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More SPEED, FASTER Recovery, More Endurance from ASEA

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Are you an athlete?

Do you want more Speed on your runs?

Do you need to recover faster from your workouts?

Do you need more endurance in your day to day life??

Watch the VIDEO , click on picture or this link.


Jerry and Diane

Want more stamina, endurance and speedy recovery from workouts

I was watching some YouTube videos today about the fairly new
health product called ASEA.  As I was looking I  came across
this one by Dr. David Nieman, Professor of Health
Sciences at Appalachian State University.
It was interesting to hear his approach to researching the ASEA
product, because he had never heard of it.
Knowing this made it a more interesting video because hew
as doing double blind studies and recording the results
obtained by blood test and other athletic measures which
study stamina, endurance and recovery.
Even more important to me was the fact that the founders of
the ASEA company ask Dr. Nieman to reveal the “good and bad”
about the product.
Watch the attached video and see what you think.
We heard about ASEA from some friends who had had some
serious health issues after his Proton Treatments for
Prostate Cancer.  He was having severe pain because of the
treatments even though he no longer had signs of Prostate
Cancer…. Just severe pain.
The pain as so bad he had almost no mobility.  What little
he had was with the use of a “walker”.
After a few weeks on ASEA he was walking upright and without
a walker.  In fact, one would never even know he had had a
problem of any kind.
Because of this and the fact that we’ve known that couple a long
time… we started taking ASEA.
Even though Diane and I have been on it for just two days, we’re
beginning to notice some positive changes in our health.
Like Ripley’s  “BELIEVE IT OR NOT”, we’re committed to taking
the product everyday.  We’re also committed to watching
YouTube Videos and listen to testimonies of research and
health condition changes.
I’ve long been a believer that health begins and ends at the
cellular level and this is encouraging to us.
So….stay tuned to our emails and our posts….
Make a comment on any of our blogs or just reply to
our emails and we’ll be sure to communicate with you
about our results.
In the meantime…. Just keep up with us to see what’s
changing in our lives.
Jerry and Diane