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Call To Action Nutrition and Surveys from LA Daily News

Call To Action Nutrition and Surveys from LA Daily News


Well here we are in Southern CA….

I picked up Sundays edition of the LA Daily News and on the front page was an article entitled:



This article was written for the LA Times by Susan Abram and two quotes stood out, to me.

“We’re delaying death in people, but not necessarily prolonging life.” – Dr. Patrick Dowling, UCLA Professor


Then the article is broken into two parts:

  1. Nutrition:

    “Love of fast foods shows up on our waistlines and in our medicine cabinets.”

  2. Survey: “Obesity Rising: The average American adult is more than 24 pounds heavier today than in 1960.”-LANG Research

NUTRITION…….. Americans lost control of their waistlines more than 30 years ago, says Susan Abrams in the LA Daily News for Sunday January 19th.

Susan relays these facts from the CDC,

  1. 70 percent of American adults are either obese or overweight,

  2. 26 percent have diabetes,

  3. 31 percent have high blood pressure.

She quotes Dr. David Heber, Director of UCLA Center for Human Nutrition saying that,” the notion that nutritional foods, balanced meals, and more walking could ward off most chronic  illnesses and conditions faded in the 1980s” .  Along with this Dr. Heber states that, “ socioeconomic factors and aggressive marketing campaigns promoting fast food” contributes to the faded beliefs.

I find this article to be so energizing in that I have believed this for so long but have never seen it in writing as Susan so aptly records.

And there’s more…..

You might ask, “What socioeconomic factors are you talking about?”

Well I’ll tell you…… The fact that in the Carter and Reagan administration when interest rates were so high that the term “stay at home mom” almost vanished from the American scene…. Both parents working lead to more dependence on fast foods…..  fast foods lead to more overweight people.  In fact today only about a third of the families are what might be called “early traditional” families…. Where the mom stayed home and tended the children. 

I almost hate to say this, but that’s the way I grew up….. I and my wife believed that the mother should be home to raise the children….. now having said that… I had two daughters that I thought and taught could have or do anything any man could do….  I believed it then and I believe it now!!!   However, I believe our daughters have  become better moms themselves by being raised like that and even though  one daughter is a dietitian with an MS in exercise physiologist and the other has a BS in Nursing and served as a registered nurse, BOTH made the decision to stay home with the children….. and I’m  proud to say,,,, we have four “simply fantastic and well mannered grand-children”….. that’s what I call an “early-traditional family”.

Ok….. to further our conversation on the issue….

So….eating out became a “tradition” in many  homes where both parents worked.

This lead to  eating more “sugar and fat”, which has lead to nearly 60 percent of Americans with high LDL cholesterol.  Even though by 2010 that dropped to about 30% because of an increase in “statin” drug usage.  Not better eating.  AND these “statin drugs” have tremendous side-effects,  further increasing the heal problems in America.

Well I’ve said enough for tonight….. more tomorrow… and probably the next day.

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Call To Action – What About Insulin?



Gosh I’m learning something new every day…..

Not just about Eating To Live, but about
Blogging and getting the blogs read!!!!

AND about working from home doing what I love!

Sound good?? (later)




Keep them short and to the point!!!!!

Especially around holiday time……


So Tonight it’s going to be short!!!


Last night we discussed how insulin is needed
to basically “feed our cells with nutrients”. 

  1. 1.     Insulin is the storage hormone that drives nutrients into cells.

But Excess Insulin causes us to get FAT!!!
(sounds like we’re talking about calories).



The key to effective eating is to eat foods that help
to level out our blood sugar and eat foods that
have been shown to decrease inflammation.


Let’s look at some of the foods that will help us
achieve our goal of leveling our sugar.



Protein & Fats-Protein should become a key
foundational element of our new eating plan.
Omega-3 fatty acids help to reduce internal
inflammation, a key factor in reversing insulin
resistance. Beans and peas are incredible food
sources as well. The combination of protein and
fiber really help to satisfy while providing slow
burning fuel to further stem insulin spikes.


Almonds. The health benefits of almonds make
them a perfect snack to add to your daily eating habit.
We should carry a baggie of plain raw almonds with us
all day and snack at will. In addition organic eggs are a
great source of protein packed insulin leveling foods.


