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I BELIEVE by Elvis Presley

This morning I woke up humming the song,
“I BELIEVE”…. by Elvis Presley!

I looked up the lyrics and found these
words of comfort for my business.

I said to myself….. “this is exactly what
we all need to know about Empower Network”.


We need to BELIEVE…

We need to KNOW that someone will come
to “show the way”….

We have  the team Facebook Page….

We have the Team Website….
We have the daily “wake up calls”….

We have the weekly “Empower calls”….

We have the weekly “Extreme Team” calls….

We have it all…..  I BELIEVE in YOU!!!


“I believe for every drop of rain that falls
A flower grows,
I believe that somewhere in the darkest night
A candle glows.
I believe for everyone who goes astray
Someone will come to show the way.

I believe,
Oh, I believe.”

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Jerry and Diane




Call To Action –Eat To Live- 6 Week Plan


I’m almost finished reading the
book Eat To Live, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.


It’s been and eye opener for me in
that it’s showing how to reverse most
of the health conditions men my age
are experiencing.


I’m happy to report that I don’t have
any illnesses, I don’t take any Meds
and I do work out at the gym 3-5
days a week….. and I’m 70 years old.


I certainly haven’t eaten right all these
years and I gained weight that I shouldn’t
have gained…. And I’ve lost it…. Several
times…… as most of us have.


This book has shown me that I can eat
all I want….. and be satiated from
over eating ….. and still lose weight or
maintain my desired weight.


The key is to EAT TO LIVE…. By eating
the right foods and AVOIDING the
wrong foods….


So…. Tonight I’m giving you the EAT

TO LIVE Six-Week eating plan.  During
this time… if you have high cholesterol,
high blood pressure, high triglycerides…
If you have type-2 diabetes,,,have excess
body fat….. If you have hormonal
imbalances, glucose absorption issues,
varicose veins, hemorrhoids and
constipation…….these conditions can
be brought under control or at
least get you moving in the right
direction during this six week period.


Here’s what to do…..


Eat all you want…. (of these foods)
+ raw vegetables (force yourself
to eat at least 1lb daily) –I like this!
+cooked greens and non-green
nutrient-rich vegetables (1lb. daily)
-these veggies are: eggplant, mushrooms,
peppers, onions, tomatoes, carrots,

+beans, legumes, bean sprouts (1 cup daily)
+fresh fruits at least 4 daily.


Eat Limited amounts of these foods.

+cooked starchy vegetables or whole grains:
– butternut and acorn squash, rice, sweet
potatoes, cereal (not more than one
serving or one cup daily.) Use coconut or
almond milk preferably.

+raw nuts and seeds, 1 oz daily
+avocado, 2 oz daily

+dried fruit, 2 table spoons daily
+ground flaxseed, 1 tablespoon daily



+dairy products
+animal products
+between-meal snacks
+fruit juice (eat the fruit)


NOTE: these are the recommendations given
by Dr. Fuhrman and he does NOT believe in
MODERATION…. In fact he says….
Moderation KILLS…..


SO…. Take these guidelines and stick to them
for just six weeks.


Do this:

  1. 1.     Weigh yourself.
  2. 2.     Calculate your BMI.
  3. 3.     Subtract 24 from your BMI
    and Multiply that number by
    six(6)…. This will determine your
    desired weight.
    NOTE: athletes and muscular framed
    folks can and should use other measures.

NOTE 2…. Dr. Fuhrman uses another measure:

(MEN: 105 lbs for first five feet of height and
add 5 lbs for every inch over 5 feet.
WOMEN: 95 lbs for the first 5 feet of height
and add 4 lbs for every inch over 5 feet.

+man 5’8” should weigh 145 lbs
+woman 5’4” should weight 111 lbs.
(These weights seem low, but lean
people live longer)


Ok… that’s it for tonight…. Remember last
night I wrote about the PAIN OF DISCIPLINE,
and what it takes to accomplish great things.


Well… this requires the same effort.

Reminds me of Internet Marketing…. Same thing
here…. Discipline, structure, action…..

I love what Tom Peters wrote in his book
In Search Of Excellence…… READY, FIRE, AIM…


So….let’s get started… and make adjustments
along the way….


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financial dreams.

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Until then…


Jerry and Diane


Other References:

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Call To Action – Insanely Simple – Nov 5 2013

Call To Action – Insanely Simple – Nov 5 2013

Insanely Simple… a book about Apple’s philosophy in developing the IPhone..
That’s why it only has one button on front… keep it simple to operate and use.

That’s the way Empower Network it… Just capture leads and send emails… it’s
that simple..

Here’s what Our Mentor Tony Rush had to says about it today… Enjoy!

Imagine this. You’re walking along a path and come to this boulder.

big rock pic

It’s huge. It’s been there for thousands of years. And it’s right in your way.

You have two options

A. You can spend your time trying to crush the boulder or otherwise remove it from your path….

B. You can go around it.

Today’s Wake Up Call Replay is all about keeping the main thing the main thing.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed because you had an obstacle in your path…..the best realization you can have is to understand that you don’t have to conquer obstacles. You can just go around them.

What do YOU get from this message?

Listen here: https://www.freeconferencing.com/playback.html?cid=conferences%2F111-17-65-6710-17-65-67-17-65-6786-17-65-67121-17-65-671-17-65-673287-17-65-676921.mp3&e=1498798860000&cn=51-87-32-24

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Jerry and Diane