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~~Call To Action BioMarkers for the Anti-Inflammation ZONE

Call To Action BioMarkers for the Anti-Inflammation ZONE

 A few blogs back I reported on the C-Reactive Protein ( CRP) bloodtest for a measure of the inflammation in our bodies….


A couple of days ago I started reading Dr. Barry Sears book, Anti-Inflammation Zone.

anti inflammation zone pic

Great book….. I found that there are a number of test that can determine the level of inflammation in our bodies… especially what he calls SILENT INFLAMMATION….

What is SILENT INFLAMMATION???? You might say…..

As the name implies…. It’s inflammation in our bodies that does not (YET) cause us pain.

Dr. Sears says that almost all pain comes from inflammation…. And if we don’t have pain now we WILL soon have it ….. IF we have a measure of inflammation in our bodies….

So…. We need it measured so  we can 1. Detect it 2. Do something about it.

Dr. Sears documents in his book 2 PRIMARY BIOMARKERS and 2 SECONDARY markers.

The primary markers are:

  1. Silent Inflammation Profile (SIP): This is the “gold standard” test for silent inflammation.  There is a long writeup about this in his book, but suffice

    to say…it measures the balance of pro-inflammatory eicosanoids and anti-inflammatory eicosanoids by measuring the key fatty acid building blocks in the bloodstream for eicosanoids.  These are the harmones that ultimately control inflammation. The key measure is the ARACHIDONIC ACID (or AA (bad)) against the Eico-sapentaenoic acid (or EPA(good)). This actual number should be around 1.5 to 3.0. The LOWER number is IDEAL.


  2. FASTING Insulin Levels (FIL):

    This is a measure of the insulin resistance in our bodies.  Dr. Sears says that Insulin Resistance is the underlying cause of obesity and type 2 diabetes and is characterized by excess insulin in the bloodstream.  The IDEAL measure of insulin resistance is 5 with good being 10….


    Dr. Sears says he firmly believes that high levels, say above 3.0 for SIP and above 10 for FIL is a solid predictor of your likelihood of developing cancer, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease.

    Two secondary measures of Silent Inflammation are the ratio of Total Triglycerides (TG) to HDL (or good cholesterol) and the measure of C-Reactive Protein (which we’ve discussed in an earlier blog).


    These two tests are usually covered by insurance and are the tests the doctor will likely run without hesitation….. HOWEVER….. when you ask for the SIP and FIL tests, you’ll likely get some flack from your doctor.  Mainly for two reasons….they are expensive and the insurance will “likely NOT “ pay for them….. soooo

    You’ll have to pay for them yourself….


    But…if you’re serious about your health… you’ll do this…

    Your ratio of TG/HDL should be no more than 2 and the CRP level should be no more than 1… or as Dr. Sears puts it….. IDEAL for both of these tests are LESS THAN 1,

    And GOOD is LESS THAN 2…

So…. A word to the wise…… get these tests run the next time you’re in for your physical….


For example…… you have to stay on top of it with your doctors… Last October I went in for my annual physical…. I had written on a note the tests that I wanted run on my blood…

When I got the results….none of the tests I requested were done…… WHY….. the doctor said he forgot about it…

NO OTHER REASON….. He did say I could come back in for another blood draw and he would do it….however I had just spent 3 hours there and I was frustrated….so I didn’t go back….

Now I have some additional tests to request…. Even though I Might have to pay for them…. I’m getting it done….

Remember….SIP is best…. FIL is second best…. The other two (TG/HDL ration and CRP) or lesser valuable tests…..but

If that’s all you can get….. get it done….

Next we’ll talk about how to eat right to correct any silent inflammation issues.




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Jerry and Diane


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Call To Action – What About Insulin?



Gosh I’m learning something new every day…..

Not just about Eating To Live, but about
Blogging and getting the blogs read!!!!

AND about working from home doing what I love!

Sound good?? (later)




Keep them short and to the point!!!!!

Especially around holiday time……


So Tonight it’s going to be short!!!


Last night we discussed how insulin is needed
to basically “feed our cells with nutrients”. 

  1. 1.     Insulin is the storage hormone that drives nutrients into cells.

But Excess Insulin causes us to get FAT!!!
(sounds like we’re talking about calories).



The key to effective eating is to eat foods that help
to level out our blood sugar and eat foods that
have been shown to decrease inflammation.


Let’s look at some of the foods that will help us
achieve our goal of leveling our sugar.



Protein & Fats-Protein should become a key
foundational element of our new eating plan.
Omega-3 fatty acids help to reduce internal
inflammation, a key factor in reversing insulin
resistance. Beans and peas are incredible food
sources as well. The combination of protein and
fiber really help to satisfy while providing slow
burning fuel to further stem insulin spikes.


Almonds. The health benefits of almonds make
them a perfect snack to add to your daily eating habit.
We should carry a baggie of plain raw almonds with us
all day and snack at will. In addition organic eggs are a
great source of protein packed insulin leveling foods.


Fruits-Fruits are important, yes, but are considered sugars.
We need to be choosy about the ones we eat. We want to
make sure you choose low sugar ones such as Pears, apples,
berries (the darker the better), plums, peaches, pomegranates,
and Avocado’s. The avocado may just be the king of the fruit
as its ability to lower cholesterol while preventing insulin spikes.


Vegetables– Don’t skimp on the green and brightly colored
vegetables, to provide almost ALL of our carbohydrate
intake. Also choose to eat at least two green salads daily.


