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Call to Action – Sow the Pain of Discipline!

Call to Action – Sow the Pain of Discipline!



It now seems that every Sunday our pastor
teaches a lesson for Internet Marketers…..


Well….it’s not really his intention (I’m assuming)
but he really does a good job at motivating…
His intention is really to get his congregation
motivated to act like Christians…. To accomplish
great things…..

That really applies to what we’re doing in
internet marketing…..

So…here are a few of his key comments as
bullet points to each of us to read and
medicate on……

  1. Learn to sow the pain of discipline.
    He was talking about David and Goliath.
    David had worked hard at protecting his
    sheep with his sling-shot…
  2. He had a battle cry and BELIEVED what
    he was to accomplish would be accomplished.
  3. David practiced his faith daily so what he
    believed would come to pass. (He saw it
    in faith –he visualized it- before it happened.
    (We Christians practice our faith on Sunday
    but on Monday, on Tuesday, on Wednesday,
    …… what do we do)
  4. He conquered his fear…
  5. Saul (the King) promised the man that
    defeated Goliath three things:

    1. Great Wealth.
    2. His family would be exempt from taxes.
    3. He could marry the King’s daughter.

So you see there is great reward for overcoming
your fears, practicing your faith (practice the drill
in your head), developing the discipline (through
the pain of fear) to do what has to be done.

  1. Have Self Control.. concentrate on what you
    already have and not on what you need.

The pastor then ask each of us…. WHERE DO YOU NEED

So, what does this have to do with Internet marketing?

As I was sitting there taking note, I could just see myself
becoming more disciplined in doing the things
in my business that PRODUCE…..

I could develop a battle cry something like:

I could visualize what I want to accomplish daily
to achieve my goals.

I could JUST DO IT and conquer my fears.

I could think about and dream about the
income others are producing and begin to
produce it myself. (If others can do it, I can too).

Icould develop self-control and spend the time

necessary to make this happen..

YES I CAN….. and you can too!!

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Jerry and Diane