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Call To Action – Marketing Options- Sept 22 2013

Call To Action – Marketing Options- Sept 22 2013

Today, I decided I needed to get back into
the Marketing business.

I started researching marketing options.
I checked my budget on Facebook
ads and it’s still going well with about
$4.00/day.  Sometimes I forget to look
and the ad is no longer running because
I had reached my budget. So I’m not
really spending $120/month.  It’s more
like $50/month.

I’ve invested in Adhitsprofits as a
marketing tool… check it out at

I also looked at two other marketing
sites today called:




Actually all three of these sites are
advertising sites and those who go there
either have a business they are advertising
or they are looking for a business.

Check all of them out… remember they
ARE referral sites so let me refer you
so we can both make a little money
off these transactions.

I’m Still waiting for my solo ads to go
active.  They should be ready by Wednesday
of this week.  Can’t wait to see how
these leads are tracked.

OK… that’s it for tonight.  It’s already
midnight and I need to get busy

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Jerry and Diane

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Call To Action – Solo Ads With Tracking – Sept 20 2013

Call To Action – Solo Ads With Tracking – Sept 20 2013

Well, it’s been a long time since I submitted a
Solo Ad… and I’ve NEVER done it with TRACKING.

I’ve found that it’s so simple even “I” can do it.

Let’s say you have a URL you want to send to
someone via Email.  You decide you’re going to
send it to lots of people and you have a co-op
set up with several people participating.

All you do is type in the URL, maybe like this:


You can send this out and it will send the
email recipient to the correct web page or
video, but there will be NO TRACKING.

If we take that same URL and put a TRACKING
at the end of the URL it would look
something like this:


This code on the end will let you TRACK the
number of clicks on the URL or more
specifically when someone enters their
email address to view the video.

Then these leads can be easily divided among
all the folks that contributed to the co-op
ad being run by the team.  If you’re not
running a co-op, then you keep all the
leads and you know exactly where they
came from.

This would have really helped me the first
month of advertising.  I got over 300 leads
and I had run several ad campaigns but
I didn’t know where the leads were coming
from.  Therefore I didn’t know what WAS
and what WASN’T working.

Now that I’ve got that bug out of the
system, I’m off and flying again with
ads… with TRACKERS.

So… that’s it for tonight.



Jerry and Diane

Call To Action – Empathy – Sept 18 2013

Call To Action – Empathy – Sept 18 2013

Why talk about EMPATHY in an Internet
Marketing Blog?

To give a little background on our WHY.
I’ll have to tell you a little story.

Diane and I started teaching a small
group at our church the first of Sept.

We’re teaching with another couple
from our church, and we’re teaching
a group of 8 young couples, some
married and some ready to get

Tonight we had everyone over to
our Home.  The class is called, “The

We actually had to turn people away
from the training….so many people want
the secret.

So, what specifically are we studying?

EMPATHY!!!!!   What is Empathy?

EMPATHY is the CAPACITY to see the world
accurately from your spouse’s perspective!

Well, we say SPOUSE, since we’re in a
Marriage seminar, but the definition is
actually, “the capacity to see the world
accurately from another’s perspective”.

How does this apply to Internet Marketing?

Well let me tell you… I got an email from
a friend last week…it was his birthday!  He said
he was really feeling empathic today and
wanted to help everyone become successful
in their Internet Marketing Business.  I thought
that was an awesome move… SOOOO,

Now I want to do the same thing… I’ve been
working hard to get everything set up and running.

Now I’m ready to share what I’ve learned.  It’s NOT
a SECRET.  It’s a simple step-by-step process that
works EVERY TIME is applied.  Not only can I share
this with you, I am actually going to GIVE you
my auto responder messages, help you get started
with your Aweber system, give you contacts for Solo Ads,
Hook you up with GoDaddy to get your private Domain
Name, Help you set up your Campaign names in
Aweber, Link your Empower Network to Aweber and
start you on the road to making money.

SO…. Let’s do it!!!


Good night for now.


Jerry and Diane

Call To Action – Rhymes with LAMWAY- Sept 14- 2013

Call To Action –   Rhymes with LAMWAY-  Sept 14- 2013

Thought I’d go back and tell you a little about how I got started
in Network Marketing.

I was one of those guys that concentrated on getting a good education,
going to work for a good company, staying with them and retiring…

I was FOCUSED ON MY JOB… and loved it!

In fact, one of my friends invited Diane and me to a conference, paid
our way, BUT never told us what it was.  We went….. found out
what it was,,,, got up and left without saying a word to our friend.
I was MAD…. I’m NOT INTERESTED in this STUFF.  I have a great JOB!

Gosh, it was 20 years later when my son-in-law called me from
Mobile, AL….. we were living in the Memphis, TN area.  He said
a friend of his was going to a Conference in Nashville and he thinks
Diane and I would enjoy the conference…. This time I knew what it
was but thought if it would help him…. We’ll do it… we love
spending the night in hotels anyway and Nashville was a great place
to visit.

We got there… met up with my son-in-laws friend… sat with him and
a group of others that were excited about the event… we had no idea
what to expect.

When the meeting started, it was spectacular… great music, great
excitement, lots of enthusiasm…. The people were expressing HOPE!

