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Call To Action Nutrition and Surveys from LA Daily News

Call To Action Nutrition and Surveys from LA Daily News


Well here we are in Southern CA….

I picked up Sundays edition of the LA Daily News and on the front page was an article entitled:



This article was written for the LA Times by Susan Abram and two quotes stood out, to me.

“We’re delaying death in people, but not necessarily prolonging life.” – Dr. Patrick Dowling, UCLA Professor


Then the article is broken into two parts:

  1. Nutrition:

    “Love of fast foods shows up on our waistlines and in our medicine cabinets.”

  2. Survey: “Obesity Rising: The average American adult is more than 24 pounds heavier today than in 1960.”-LANG Research

NUTRITION…….. Americans lost control of their waistlines more than 30 years ago, says Susan Abrams in the LA Daily News for Sunday January 19th.

Susan relays these facts from the CDC,

  1. 70 percent of American adults are either obese or overweight,

  2. 26 percent have diabetes,

  3. 31 percent have high blood pressure.

She quotes Dr. David Heber, Director of UCLA Center for Human Nutrition saying that,” the notion that nutritional foods, balanced meals, and more walking could ward off most chronic  illnesses and conditions faded in the 1980s” .  Along with this Dr. Heber states that, “ socioeconomic factors and aggressive marketing campaigns promoting fast food” contributes to the faded beliefs.

I find this article to be so energizing in that I have believed this for so long but have never seen it in writing as Susan so aptly records.

And there’s more…..

You might ask, “What socioeconomic factors are you talking about?”

Well I’ll tell you…… The fact that in the Carter and Reagan administration when interest rates were so high that the term “stay at home mom” almost vanished from the American scene…. Both parents working lead to more dependence on fast foods…..  fast foods lead to more overweight people.  In fact today only about a third of the families are what might be called “early traditional” families…. Where the mom stayed home and tended the children. 

I almost hate to say this, but that’s the way I grew up….. I and my wife believed that the mother should be home to raise the children….. now having said that… I had two daughters that I thought and taught could have or do anything any man could do….  I believed it then and I believe it now!!!   However, I believe our daughters have  become better moms themselves by being raised like that and even though  one daughter is a dietitian with an MS in exercise physiologist and the other has a BS in Nursing and served as a registered nurse, BOTH made the decision to stay home with the children….. and I’m  proud to say,,,, we have four “simply fantastic and well mannered grand-children”….. that’s what I call an “early-traditional family”.

Ok….. to further our conversation on the issue….

So….eating out became a “tradition” in many  homes where both parents worked.

This lead to  eating more “sugar and fat”, which has lead to nearly 60 percent of Americans with high LDL cholesterol.  Even though by 2010 that dropped to about 30% because of an increase in “statin” drug usage.  Not better eating.  AND these “statin drugs” have tremendous side-effects,  further increasing the heal problems in America.

Well I’ve said enough for tonight….. more tomorrow… and probably the next day.

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