Wholegrain starches-Always choose whole grains for our
starches and AVOID ALL processed foods. The ones that
make our preferred list include rolled oats, sweet
potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, and pot barley.


Ok… this is long enough for tonight… For other readings see
see the list of related articles below.


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Jerry and Diane



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Call To Action – More on Silent Inflammation!

Call To Action – More on Silent Inflammation!

Last night I started defining Silent Inflammation ….


Silent inflammation –  insidious inflammation that 
remains below the threshold of perceived pain, while 
reaking havoc in one’s body for years.  The latest
research has linked silent inflammation to the causes
of chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer,
type-II diabetes, autoimmune diseases and Alzheimer’s
  Silent inflammation involves the overproduction
of inflammatory producing eicosanoid hormones,
insulin and cortisol.  There are clinical tests that can
determine one’s level of silent inflammation.  Appropriate
dietary changes, quality supplements and lifestyle
modifications can reduce silent inflammation and
one’s risk for chronic disease.- Alternity Healthcare, LLC


The statement above mentions:

1. Eicosanoid
2. Insulin and
3. Cortisol

Let’s talk about these briefly….

  1. 1.     Eicosanoids are produced by every cell in our body.
    Although they might be considered primitive hormones,
    they control everything from our immune system to
    our brain and heart.


It does not discriminate….

“they control everything….. “

We need to stand up and take notice!!!!

Also note that there are two kinds of eicosanoids,
those that promote inflammation (pro-inflammatory)
and tissue destruction and those that stop inflammation
(anti-inflammatory) and promote healing. We need to
have both kinds
in the proper balance in order to be
in a state of wellness.

The basic problem here is that we tend to overproduce
the PRO-INFLAMMATORY because of what we eat….

It is the imbalance of these eicosanoids that causes
silent inflammation.” –Dr. Barry Sears

Here’s what we must do:

First, we must modify what we eat! Anti-inflammatory
eicosanoids-or good ones—come from eating a diet
rich in long-chain omega-3-fatty acids (found in fish oil)
and “LOW” in omega-6 fatty acids (found in high
concentrations of vegetable oils like corn, soybean,
sunflower, and safflower). This is because long-chain
omega-3 fatty acids reduce pro-inflammatory eicosanoids.

WOW… this is getting way too deep for me….

Basically we need MORE Omega-3 and LESS Omega-6.
Stay away from corn oils, soybean oil, sunflower oil and
safflower oil…..

We know what that means….. We MUST READ LABELS!!!
Almost everything we purchase that is packaged has an
abundance of these PRO-Inflammatory oils in them…
Check it out…

My grand-daughter is HIGHLY allergic to Soy… and after
reading packages…. We found that almost everything
has Soy…… BEWARE!!!


  1. 2.     Insulin is the storage hormone that drives nutrients into cells.

Insulin is what determines if our cells are going to USE
Nutrients or STORE them for later use.  Excess Insulin
makes us fat and keeps us fat! 

It is this excess insulin that increases silent inflammation
by causing the formation of C-reactive protein. The
bottom line: controlling insulin is essential if we want
 to reverse silent inflammation and move toward a
state of wellness.

This is WHY it’s Soooo Important to have our CRP
checked at each doctor visit.

We need a MARKER to let us know what our
Inflammation level is.

3. When our body is in a constant state of silent
inflammation, it reacts to it by having our adrenal
glands pump out high amounts of cortisol, the
 primary anti-inflammatory hormone used to
decrease excess inflammation.

We tend to think of cortisol as a stress
hormone, but in reality it is an anti-stress hormone.
 At the cellular levels all stress creates an
inflammatory state,
and this causes a number
of nasty consequences such as increasing
insulin resistance (which makes us fatter),
killing nerve cells (which makes us dumber),
and depressing our entire immune system
(which makes us sicker). This is the collateral
damage that comes from increased silent inflammation.


So…tonight we’ve learned some HEAVY “stuff”…

To me….that’s more than I wanted to know…

Where do we go from here???

  1. Get our C-Reactive Protein Level checked. 

It should be between zero and one (or less than 1).


  1. Start eating right and keep track, (journal) what
    we eat.


  1. Stay aware of how we feel after eating.
    Did we have a “reaction” to anything we ate?

This reaction may not be an allergy…. But it can
cause us to be uncomfortable. 

NOTE: THE PLAN is a book written by Lyn-Genet Recitas.
In her book, she states that we may not show allergic
reactions to the foods we eat, but it’s been found
that we are REACTIVE to some 85% of the so called
healthy foods we eat.   REACTIVE….that means
they affect us NEGATIVELY somehow…


  1. Begin to eat as Dr. Fuhrman suggests in his book
    1. A large bowl of green salad
    2. Large serving of steamed greens
    3. Cup of beans
    4. At least one ounce of nuts and raw seeds
    5. At least 3 servings of fresh fruit
    6. Some tomatoes, peppers, onions,
           mushrooms, herbs, and garlic.
    7. Eliminate or reduce STRESS.

Now…. Sit back and think about this for awhile.

Go back and read it several times.  I will do you good!

Now, think about your life as it is now.

What do you want?

Can you see it?

Now, Make a wish.

Believe it, AND you will have it!

Think about how your life would be in every area
if you had your dream….

How would your health be?

How would your relationships be?

How would your family be?

How would your spiritual life be?

How would your financial life be?

Yes… you can have it all!..

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Until Tomorrow!


Jerry and Diane

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