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Call To Action – Foods to NEVER EAT????

Call To Action – Foods to NEVER EAT????

Today my daughter, Lisa sent me a video to watch
about the Five Foods to NEVER EAT.


Click HERE for the video link:


The last part of the video is advertising Isabelle’s diet
plan so you can skip that if you want… but it’s important
to know the foods NOT to EVER eat….


However, Isabelle doesn’t tell you the 5 foods to Never
Eat in this video…. Pay attention to what she is saying
because it’s good information, even GREAT…..


Another point to make about this video is that it
IS a good sales video…. I’m sure Isabelle will get
lots of sales from this…. We can all learn from it.


I thought I should watch it because Lisa has a dietitian
degree and a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology.


When she came by she made the statement, “Things
have really changed since I was in school.”  They never
taught us anything like this…..

Needless to say, that caught my attention.   My California
daughter Stacy, has her BS in Nursing and keeps me in line
with my eating also. 


I get the impression they want their daddy around
a long time…..


Of course I’ve always told them I’m going to live to
be 120 years old and I’m going to be active and
healthy…..Sooo they are helping me with that.


I’m grateful….. and Diane,,,,, is too!!! She says she
wants me around a long time….




How do we stay around a long time….


It’s certainly not like Mr. Richard Overton, the 107
year old WWII Veteran.  Mr. Overton, has a shot of
whisky in his coffee every morning (which might not
be too bad)…. But he also smokes several cigars


So we can see there are exceptions to the RULE of
eating right, not smoking and exercising daily.  Mr.
Overton says it is “staying out of trouble and staying


Again,,,,,HOWEVER….. I strongly suggesteating right
and consistent, moderate exercise to have
a long life….


Notice in the video Isabelle is talking about inflammation
and inflammation reducing foods…..which I like …..


Dr. Fuhrman says in his book, “The typical dietary
advice, represented by the American Heart Association’s
guidelines, is still a dangerous diet.  It is not likely
to protect you from having a heart attack and does
not allow heart disease to reverse itself.  Moderation kills.”


Dr. Fuhrman also commented that an LDL cholesterol level
below 100 by eating right is better than LDL below 80 with
Medications…. ALSO…. When this level of cholesterol is
achieve we’ll receive a cascade of favorable effects on our
bodies such as lowering the inflammation level….. among
other things…


So…. We want low inflammation…. Go get that CRP checked out!

It’s important to our health and longevity….. I want to live to
be 120 years old,,,,don’t you????

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Sorry about the rambling in this blog tonight…
Tomorrow we’ll spend more time on INFLAMMATION!!

Until Tomorrow……
Jerry and DianeB-Blessed!