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Where’s My Miracle?

grave robber

Since we’ve been talking about miracles
there seems to be irrefutable, Biblical evidence
that Miracles still happen today as they
did in Jesus’ time.

In fact, I have yet to find any indication that
miracles ceased with the apostles, but that’s
what we’ve been taught in many of our churches.


Soooo, that being said, I began to wonder….


I had knee replacement surgery four weeks ago
this very day.


Why didn’t I receive my miracle even with all the
prayer that went before.


In the book Grave Robber, Author Mark Batterson

Makes the comment, “Don’t seek miracles, seek
the Miracle Maker (Jesus)”


That being said, I see I was actually seeking the
Miracle, as many of us do when we’re asking
specifically for a healing (or whatever).


The Bible says, “All things are possible to him
who believes.”


Taking that scripture alone, means “ALL THINGS….”,

Yes,,,, even the miracle of healing my knees before


But that didn’t happen.


Mark Batterson says in his book, “… let me identify
two trip wires that keep us from stepping into the


In other words there are two things that primarily
keep us from receiving our miracle.



    predisposition toward disbelief.

For a miracle, but it feels like God didn’t hear
a word you had to say.


So let’s get back to MY miracle quest.


I’ve studied and read the Bible for years and the
more I read and study, the more the reality that
Satan comes to STEAL, KILL, and DESTROY; but
JESUS came that we might have life and have it
more abundantly.  The Bible says that we should
be living and walking in DEVINE health.


So….what happened?

 As I was feeling sorry for myself for NOT receiving

my miracle, especially after getting prepared to teach
that miracles happen today just like they did in
JESUS’ time; I had the following thoughts:


  1. We’ve grown up in a time where pastors
    and Bible teachers, justify the lack of
    miracles today by saying miracles disappeared
    with the disciples. After years of hearing
    this, it’s no longer questionable that DORMANT
    DISAPPOINTMENT comes into play as well as
  2. We’ve also grown up in an environment where
    things (health issues) can most likely be “fixed”
    by doctors and hospitals. That being so we
    tend to have or develop “faith” in the
    doctors and hospitals, than to trust and
    develop faith in God/Jesus/Holy Spirit.


It was like God was speaking to me directly when
thought number 2 popped into my mind.


YES, I declared…. I’ve put my faith in the medical
profession rather than GOD…. The medical profession
can replace my knees. The medical profession can
fix my eye site with glasses.  The medical profession
can resolve the hearing loss in my right ear with


In fact, being a Computer Scientist and Mathematician
by trade, it’s easier to believe the medical
profession can solve my issues than to have
to believe in God giving me my miracle.


AND, besides that we see ads on TV about the best
joint surgeons, the best cardiac hospitals, the best
eye specialist, the best whatever is just around the
corner from me to solve my problem for me.


I hated to admit this even to myself, when I believe
BELIEVES, and that we can say to this mountain
(problem), be plucked up and casts into the sea and
we can have what we say….


So, tomorrow night we go into our second teaching
about THE GRAVE ROBBER.  The ability to raise
Lazarus from the grave, the ability to change water
to wine, the ability to walk on water, the ability to
feed thousands with just a loaf of bread and two fish,
the ability to heal the lame, the ability to bring site
to the blind.  And even greater things shall WE do….


We have about six more lessons on this and I’ll blog
more about receiving miracles as we develop in
our study.


But remember and think on this one thing, “ALL


I’ve even looked up “ALL THINGS” in the Greek
language and sure enough it means, “ALL THINGS”.


More later.




Jerry and Diane