Fruits-Fruits are important, yes, but are considered sugars.
We need to be choosy about the ones we eat. We want to
make sure you choose low sugar ones such as Pears, apples,
berries (the darker the better), plums, peaches, pomegranates,
and Avocado’s. The avocado may just be the king of the fruit
as its ability to lower cholesterol while preventing insulin spikes.


Vegetables– Don’t skimp on the green and brightly colored
vegetables, to provide almost ALL of our carbohydrate
intake. Also choose to eat at least two green salads daily.


Wholegrain starches-Always choose whole grains for our
starches and AVOID ALL processed foods. The ones that
make our preferred list include rolled oats, sweet
potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, and pot barley.


Ok… this is long enough for tonight… For other readings see
see the list of related articles below.


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Call To Action – More on Silent Inflammation!

Call To Action – More on Silent Inflammation!

Last night I started defining Silent Inflammation ….


Silent inflammation –  insidious inflammation that 
remains below the threshold of perceived pain, while 
reaking havoc in one’s body for years.  The latest
research has linked silent inflammation to the causes
of chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer,
type-II diabetes, autoimmune diseases and Alzheimer’s
  Silent inflammation involves the overproduction
of inflammatory producing eicosanoid hormones,
insulin and cortisol.  There are clinical tests that can
determine one’s level of silent inflammation.  Appropriate
dietary changes, quality supplements and lifestyle
modifications can reduce silent inflammation and
one’s risk for chronic disease.- Alternity Healthcare, LLC


The statement above mentions:

1. Eicosanoid
2. Insulin and
3. Cortisol

Let’s talk about these briefly….

  1. 1.     Eicosanoids are produced by every cell in our body.
    Although they might be considered primitive hormones,
    they control everything from our immune system to
    our brain and heart.


It does not discriminate….

“they control everything….. “

We need to stand up and take notice!!!!

Also note that there are two kinds of eicosanoids,
those that promote inflammation (pro-inflammatory)
and tissue destruction and those that stop inflammation
(anti-inflammatory) and promote healing. We need to
have both kinds
in the proper balance in order to be
in a state of wellness.

The basic problem here is that we tend to overproduce
the PRO-INFLAMMATORY because of what we eat….

It is the imbalance of these eicosanoids that causes
silent inflammation.” –Dr. Barry Sears

Here’s what we must do:

First, we must modify what we eat! Anti-inflammatory
eicosanoids-or good ones—come from eating a diet
rich in long-chain omega-3-fatty acids (found in fish oil)
and “LOW” in omega-6 fatty acids (found in high
concentrations of vegetable oils like corn, soybean,
sunflower, and safflower). This is because long-chain
omega-3 fatty acids reduce pro-inflammatory eicosanoids.

WOW… this is getting way too deep for me….

Basically we need MORE Omega-3 and LESS Omega-6.
Stay away from corn oils, soybean oil, sunflower oil and
safflower oil…..

We know what that means….. We MUST READ LABELS!!!
Almost everything we purchase that is packaged has an
abundance of these PRO-Inflammatory oils in them…
Check it out…

My grand-daughter is HIGHLY allergic to Soy… and after
reading packages…. We found that almost everything
has Soy…… BEWARE!!!


  1. 2.     Insulin is the storage hormone that drives nutrients into cells.

Insulin is what determines if our cells are going to USE
Nutrients or STORE them for later use.  Excess Insulin
makes us fat and keeps us fat! 

It is this excess insulin that increases silent inflammation
by causing the formation of C-reactive protein. The
bottom line: controlling insulin is essential if we want
 to reverse silent inflammation and move toward a
state of wellness.

This is WHY it’s Soooo Important to have our CRP
checked at each doctor visit.

We need a MARKER to let us know what our
Inflammation level is.

3. When our body is in a constant state of silent
inflammation, it reacts to it by having our adrenal
glands pump out high amounts of cortisol, the
 primary anti-inflammatory hormone used to
decrease excess inflammation.

We tend to think of cortisol as a stress
hormone, but in reality it is an anti-stress hormone.
 At the cellular levels all stress creates an
inflammatory state,
and this causes a number
of nasty consequences such as increasing
insulin resistance (which makes us fatter),
killing nerve cells (which makes us dumber),
and depressing our entire immune system
(which makes us sicker). This is the collateral
damage that comes from increased silent inflammation.


