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Step FIVE of FIVE to Making Your Dreams Come True

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Over the last FOUR days we discussed the first FOUR steps
to making your dreams come true….
Day 1 “Doing things you don’t like doing, to do
things you dream of doing….”
Day 2 “Caution the arrogance of CONTROL..”
Day 3 “When under pressure, be the 3rd person.”
Day 4 “Learn to LAUGH under pressure.”

Now for step #5…

Under pressure you can learn what’s IMPORTANT.

Sometimes we may think…

I don’t want to learn that way….
I just want someone to tell me what to do..

The problem with that is ….
Most people don’t like to be told what to do

Do you???

Sometimes we have to experiment to see what
brings us closer to our dreams or drive us further

That makes me think of ways I’ve been experimenting
to make my business topic come up first on the
Google Search Engine….

I know… use Goodle AdWords…. Well I do that too…

If you don’t know what that is just watch a few Youtube
videos and you’ll learn what I mean…


The key is to know (learn) from the pressure…

The pressure of deadlines..

The pressure of failure…

The pressure of not knowing….

The total objective is to learn from every opportunity.

Or better stated…. “Every event is an opportunity to learn.”

It doesn’t matter if the attempt is a success or a failure.

Learn, Learn , Learn.

Who knows….. you may even find out that your DREAM
is NOT really what you wanted …..

  1. You have to do things you DON’T feel like doing,
    to do the things you DREAM of doing.
  2. Caution the arrogance of CONTROL.
  3. When under pressure, be the 3rd person.
  4. Learn to LAUGH under pressure.
  5. Under pressure you can learn what’s IMPORTANT.

Well, that’s it… FIVE Insights for Winning Under Pressure.

Take these insights and put them to use… Learn them…
and LEARN from them and you will be successful.

EnJoy ….





Jerry and Diane

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