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Plans To Bring About The Future You Hope For.

Plans To Bring About The Future You Hope For.
The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior cropped
“Two monks, one old, one very young, walked
along a muddy path in a rain forest, on their
way back to a monastery in Japan. They came
upon a lovely woman who stood helplessly at
the edge of a muddy, fast-flowing steam.
Seeing her predicament, the older monk
swept her up in his strong arms and carried
her across. She smiled at him her arms around
his neck, until he put her gently down on the
other side. Thanking him, she bowed, and the
monks continued on their way in silence.
As they neared the monastery gates, the young
monk could no longer contain himself. “How could
you carry a beautiful woman in your arms? Such
behavior does not seem proper for a priest.”
The old monk looked at his companion replying,
“I left her back there. Are you still carrying her?”
So, I ask the question, “Are you still hanging on to
the past?”
Many of us are.
We tend to let our minds think about past
events, past circumstances, past failures and
dwell on these events way too long. Hanging
on to the past.
Prov. 4:23 says, “Be careful how you think;
your life is shaped by your thoughts.”
Our church service today was on GUILT and
the main lesson was on our thinking about
the past. The CROSS renovates the way we
think about our past!
What does this mean?
It means the price has been paid on our behalf.
It means we need to ask for forgiveness, and
move on.
I have many favorite scripture verses and
Phil 3:13 is one of them.
Philippians 3:13Good News Translation (GNT)
13 Of course, my friends, I really do
not (yet)[a] think that I have already won
it; the one thing I do, however, is to forget
what is behind me and do my best to
reach what is ahead.”
Isn’t that great???
What could be a better response to actions
of the past. Paul was once a tormentor of
Christians… He had a lot of garbage he could
be haning on to, but NO…. he chose to “forget
what is behind….”
We may have many things in our lives that we
need to forget and move on, like Paul did.
But… if we keep hanging on to the past, events
past failures, we will tend to “stay in the past”.
We will stay in that place of guilt, shame and
Knowing the CROSS renovates the way we
think about the past means we have forgiveness
for these past actions and we can start thinking about
the future and the plans GOD has for us. Things that
we need to do. Things we need to complete.
Whatever this is for you… Grab on to the CROSS and
forget the past. It’s over.
Now we can reach for that place of peace,
that place of forgiveness, that place of
righteousness, that place of redemption.
It’s OVER, BEHIND us so let’s move on.
That’s the way it is with everything in life.
Once it’s over and done with, let’s begin moving
on to those new goals and dreams GOD puts in
our hearts.
I like the Nike statement, JUST DO IT!
That’s what GOD is saying also… JUST DO IT!
So… now that all that is behind us.. let’s move
on to our goals.
What are they?
Are they to get a new Job?
Are they to start a new entrepreneurial venture?
Whatever it is, JUST MAKE UP YOUR MIND and
Diane and I are excited about our future.
” I alone know the plans I have for you, plans
to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans
to bring about the future you hope for.” –Jer 29:11
Isn’t that exciting!!!

YES, It is!
Pray about your future and your hopes. Tell us what
they are. Let us help you!
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Jerry and Diane