jerry and Diane