So…tonight we’ve learned some HEAVY “stuff”…

To me….that’s more than I wanted to know…

Where do we go from here???

  1. Get our C-Reactive Protein Level checked. 

It should be between zero and one (or less than 1).


  1. Start eating right and keep track, (journal) what
    we eat.


  1. Stay aware of how we feel after eating.
    Did we have a “reaction” to anything we ate?

This reaction may not be an allergy…. But it can
cause us to be uncomfortable. 

NOTE: THE PLAN is a book written by Lyn-Genet Recitas.
In her book, she states that we may not show allergic
reactions to the foods we eat, but it’s been found
that we are REACTIVE to some 85% of the so called
healthy foods we eat.   REACTIVE….that means
they affect us NEGATIVELY somehow…


  1. Begin to eat as Dr. Fuhrman suggests in his book
    1. A large bowl of green salad
    2. Large serving of steamed greens
    3. Cup of beans
    4. At least one ounce of nuts and raw seeds
    5. At least 3 servings of fresh fruit
    6. Some tomatoes, peppers, onions,
           mushrooms, herbs, and garlic.
    7. Eliminate or reduce STRESS.

Now…. Sit back and think about this for awhile.

Go back and read it several times.  I will do you good!

Now, think about your life as it is now.

What do you want?

Can you see it?

Now, Make a wish.

Believe it, AND you will have it!

Think about how your life would be in every area
if you had your dream….

How would your health be?

How would your relationships be?

How would your family be?

How would your spiritual life be?

How would your financial life be?

Yes… you can have it all!..

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Until Tomorrow!


Jerry and Diane

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Call To Action – What is Silent Inflammation?

Call To Action – What is Silent Inflammation?

“Inflammation Is The Cause Of Most Chronic Diseases” –>inflammation-information.com


What IS silent inflammation?

Can you be silent and still be there???

I was thinking about this and thought back to
my younger days…. Even in high school…..

I was a quite youngster…… SILENT!!!

YES, I was silent, but I was there….

I would go to dances and other parties and
yes… I was there but no one noticed….

I was taking up a seat and was hardly noticed
by my classmates.

Diane’s mother even ask Diane one time…..
“Does he talk?”

I claim that I was listening and learning!!

However, in a situation where we’re talking about
inflammation, especially silent inflammation,
it’s time to stand up and take notice.

Just because it’s silent doesn’t mean it’s just
sitting there (in our bodies)…..doing NOTHING?

It just means it hasn’t caused enough damage
YET to be noticed…

Sort of like me…. I was just there…. Taking
everything in…. what people said and what
people did…

Silent inflammation is there…. Not being
noticed, but certainly not just taking everything
in……  It’s GIVING…… GIVING us reason to take

If not attended to early …… it WILL BE NOTICED

Sooner rather than later….


It means we need to (or should) take immediate action
to eliminate that CREATURE…..

Have you ever played PACMAN????

You’ll  have to be a little older,,,,maybe in your 30’s
or 40’s to remember that game…. Look it up online
if you don’t know what it is…

But…. In that game there were lots of little electronic
gremlins running around a maze…. The task was
to let the Gremlin Eater (Pacman) out of his cage
and start chasing these gremlins around the maze
getting rid of them….

Well… that’s what I picture we need to do
with Silent Inflammation….

I picture Silent Inflammation as little Inflammation Gremlins
running around in our blood streams taking
vital nutrients from our bodies or blood.

Remember the BIBLE says the LIFE IS IN THE BLOOD.

So… we need to protect ourselves from gremlins
in our systems by letting Inflammation eating
PACMANs into our system to get rid of the EVIL.

Before I get into a long dissertation on how
to combat Silent Inflammation, I want to discuss
what it is…..

What is Silent Inflammation?

silent inflammation (Web definitions)- the insidious
inflammation that remains below the
threshold of perceived pain, while reaking
havoc in one’s body for years. …


 “Silent inflammation is the first sign that your
body is out of balance and you are no longer well.
You can’t feel it, but it is affecting your heart,
your brain, and your immune system.” –Dr. Barry Sears

There are three underlying hormonal changes within
our bodies when overproduced are linked to silent inflammation.

OK… I think that’s it for tonight…. We could
talk all night about this, but I won’t.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about the three hormones
that when over produced causes this HAVOC
in our bodies… We’ll also talk about how to begin
turning that around and eliminating Inflammation!

