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Internet Marketing Day 2

Here it is…… Day 2……

I’ve MADE THE COMMITMENT, sooooo,,,,


even several times a day (Affirmations: I WILL….. ).

Again, what do I talk about??  I read over
what I posted yesterday and need to clarify
some things.  I said something like,
“It’s time to stop watching videos and listening to audios…” ,

That’s not exactly what I meant.

Empower Network is FILLED with good information…
especially from Dave and Dave  I love their training
videos.  LEARN something new about Internet Marketing
EVERY DAY…. that’s my new motto…

To do that it’s important to watch a video, listen to an
audio and read a motivational or inspirational book
every day for at least 20 minutes (learned that from my
Amway days).

Dave and Dave from the Empower Network
have created some great videos for “getting
starting”.  In fact, that’s what provoked me to
ACTION yesterday…. and my second one today….
So that makes the videos EFFECTIVE….
(adj: Successful in producing a desired or intended result.).

What do I do today to go to the next step….

TAKE action again… Video 3 says, MARKET DAILY…

Well I did it…. I made the decision to purchase
some SoloAd’s (and actually took action and did it).

That reminds me of the story of the 5 frog on the
log and 3 of them decide to jump off.  How many are
left on the log….. well more about that later too ….

Before watching the video training yesterday, I didn’t
even know what a SoloAd was…. really still don’t
know exactly, but Dave said they are EFFECTIVE,
so I purchased an Ad Pac… started at the $75 level…
100 UNIQUE CLICKS for $75… sounds good…

How many folks can I attract to my business with
100 clicks…. can’t wait to see and to even purchase more…

Dave says 20% of my income should be devoted to Marketing…
that’s what I’m going to do… can’t wait to get some INCOME….
but I know it won’t happen until I take ACTION…

JUST DO IT!!! I’ve always loved that Nike statement…

JUST DO IT!!!  What have I got to lose??? better yet…

What do I have to GAIN!!!!! Everything I’ve wanted!!!  That’s what…

So, I created what I thought was a great email for my SoloAd…
Named it…. sent it in to the Solo Ad company….
they didn’t like it….so now in the process of doing it
again and resubmitting it…

When I say, “Learn something new every day”,
I mean IT’S A MUST!!  If I’m going to build this
Internet Marketing Business, I must follow their
steps and thank God, they have produced a step-by-step Platform (or Process), by  which to take daily steps……

I’m back,,,took a break for awhile, where was I?????

Oh yes, I wanted to sort of recap the training from
yesterday so here goes…

1.I MUST make a decision.
2. I must take Action (today) on my decision.
3. If I truly want to  “build a big business I must -GET ALL IN”.



Jerry and Diane

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