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Call To Action – Are You Stressed and Fatigued?

Call To Action – Are You Stressed and Fatigued?


Yesterday I mentioned that I was taking
Diane to the doctor today…..

Well I did…. I had all my ammunition
ready because I was going to talk
with him about Adrenal Fatigue….

I had read about Adrenal Fatigue not
being a “REAL” medical term and was
not generally accepted by the Medical

I had collected information from Dr. James
Wilson’s book, ADRENAL FATIGUE:

It was actually Dr. Wilson that coined the
term, Adrenal Fatigue.

I had two surprises when we finally saw
the doctor…… after two and a half hours.

Number 1…… the doctor was a SHE….
Number 2….. SHE was very pleasant
and very familiar with the term.  She was
also a Physician Assistant  (PA)….

Her name was doctor Rachel….

So….. when I ask about some tests from
Dr. Wilson’s book, she was again very
agreeable to run the ones they could.

I wanted the ACTH test run to check for
problems with the Adrenal Glands.=====
she agreed!

I wanted the Salivary Cortisol test run
but again…she said they couldn’t run
that particular test but she could run
a Cortisol level test.  We agreed on that one.

She wanted to see my printout on Adrenal
Fatigue….looked at it and said…. OH… we
can also run the test to check Diane’s DHEA
level in her blood and a Thyroid test.

I had highlighted the paragraph that said,
“You may also want to see a physician well
versed in bioidentical hormone replacement,
and get tested to see if you could benefit
from the use of DHEA” …. Again… I was
pleasantly surprised..

So the nurses came in to start taking blood and
also give her a “breath test”…. So I left the room.

A short time later, Diane came out and said,
“We’re going to have to come back Monday,
they tried several times to hit my veins to get
blood for the tests, but couldn’t hit them.”


Ok…so we go back Monday,,,, but I’m VERY
pleased with Doctor Rachel and her whole

Will give another update Monday…..

But….one more thing I read last night in
the book, EAT TO LIVE.

Dr. Fuhrman made the comment,
“Before coming into my office, most
of my patients failed to achieve the
results they sought.  They experienced
either a worsening of their heart condition
or weight gain no matter what program
they chose, even those who followed a
vegetarian diet.  In my care, these same
patients are able to achieve impressive
results for the first time, because they “do it”
100 percent.  For some, “trying” is definitely
not good enough; it doesn’t work.”

Now I thought that statement was SUPER….

Why…… because that’s the same words I hear
over and over when we talk about Internet
Marketing……. When you WORK IT, or “do it”
100 percent….. and not just “TRY IT”…. It works.

It’s all in the decision and it’s all in the effort (work).

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B-Blessed this Thanksgiving and this Hanukkah.

Jerry and Diane



Call to Action – Sow the Pain of Discipline!

Call to Action – Sow the Pain of Discipline!



It now seems that every Sunday our pastor
teaches a lesson for Internet Marketers…..


Well….it’s not really his intention (I’m assuming)
but he really does a good job at motivating…
His intention is really to get his congregation
motivated to act like Christians…. To accomplish
great things…..

That really applies to what we’re doing in
internet marketing…..

So…here are a few of his key comments as
bullet points to each of us to read and
medicate on……

  1. Learn to sow the pain of discipline.
    He was talking about David and Goliath.
    David had worked hard at protecting his
    sheep with his sling-shot…
  2. He had a battle cry and BELIEVED what
    he was to accomplish would be accomplished.
  3. David practiced his faith daily so what he
    believed would come to pass. (He saw it
    in faith –he visualized it- before it happened.
    (We Christians practice our faith on Sunday
    but on Monday, on Tuesday, on Wednesday,
    …… what do we do)
  4. He conquered his fear…
  5. Saul (the King) promised the man that
    defeated Goliath three things:

    1. Great Wealth.
    2. His family would be exempt from taxes.
    3. He could marry the King’s daughter.

So you see there is great reward for overcoming
your fears, practicing your faith (practice the drill
in your head), developing the discipline (through
the pain of fear) to do what has to be done.