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One more thought!!

Have you ever had something you
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Have you ever wanted to tell it like
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Call To Action – Eating Healthy Foods????

Call To Action – Eating Healthy Foods????

            “More than 90 percent of my Type II diabetics
are able to discontinue their insulin within the first month. 
More than 80 percent of my chronic headache and
migraine sufferers recover without medication, after
years of looking for relief with various physicians, 
including headache specialists.” – Joel Fuhrman, M.D. 


Dr. Fuhrman has lots of skepticism, especially from other
physicians, but the FACTS TELL…..

It is simply WRONG to underestimate the results obtainable
through appropriate but rigorous nutritional intervention.

WOW…. These words are from the book EAT TO LIVE. 

Another M.D., Doctor Terry Wahls, head of the Wahls’ Foundation
(as listed on Facebook), who has personally regained her
health from a case of MS, by eating right.  One might just
say, “a rigorous nutritional intervention”.

Most of the time, we in American are looking for the
silver bullet PILL…. You know…. The one that will make
everything good again….

Yes… we know that we didn’t get into the shape we’re in
overnight…..but….. I want results ….. and I want them NOW!!!

Right Now!!!

We cannot BUY our health…..even though we do try..


We purchase memberships in gyms…

We purchase treadmills….

We purchase home exercise equipment…

We purchase DVD’s and use them,,,,,maybe one time…


Oops…. Did I say a dirty word…. EFFORT….

Well I meant to say WORK…..

I remember reading the Bible some time back and
coming across a verse in James:

James 1:25

But whoso looketh into the perfect law 
of liberty, and continueth therein, he
being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer 
of the work,
this man shall be blessed
in his deed.


The first few times I read this verse, I thought
there was a mistake in it….. where the word
WORK was….. I thought it was supposed to be
WORD…. BE a doer of the WORD (of GOD)…


Yes…that’s right too ( we are to be a doer
of the WORD)….. but it specifically says WORK….



We can look at this verse and apply it to
everything we do….


Yes…. Even eating….. and especially our businesses!!


I look at liberty and Freedom in the say way…

So to look at freedom…..

Freedom from FAT…..


 Freedom from Sickness…

Freedom from Disease!!!  


Yes,,,,even Freedom from Financial stress in our


To have that freedom…. We must be a DOER OF


I began these Health and Wellness blogs by talking
about our BMI…… our Body Mass Index and
gave a definition of what that was.

We also talked about calculating YOUR OWN

BMI as a starting point for weight loss….

BUT…. It’s also a starting point to health and


We must have a “starting point or measure” of
where we are NOW…. And a target BMI or
WEIGHT,,,,,or Health Goal….. or Business GOAL….


We must have that starting point….


From there we establish the goal…..

Again… this applies to health and wellness as
well as our businesses…..

The next blog was about our CRP…..

NO…not CRAP…. (however that may come later),
BUT CRP …… C-Reactive Protein…..

A measure of the inflammation within our


Again…. Most doctors are now confirming that
practically ALL sickness and disease begins with


Tonight we’re talking about eating right…
Eating for Wellness!!!


Eating Healthy Foods!!!


Dr. Joel Fuhrman says our foods should be


Oh,,,that sounds easy….. and it is…..

It’s eating mostly FRUITS and VEGGIES…..


High in fruits and veggies….. low in meats and carbs….

No…not a low carbohydrate diet…. But the right
carbs….. from the fruits and veggins… NOT the
breads and pastas………


Fats….. from raw seeds and nuts……


What if……


+ we ate a large bowl of green salad daily

+ we had a large serving of steamed greens daily

+ we ate a cup of beans daily
+ we had at least an ounce of raw seeds and nuts daily

+ we ate at least three fresh fruits daily

+ we had some tomatoes, peppers, onions, mushrooms,
herbs, and garlic daily


WHAT IF…… we started this eating HABIT….


As we began to lose weight….


We began go get our cholesterol under control


We began to get our diabetes under control (without insulin)


We began to get our Triglycerides under control


Our allergies began to lessen….


Our joints began to be more flexible with less pain….


Just What IF…….


That’s it for tonight….. read some of the articles below…


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Call To Action – What the CRAP is CRP????

Call To Action – What the CRAP is CRP????

