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Choose Life – Cellular Health and Wellness

Cellular living
Hi there, ~Jerry and Diane here~
We’re excited!
Because we had a meeting last night with one
of the fastest growing ASEA representatives in the
He spent the last month in Europe building a large
group and creating lots of money.
I ask Chris….. “Chris,  What’s your secret?”
Chris responded in an unlikely way: “I like
to Keep It Simple”!  (KIS)
How do you do that?
I certainly expected
him to say something like:
1.  Build you a list of about 200 names.
2.  Call them and tell them you’ve found the
best thing ever … (that’s what a very successful
friend of mine always did.,,, pretty much the
same lead in…..)
You probably know… blah, blah, blah…..
I just can’t and won’t do that….
That’s why I love what Chris told me.
1. Call you “contact” tell them you’re
sending them 3 videos to watch.
2. Tell them you want their opinion and
will call them back after about 24 hours.
3. Call them back to see what they
thought….. most of the time they will
say, “I WANT IN…”
but….if not…. NEXT….
No pushing, no pulling, no begging…
just NEXT!!!
Personally I’m using the internet for most of
my contacting… Facebook… LinkedIN…. etc.
So what are the videos you say?
Here they are:
2. Doctors: https://youtu.be/z6rInCogxCk
3. Sports: https://youtu.be/p3jCVgLK-nk
And…especially for the ladies, a special beauty product.
Improved Skin issues…
Watch these video and if you don’t get excited…. then
just trash them…
However, If you think about it…. and what it can
do for you…. you’ll get excited….
Just pass these videos on to others that you know.
Who knows….. someone might just like this along with
you….and then … you’re on your way to success….
Let us know how we an help.
Jerry and Diane