  1. Have Self Control.. concentrate on what you
    already have and not on what you need.

The pastor then ask each of us…. WHERE DO YOU NEED

So, what does this have to do with Internet marketing?

As I was sitting there taking note, I could just see myself
becoming more disciplined in doing the things
in my business that PRODUCE…..

I could develop a battle cry something like:

I could visualize what I want to accomplish daily
to achieve my goals.

I could JUST DO IT and conquer my fears.

I could think about and dream about the
income others are producing and begin to
produce it myself. (If others can do it, I can too).

Icould develop self-control and spend the time

necessary to make this happen..

YES I CAN….. and you can too!!

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Jerry and Diane

Call To Action – What the CRAP is CRP????

Call To Action – What the CRAP is CRP????

Let’s talk about Inflammation and CRP.

What the CRAP is CRP????


NO….we’re NOT talking about CRAP… we’re talking about

How does knowing what “CRP is” and knowing
OUR “CRP level” help us with our health?

How does it relate to Inflammation?

Well…. To start CRP stands for C-REACTIVE PROTEIN!


Now what does that mean and why should I
be interested??

All good questions…..so why is it that our
CRP level is not checked by our doctor unless we ask?? 

Then…. Like last time I asked… it
STILL wasn’t checked.

I went in for a routine physical last month and
asked specifically to have my CRP level checked
as well as my Vitamin D3 level…. NEITHER was

I called and ask why it wasn’t checked…. The Doctor
said, “It’s not covered by your insurance”.  I had already
told him that I wanted it checked.  I had even written
a note and handed it to the doctor and told him I would
PAY for it myself…. I just wanted to KNOW!!!

I must say,,,,he did say I could come back into his office
so he could get more blood for the test and he would
have it tested….. It had taken 3+ hours for my physical
so I wasn’t going back in ….. probably should have…. But
I was frustrated….

I asked my son-in-law in California who is
insured by Kaiser Insurance and treated by Kaiser
doctors to have his CRP checked……

Know what happened????? The doctor said NO!

Emphatically No….. he gave no reason, no excuse,
just said no, he was not going to check it.

My son-in-law said to the doctor….. DON’T YOU

Well it made no difference…. Still no CRP checkpoint.

Remember yesterday I talked a little about QUALITY
and the fact that “if you can’t measure it, you can’t
manage it”.  We have to have a “STARTING POINT”
measure of key indicators within our bodies in order
to track our health initiatives…. Remember Deming’s

Doctor Joseph Mercola recently wrote an article with
the title:


Getting Tested for CRP May Save Your Life


See the article here:


Mercola says, “According to findings, high levels
of a protein known as CRP (C-reactive protein) have
been found to increase one’s risk of heart disease.
In fact, studies have suggested the higher the CRP
level, the greater the risk.”

The Role of CRP

CRP measures inflammation and is made in the
liver and in cells lining our blood vessels. Levels of
the protein rise with factors that make heart
disease more probable, such as:

  • Obesity (there’s that word again)
  • Smoking
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol

Conversely, levels fall when patients lose weight,
stop smoking and get their diabetes and
cholesterol under control.

Notice, losing weight will help get our diabetes and
cholesterol under control…… that’s OUR responsibility,
NOT the responsibility of a PILL!!! (we’ll talk more about
that later).

Mercola says, “C-reactive protein is known to be a
marker for systemic inflammation.

Our CRP levels should measure between ZERO and ONE
or less than 1.0 (crp<1.0)

So if you’re feeling achy all the time and having lots
of aches and pains…. Be sure to get that CRP level
checked…. That MAY NOT be the total reason for
your issues,,,,but by measuring it and finding it
to be less than one will give you assurance that you
can manage it….or move to the next step in Wellness

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Jerry and Diane




Additional resources:

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