Let’s talk about Inflammation and CRP.

What the CRAP is CRP????


NO….we’re NOT talking about CRAP… we’re talking about

How does knowing what “CRP is” and knowing
OUR “CRP level” help us with our health?

How does it relate to Inflammation?

Well…. To start CRP stands for C-REACTIVE PROTEIN!


Now what does that mean and why should I
be interested??

All good questions…..so why is it that our
CRP level is not checked by our doctor unless we ask?? 

Then…. Like last time I asked… it
STILL wasn’t checked.

I went in for a routine physical last month and
asked specifically to have my CRP level checked
as well as my Vitamin D3 level…. NEITHER was

I called and ask why it wasn’t checked…. The Doctor
said, “It’s not covered by your insurance”.  I had already
told him that I wanted it checked.  I had even written
a note and handed it to the doctor and told him I would
PAY for it myself…. I just wanted to KNOW!!!

I must say,,,,he did say I could come back into his office
so he could get more blood for the test and he would
have it tested….. It had taken 3+ hours for my physical
so I wasn’t going back in ….. probably should have…. But
I was frustrated….

I asked my son-in-law in California who is
insured by Kaiser Insurance and treated by Kaiser
doctors to have his CRP checked……

Know what happened????? The doctor said NO!

Emphatically No….. he gave no reason, no excuse,
just said no, he was not going to check it.

My son-in-law said to the doctor….. DON’T YOU

Well it made no difference…. Still no CRP checkpoint.

Remember yesterday I talked a little about QUALITY
and the fact that “if you can’t measure it, you can’t
manage it”.  We have to have a “STARTING POINT”
measure of key indicators within our bodies in order
to track our health initiatives…. Remember Deming’s

Doctor Joseph Mercola recently wrote an article with
the title:


Getting Tested for CRP May Save Your Life


See the article here:


Mercola says, “According to findings, high levels
of a protein known as CRP (C-reactive protein) have
been found to increase one’s risk of heart disease.
In fact, studies have suggested the higher the CRP
level, the greater the risk.”

The Role of CRP

CRP measures inflammation and is made in the
liver and in cells lining our blood vessels. Levels of
the protein rise with factors that make heart
disease more probable, such as:

  • Obesity (there’s that word again)
  • Smoking
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol

Conversely, levels fall when patients lose weight,
stop smoking and get their diabetes and
cholesterol under control.

Notice, losing weight will help get our diabetes and
cholesterol under control…… that’s OUR responsibility,
NOT the responsibility of a PILL!!! (we’ll talk more about
that later).

Mercola says, “C-reactive protein is known to be a
marker for systemic inflammation.

Our CRP levels should measure between ZERO and ONE
or less than 1.0 (crp<1.0)

So if you’re feeling achy all the time and having lots
of aches and pains…. Be sure to get that CRP level
checked…. That MAY NOT be the total reason for
your issues,,,,but by measuring it and finding it
to be less than one will give you assurance that you
can manage it….or move to the next step in Wellness

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Jerry and Diane




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Call To Action – Inflammation and Diabetes

Call To Action – Inflammation and Diabetes


This morning I got a notice about another
blog related to Obesity…. I love the name:

Obesity-The Decision To Be The Bigger Person (http://mrkfc555.wordpress.com/)

Check it out, it’s good..

Since it’s clear that Obesity is NOT a disease, it then
becomes a CHOICE…. (in most cases) believe it or not!
Read the above blog!

Are you kidding me???? Why would I want
to be Obese?  To be the bigger person???


None of us INTEND or INTENDED to be overweight
or obese in the beginning…. It was just SOOOOO easy!

Why do I say that???

Because the easy access to fast foods, Mike shakes,
Ice Cream and Candy….. put the weight on….

Oh….but that’s not all…..

WebMD made the following information
available about inflammation and diabetes:

Diabetes and Inflammation


Inactivity and obesity increase the risk for diabetes,
but exactly how is unclear. Recent research suggests
that inflammation inside the body plays a role in the
development of type 2 diabetes

The good news: An “anti-inflammatory” diet and 
exercise plan can help prevent and treat type 2 diabetes.

Not only can an “anti-inflammatory” diet help
prevent type 2 diabetes…… it will also help with
all other aches and pains and diseases.

