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The Power Of Focus vs Drifting … Which is better??

what success looks like

Drifter:  a person who is continually moving from 
              place to place, without any fixed home or job.

synonyms:wanderertravelertransient, roamer, itinerant,

“a lonesome drifter who had come from parts unknown”

Are you a drifting along in your business?

I can just picture in my mind an old cowboy movie
where a cowpoke would ride into the town looking
for work.

The townsfolk would ask him where he was from and
he would just respond, “I’m just an old drifter”.

Meaning he went from town to town without a home.

That’s the way many of us are (were) with our online

Watch this short video describing how Napoleon
Hill was interviewing the Devil and the Devil was
telling him how he CONTROLS all drifters.

If you want to change from drifting to a person controlling
their own destiny, just watch the video and click on the
link to learn more.



ps… click here to watch this short video.

Keep Running- Stay focused – Face that fear

4 minute mile

“Keep running- Stay focused. Face that fear,
when you do, it will change your life.”

These words were spoken by Coach Colman,
played by Richard Jenkins to Drew Jacobs played
by Kelly Blatz from the movie 4 Minute Mile.

WOW!!! That was powerful.

Diane and I watched the move last night and
Coach Colman was so specific in his words and
actions.  His responses when Drew failed to
achieve specific goals in his training.

Do it or else!

That was his attitude.

You have to want to do it, to do it.

This applies to everything in life.

You have to want it.

Whether it’s a JOB you want, or
an accomplishment in a sporting event

This also applies to our health.

We have to want good health.  I mean
really , really want it.

Diane and I were talking today about wanting
to lose weight. Seems we’ve been playing
around with that desire.  Seems also that
when we KNOW we need to do something
we get into a state of “getting ready”, which

Because,,,,, we’re getting ready to start losing weight.

It just simply doesn’t matter what it is..

Same with Internet Marketing, Network Marketing,
and any other endeavor, we have to “Keep running-
Stay focused. Face that fear, when you do, it will
change your  life.”

Think about that for a minute.  Then think
about what you want.

Do you want to be successful in improving
your health?

Do you want to be successful in improving
your income?

Do you want to develop your Network Marketing

Whatever …..

Keep running… Face that fear and do it anyway!

Come join us in ASEA.  You’ll be glad you did.

We have a support team,,,, like coach Colman to
help you gain success.

Just click on this link to learn more.


Jerry and Diane




Call To Action – FOCUS on PROMISES- Sept 15 2013

Call To Action – FOCUS on PROMISES-  Sept 15 2013

Today’s message at church was about Abraham and the Promises
God gave him.  God said, “Abraham I promise you, if you TRUST ME
I will give you a GREAT NATION, a GREAT LAND and a GREAT
—– paraphrased of course….

God went on to say to Abraham:
I will forgive ALL your sins;
I will be your protector and provider;
I will hear and answer your prayer;
I will give you WISDOM.

PRESSURES came to Abraham because Abraham wanted
everything God had promised, and he wanted them NOW.
So Abraham decided to take things into
his own hands…. He said, God, you promised me a child and
here we are OLD…. How is that going to happen? Sarah went
to Abraham with an IDEA of her own…. Let’s have a baby with my
maid servant and we’ll get this thing going…. HE DID and that started
all the issues we’re currently having in the world today….
Abraham’s responsibility was to RESPOND WITH TRUST!

What was Abraham FOCUSING on??? Instead of FOCUSING on
the PROMISES, he started FOCUSING on the PRESSURES!  When
we FOCUS on the PROMISES, the PRESSURES fade!

Isn’t that the way it is with all of us…. WE WANT IT NOW!!!

Watch This YouTube Video about patience with the Cookie
  Notice that by waiting he got the PROMISE!!

NOW to talk about Internet Marketing…. How can we relate
what we do in our business to Abraham and what he did?

Abraham was on the right track… God said, I want you to move.
So, Abraham and his family picked up and relocated.  They
didn’t know where they were going,,, they were just
trusting GOD…. Things went pretty well with Abraham UNTIL
he went off “on his on” and didn’t trust GOD (the system).

Think about EMPOWER NETWORK… This business model
started in 2011 and is now paying affiliates more than any
other affiliate marketing business.  100% commissions are
paid on EVERY SELL…
What that means is we just need ONE
customer to break even… ALL THE REST IS PROFIT….

Yes, there are other systems out there and lots of good ones,
but this is the only one that pays 100% commission ALL

So if you’re starting a new business, consider Empower
… get it going, then move on the Pure Leverage
and then to 20minute Payday…. All three are good, but
sometimes we need to move cautiously to keep from
spending too much money while we’re LEARNING.  Be
patient, the money is there for us… just GET IN, FOLLOW
and good things will come!

You can BANK ON IT!!!





Call To Action – FOCUS – Sept 7, 2013

Call To Action – FOCUS – Sept 7, 2013

Tonight Diane and I began watching a movie called Far
and Away
, starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

The movie, situated in the 1890’s  is about how a poor
Irish farmer (Tom Cruise) and a wealthy rebellious Irish
girl (Nicole Kidman) teamed up (reluctantly) to escape Ireland
at a time when wealthy land owners were overcharging
the poor farmers for their land… so the farmers
began a revolution.  Needless to say, Nicole and Tom were
incompatible and always arguing.

After arriving in America, Nicole’s money was stolen, so that left
the two of them “BROKE”. Their dream was to go to
Oklahoma where 100 acre homesteads were being given
away to those who could “win the race” and get their flags
posted on the available 100 acre land sites.

To get money Tom became a boxer and Nicole worked in
a chicken factory, plucking chicken feathers (tough job for
a spoiled rich girl.  Tom was winning ALL his fights
and making lots of money (for those times).  One
night he came home with $4.00 and Nicole said, “WOW, that’s
more money than I make in a month at the chicken factory.

So, she became an encourager for Tom and slowly they fell in
love (as you would expect).  Then in one of the fights Nicole was
there watching.  There was lots of money on Tom to win and
Tom’s portion of the winning pool would be $50.

While the fight was going on, Nicole was being harassed and
grappled by some of the wealthy betters.  Needless to say
Tom saw this and began watching Nicole and really got
beat up…. At that point Diane said to me, “He lost his FOCUS!”
Yes! He lost his FOCUS and lost the fight and was kicked
out of boxing.  They had to start over from scratch.

Now to get to the point of this blog, Tom lost his FOCUS and
his money.  That LOSS OF FOCUS caused them to lose what
they had and forced them to start over.  Who wants to do that?

Toward the end of the movie Tom got his FOCUS back and
became focused on getting one of those 100 acre land sites.
Needless to say, he succeeded!  YEA!!!

FOCUS was everything!  Without FOCUS he was losing
everything he desired.  With FOCUS, he was succeeding
in everything he did.  Do you get that???

FOCUS produces WINS, lack of FOCUS produces loss!

It’s that simple!   So what are YOU FOCUSING ON?

Tonight I placed more Solo Ads, trying to get those leads
coming in again.  I needed to stop focusing totally on
getting the Aweber system set up and begin FOCUSING
on getting more leads coming in.

Now I have both working so I’m looking forward to the
next couple of weeks.


and sign up for my emails and I’ll keep
you up-to-date on what’s going on.  I’ll even help you
get your dreams.  Work with me and I’ll work with you!

So for tonight… that’s it!