We liked that…. Then I ask Rick (son-in-laws friend), “How much
does it costs to become a part of this?”  He told me and I wrote him
a check that night.  Up until that time, I had never even seen what
the plan was, how to make money… I just liked the atmosphere and
the enthusiasm of the group.

The next weekend, Diane and I drove from Memphis to Mobile to see
“the plan” as LAMWAY called it…. “Show the Plan, Show the Plan, Show
the Plan”….
That was the mantra….

The leader of the group said, “Just SHOW THE PLAN 100 times and you’ll
be successful”…. If not….. you’re showing it to “duds” OR “a dud is showing
the plan”.   Well… I did that over the next year…. And never made
much money…… hardly any in fact….. then that company came up
with a plan to go “ON-LINE”….

That created lots of interest from others and the business began to
grow (in number)… but not income…. Then the time came when it
went live (ONLINE)…. All the servers crashed and nothing seemed
to work….. everyone quit…. Even me….. I was really sad about it
but just decided this was NOT FOR ME!

Since that time…. A friend of mine, who had been in at least 10 other
MLM companies has called me for each of them… many of which I
signed up in because the product sounded to good… I became a
HEALTH NUT… wanted to work with some health product THAT WORKS.

So I kept trying… but never building a business….

Then, my son-in-law again approaches me and tells me about an
Internet Marketing company that sounded great and that I needed
to listen…… so again…. I did…. And I loved what I heard.

I began to research what had to be done and what “COULD BE ACHIEVED”
with this ONLINE business…. EVERYTHING I had always wanted!

I could sit at my computer and work… I did not have to call my friends.
I did not have to go to Walmart or the Mall to approach everyone within
three feet of me.  I didn’t have to ask people if they were interested in
making more money….. I didn’t have to make phone calls to my
friend and neighbors and contacts….. that sounded good to me….

I loved it…. I could send out Solo Ad… advertise on Facebook, advertise
on Youtube and other online sources… and make money….

Well, it’s working … in the first month I got about 300 leads. NOW I’m
currently AUTOMATICALLY sending follow-up emails and Doing more
advertising, setting up Facebook pages, and Marketing, Marketing,

I’m getting new leads almost every day and my Facebook LIKES are
continuing to grow… so… as far as I’m concerned… this is WORKING
and I’m excited about what’s going on…

OK…. I’m now over 700 words and need to stop… I’ll continue the
story later…. For tonight… just pray that you make the right decision
about your future… Let us help you… we’ve learned SOOO much
over the last month (first month) and we’re set to start making




Call To Action – FOCUS – Sept 7, 2013

Call To Action – FOCUS – Sept 7, 2013

Tonight Diane and I began watching a movie called Far
and Away
, starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

The movie, situated in the 1890’s  is about how a poor
Irish farmer (Tom Cruise) and a wealthy rebellious Irish
girl (Nicole Kidman) teamed up (reluctantly) to escape Ireland
at a time when wealthy land owners were overcharging
the poor farmers for their land… so the farmers
began a revolution.  Needless to say, Nicole and Tom were
incompatible and always arguing.

After arriving in America, Nicole’s money was stolen, so that left
the two of them “BROKE”. Their dream was to go to
Oklahoma where 100 acre homesteads were being given
away to those who could “win the race” and get their flags
posted on the available 100 acre land sites.

To get money Tom became a boxer and Nicole worked in
a chicken factory, plucking chicken feathers (tough job for
a spoiled rich girl.  Tom was winning ALL his fights
and making lots of money (for those times).  One
night he came home with $4.00 and Nicole said, “WOW, that’s
more money than I make in a month at the chicken factory.

So, she became an encourager for Tom and slowly they fell in
love (as you would expect).  Then in one of the fights Nicole was
there watching.  There was lots of money on Tom to win and
Tom’s portion of the winning pool would be $50.

While the fight was going on, Nicole was being harassed and
grappled by some of the wealthy betters.  Needless to say
Tom saw this and began watching Nicole and really got
beat up…. At that point Diane said to me, “He lost his FOCUS!”
Yes! He lost his FOCUS and lost the fight and was kicked
out of boxing.  They had to start over from scratch.

Now to get to the point of this blog, Tom lost his FOCUS and
his money.  That LOSS OF FOCUS caused them to lose what
they had and forced them to start over.  Who wants to do that?

Toward the end of the movie Tom got his FOCUS back and
became focused on getting one of those 100 acre land sites.
Needless to say, he succeeded!  YEA!!!

FOCUS was everything!  Without FOCUS he was losing
everything he desired.  With FOCUS, he was succeeding
in everything he did.  Do you get that???

FOCUS produces WINS, lack of FOCUS produces loss!

It’s that simple!   So what are YOU FOCUSING ON?

Tonight I placed more Solo Ads, trying to get those leads
coming in again.  I needed to stop focusing totally on
getting the Aweber system set up and begin FOCUSING
on getting more leads coming in.

Now I have both working so I’m looking forward to the
next couple of weeks.


and sign up for my emails and I’ll keep
you up-to-date on what’s going on.  I’ll even help you
get your dreams.  Work with me and I’ll work with you!

So for tonight… that’s it!