In Dr. Barry Sears book, “THE ANTI-INFLAMMATION
ZONE”…… Dr. Sears says the following:

“Diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer,
and Alzheimer’s
consume the vast bulk of our
health care resources.  Yet they all have a strong
inflammatory component.
  This inflammation is
relentlessly driving your body toward chronic
disease.  Control that inflammation, and you
have tone a great distance to minimizing, if
not reversing, the symptoms of these chronic
diseases, moving you back to a state of wellness.”

Gosh, we have so much to talk about…. But
this seems like a good break point.

When I worked for International Paper Company,
we studied the works of Edwards Deming, Phillip
Crosby and Peter Drucker and their work
in the field of Quality.

Deming spent lots of time in Japan helping them
produce some of the highest quality products made.
He is perhaps best known for the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” 

Crosby wrote a book on quality called, “QUALITY
IS FREE”….. the money you spend to
improve (not control quality) will be repaid
many times.

Peter Drucker made a famous statement, “If
you can’t MEASURE it you can’t MANAGE it”.

So, why did I say all this….
Well, we started this conversation talking
about the starting point…. Measuring your
BMI….. (if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it).

From that measure we set a target of where we
want our BMI to be…. Then we set a plan in action
to get to our target BMI.

We’ll see that as we move toward our target
our aches and pains,,,, our diseases,,,, our Diabetes….
our High Blood Pressure….. our High Cholesterol….
our High Triglycerides….. Our Neuropathy….. and other
health issues well begin to improve.

We’re going to go step-by-step through this process
of learning what we need to do….. Plan what action
to take…. Check those actions….. and then ACT on
those checkpoints…. What adjustments need to be
made to our plan…. Make them…. Do them…check
them…. And repeat… UNTIL…we get to our goal..

I must make the point here that this is LIFESTYLE…

In everything we do we must plan-do-check-act..

I have an Internet Marketing business and every day
I must plan-do-check-act….. to make this business
successful with daily sales….

Not only is it profitable,,,, it’s also FUN!!! No BOSS!!

Work my own time…. Not network marketing …
contacting friends, family, relatives… no phone calls…

Just advertise… (free or paid)…. Capture leads…. Show the
value of the products… made the sale… NEXT …..

If you think you would like to work from home…

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Until Tomorrow…


Jerry and Diane

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Call To Action – What is BMI Anyway?

Call To Action – What is BMI Anyway?

After reading yesterday’s blog, you may be
asking, What is BMI anyway?

What does it mean and who came
up with this calculation?

These are good questions, so let’s look at
the history of BMI.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number calculated
from a person’s weight and height. BMI provides
a reliable indicator of body fatness for most
people and is used to screen for weight categories
that may lead to health problems.

I know you’ve heard the comment, “You
are what you eat.”  Well I believe it to be true.

The health conditions in the US are generally
caused because of the availability and convenience
of fast foods and sweets.—– SUGAR in

But getting back to BMI and its derivation…

The “M” in BMI refers to MASS.  This term
has a VERY scientific definition, for instance
Mass is related to energy and speed when getting
into the scientific definition as well as Inertial Mass
and Gravitational Mass.

But…. In everyday usage, mass is sometimes
referred to as “weight“.  So that’s what we’re
going to be talking about here.

So since the “B” stands for BODY…we’re talking
about a measure of the Body’s weight and
applying an INDEX to that weight that means
something when related to one height and

Of course people are built differently,,, large bone,
petite, average, etc…. but generally the BMI
can be used to let us know if we’re reasonably
within the proper weight for our height.

The following chart show, again generally,
what one should classify themselves based on
their personal BMI.



Again… use this link to calculate your BMI.


Now that we’ve calculated our BMI, it’s time to evaluate
ourselves to see where we stand.  Do we fit into the
UNDERWEIGHT category, The HEALTHY category, the
Overweight category, or the Obese category????

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention gives the
following statistics (US ONLY):

Obesity and Overweight

(Data are for the U.S.)


