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Call To Action – 50 Powerful Call To Action Phrases Aug 14, 2013

Call To Action – 50 Powerful Call To Action Phrases           Aug 14, 2013

Today will be my 25th Blog with lots to learn (still).  Last night I added another video to the YouTube ad and made a few changes to the WORDs in the Ad…. I used the word FREEDOM…. And the whole ad was rejected because I couldn’t use that word….. and that’s what “I’m ALL ABOUT”…. FREEDOM!!!   I’ll never stop using that word…. Except in a YouTube Ad, I suppose…. Touchy, touchy, touchy!

I changed that word tonight and resubmitted it….and Added another Call To Action Phrase to it.  Speaking of Call To Action Phrases, I was researching, listening to more webcast recordings and snooping the internet when I came across an article from Shoestring Marketing.  It sounded like something I would like (since I have a shoestring budget).  I read the article and it had a link to “50 POWERFUL CALL TO ACTION PHRASES”.  I love it… just what I needed so tonight I’m going to give you 5 of them.  Then maybe more each night so here goes…


  1. 1.      CLICK HERE.
  3. 3.      DOWNLOAD NOW.
  5. 5.      REPLY TODAY.

So what does it mean to have these words (powerful call to action phrases) in your blogs?  Well, TRAFFIC!!! That’s what we all want.

So as you are reading this blog I want you to CLICK HERE to join my EMAIL LIST.


Since I don’t have anything, YET, for folks to download, I’ll skip that for now.

REPLY TODAY and watch an important announcement about HOW TO MAKE MONEY WAYS TO MAKE MONEY.

That’s it for tonight. TRY IT FREE (tease for tomorrow).



“Getting rich by yourself is cool, but not nearly as cool as getting rich with your friends and taking your team with you”-Dave Sharpe

Getting rich by yourself is cool, but not nearly as cool as getting rich with your friends and taking your team with you”-Dave Sharpe

Cool statement made by Dave Sharpe, Co-Founder of Empower Network.  This is something all of us have dreamed.  GETTING RICH!!! Well it’s not only GETTING RICH, but making sure others GET RICH with you.  What good is it to have everything you want and you are ALONE.  Everyone else is still on the J-O-B!  Having to work from 8-5 with a two week vacation where you travel to the home of relatives because you can’t afford to go where you want.  If that’s YOU, it’s time to make a decision to Join Empower Network.  As I mentioned yesterday while talking about VISION, that “without a vision, the people perish.”  Habakkuk 2:2 tells us WRITE THE VISION, MAKE IT CLEAR SO THOSE WHO READ IT CAN RUN (with you) TO ACCOMPLISH THAT VISION. That makes it clear that WE CAN”T DO IT ALONE, or at least we shouldn’t try and do it alone.  Let’s take people with us on our quest for our dreams.

We are part of the Nikken Wellness Team with the TOTAL WELLNESS HOME.  We love the products and we love the business.  Most of all we love the part of the business called HUMANS BEING MORE.  This is a class that every wellness consultant attends when they become a SILVER LEVEL CONSULTANT.  This class causes one to reach down into themselves to draw out their hidden desires and causes them to see themselves as GOD sees them.  As OVERCOMERS, CAN DO people, WELL ABLE to accomplish great things.  Part of that class is taking the time to actually create a VISION BOARD.  If you’ve never seen or heard of a VISION BOARD watch this video by April Morris about her vision and her vision board.  It’s a good lesson on what we must do to keep that vision before us.  Here’s the link -à http://tinyurl.com/m8bfjaj

I was reading another blog today and came across one by Linda Hampton, part of the Women’s Network of Entrepreneurs.  A powerful group dedicated to blogging about how to become successful.  Her blog today was about FINDING THE TIME TO BE SUCCESSFUL.  The basics of her blog is the EVERYONE has the same amount of time each day.  And every one of the 1440 minutes we have each day is used us, exhausted, done away with, extinguished in some fashion.  IF we’re to take on something new, like Blogging to become successful, we must “find the time to do it”.   How do we do that?  Will Linda tells us in her blog today.

Check it out here –> http://tinyurl.com/lzelnng


WE MUST know where we want to go.  All roads lead someplace and as Yogi Berra is famous for saying, “” When you come to a fork in the road….Take it “.  WELL, that’s NOT exactly what we want to do.  We want to know where we’re going and what it takes to get there.  So, let’s develop the plan to get there together.  Join me and many others who have MADE THE DECISION and have TAKEN ACTION to get what we want out of life.  It’s there for the taking and as Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe would say, “Getting rich by yourself is cool, but not nearly as cool as getting rich with your friends and taking your team with you”. Click on the link below and join us.  IT’s just $25.00.

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