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Call To Action – Finally Making It Work – Sept 13-2013

Call To Action – Finally Making It Work – Sept 13-2013

I must say….. I didn’t get my Blogging done last night and
didn’t even get it done early this morning…. I had stayed up
until 2am the night before so I was tired after being busy
all day too…

So here I am tonight on Friday the 13th…. So what???
I feel very complete today with my Internet Marketing
business.  I’ve spent the day and last night making sure
I got the AD TRACKING in place and working.  It has
even been tested and proves to be working. 

I set up three campaigns last night, one for blogging,
one for emails and one for Facebook.  I’ve even learned
how to SHARE CAMPAIGNS and the follow-up messages
as well as the BROADCAST messages.  SO I’m ready…..

I had submitted a Solo Ad before I get everything set up
and I’ve already got leads coming in from those.  I got
two leads in today.  So my leads are growing the right
way now, the follow-up messages are going out, AND
I’m on my way to 500 LIKES on my Facebook page….
check it out too:

I’m believing for an actual customer or affiliate to come
on board over the weekend.  It’s GOING TO HAPPEN.

Oh yes… just to follow-up with all of you on my
earlier leads ( folks that had actually clicked on my
advertising links….)  all 245 of them.  Putting the
leads into Aweber requires them to do a DOUBLE
… so, so far I only have 18 that have clicked
on the link for DOUBLE OPT-IN.  Still waiting for the
others to click on the link.

One of the things I like about Pure Leverage is the
automatic double opt-in.  I won’t get as many leads
but the leads I do get will be lasting leads and leads
that are truly interested.  We’ll see…..

So that’s it for tonight… short and PoSiTiVe!!!

This is going to work… mark my words…..

For now… Good Night… AND….




Call To Action – Time for ENV2! – Sept. 6, 2013

Call To Action – Time for ENV2! –  Sept. 6, 2013

Today I didn’t get much done.  I did watch the newest video sent

out by Dave Sharpe.

I’ll INCLUDE IT HERE for you to watch.

At some point I need to get that video on Facebook for everyone
to see, because it’s THAT GOOD!

I am sending it out to everyone on my distribution list.  The video is
talking about what’s coming up on Sept 30th in Empower Network.

ENV2 which stands for Empower Network Version 2… completely
new blogging system that puts the others to shame.  Blogs will
automatically be posted on ALL social networks for everyone to see.

Watch the video.  You don’t need enter your information … I
already have it if you’ve registered so I’ll send you all the future videos.
Enjoy your weekend!  If you haven’t already registered click
on the link below to be added.




Call To Action – When In Doubt, Call – Aug 30, 2013

Call To Action – When In Doubt, Call – Aug 30, 2013

Yes, I have to take my own advice here.  I, just like every other man, have often refused to “stop and ask directions”.  Ever heard of that negative trait of men?  For some reason, men refuse to ask directions. 

I assume it’s a macho thing… we’re supposed to know everything. But take it from me… we don’t. 

For example, I’ve struggled for a month doing what I’m supposed to do.  I watched videos, listened to audios, did email marketing, internet marketing, Facebook Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Solo Ad marketing, and others that are easily accessed. I checked my lead capture pages, NOTHING….. after a full month. 

So, what did I do today…. I just couldn’t stand it any longer…. I MADE THE DREDDED CALL!  Boy was I surprised how quickly I got my answer.  I had submitted TWO trouble tickets and had not received an answer.  I had done research on where the leads are posted (I thought)… again NOTHING… But today, I got my answer.  After talking to Josh on the phone, he said, “just click on the lead capture page” icon and then the “see all leads” button….. I had NEVER seen that button before… Was I surprised to find 243 leads that want more information? èYES!

I “thought” my squeeze pages were capturing the leads AND sending follow-up emails… but they don’t do that… I had to develop my own follow-up pages to be sent out by AWeber… I have an AWeber account but it was not set up …..so I’ve done that today… AND imported my contacts.  So I feel like I’m on my way. 

I’ve also integrated my AWeber and my Facebook page as well as Twitter and AWeber.  I’ve also composed my welcome email and my first follow-up email.  That’s what I’ll do over the weekend… develop more follow-up emails.

That’s it for now… I’m even more excited now that I see the system working.  I just had to do my part… I’m learning !!!

Click HERE to Join me in my ventures into Internet Marketing… looks like it’s working the way it’s supposed to work.

Until tomorrow.