  • Percent of adults age 20 years and over who are obese: 35.9% (2009-2010)
  • Percent of adults age 20 years and over who are overweight, including obesity: 69.2% (2009-2010)

Source: Health, United States, 2012, table 63  [PDF – 9.8 MB]

  • Percent of adolescents age 12-19 years who are obese: 18.4% (2009-2010)
  • Percent of children age 6-11 years who are obese: 18.0% (2009-2010)
  • Percent of children age 2-5 years who are obese: 12.1% (2009-2010)

Source: Prevalence of Obesity in the United States, 2009–2010


The comparison between the US and Canada show that
in general Obese Canadians are about 10 percentage points lower
than in the US, or close to 25%.

According to the Canadian Heart and Stroke
Foundation, almost 60 percent of Canadian
adults are overweight or obese
 That percentage
has grown rapidly in the past three decades.  This
Percentage also shows that Canadians are generally
almost 10% under the US in the number of

Obesity (and being overweight) has been described
as a global epidemic. It has been linked to diabetes,
hypertension, cardiovascular disease and some forms
of cancer.

So…. What are we going to do about it…..We MUST
take responsibility for ourselves.  We cannot and
SHOULD NOT rely on government to make us better.

We cannot have mayors and government officials
telling us not to “upsize” our soft drinks or fast
and our health. (but that’s another story for another time).

In doing some general BMI measurements we see
that each BMI point is equivalent to about 6-7 pounds
of body weight.  That’s for a 5’8’ male.  You’re
individual measures could be a little different, but
generally speaking…. We can predict what weight
we need to be by subtracting our desired BMI (24)
from our current BMI and multiplying by 6.  Therefore
my BMI of 27 means I need to get down three points
or 18 pounds…. So Let’s do it…

This is of course if we’re over weight AND
60-70% of us ARE overweight.

It’s time to take charge and get fit.

Now that we know what the BMI measures
and “generally” where each of us need to be….
we can set a goal to become that ideal BMI, say
around 24. 

Let’s do it!!  We can do it!!

Tomorrow we’re talk a little about our food intake
and what we should be eating… I’m reading a book
called EAT TO LIVE that describes ONE EATING HABIT
(yes I said it…. HABIT)…. that can get us to
the BMI we want to be, and still eat until
we’re totally filled…. AND get rid of lots of
aches and pains along the way.

We’ll also delve into inflammation a little tomorrow
and get serious about that silent killer (inflammation)
as it’s described by Dr. Barry Sears.

That’s it for tonight….

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Jerry and Diane


Call To Action – What Lies Before Us?

Call To Action – What Lies Before Us?

Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “What lies behind us
and what lies before us are tiny matters compared
to what lies within us.”

Think about that for a moment!


Often we spend time (lots of it) looking
in the rear view mirror …. Looking behind
us at what has happened in the past.

We want to BLAME our past on where we are now.

We want to find something to blame it on….


Because we don’t want to take responsibility for where
we are now…. We don’t want to look at ourselves….
our past thinking ….. our past decisions…. Just our past…
and think that WE had anything to do with our current

Did we over spend?

Did we over work?

Did we play too much?

Did we watch too much football?

Did we play too much basketball?

Where does the time go…

Years ago I started writing a poem called
“Oh How The Time Does Fly!”

It’s been 38 years, where have they gone? Oh how the time does fly.
Seems only yesterday, we made the plunge, to settle down, to live as one.
But oh how the time does fly!  As I look on it today, I sit here and say
it’s now 50 years since that wonderful day…. 50 years have come and
gone…. Oh how the time does fly.”

Actually there are several pages to that
poem but the basic principle is that
time is slipping away…. Quickly….

What does that have to do with this blog??

Well,,, as Oliver Wendell Holmes so aptly stated,
it matters not what is behind us…. Or what is before us..

What matters most is what’s IN US NOW!

Do we have what it takes to make the decisions necessary
to get us to our goals….

What are our goals?

What’s it going to take to achieve them?

What do we want to achieve them?

Time is flying by…. Take advantage of the fact that
in few short years, we’ll all be looking back wondering
when was that specific time that we made the decision
to move forward toward our goals..

We can remember… it was today!!! A couple of weeks
before Thanksgiving 2013…. We finally made that decisions
to jump into Internet Marketing… We jumped in with both
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We did it!!


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It has to start someplace… and that needs to be with YOU!!

Make that decision today…. Join us today and then…..

Start that training…. We have video training on everything..
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Everything is automated…… except the effort you have to take
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momentum moving for you instead of against you…

Join us today… Empower Network!

You’ll be glad you did…. Your family will too!


Jerry and Diane



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